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Deep concealment suggestions

This is a discussion on Deep concealment suggestions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by JD I do a Glock 42 in a holster inside of a Smart Carry. I cold probably do a 43 or a ...

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Thread: Deep concealment suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I do a Glock 42 in a holster inside of a Smart Carry. I cold probably do a 43 or a Shield in the same fashion.

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    Missed this response somehow. Thanks I'll look into them as well.
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    One thing about deep concealment is the people you only casually come in contact with are easily fooled. but people you see and work with everyday are much harder.
    My mom's uncle wore suits that had a leather pocket sewn in. That stiffer pocket kept his gun from sliding over and making a clunk as he sat down on a hard chair. it kept the gun from being outlined through the pants pocket, and kept the gun from wearing a hole in the thin pocket material. That was before flatter semi auto pocket guns were common.
    Just stiffining the pocket will do the same, and allow you to pocket carry. That stiffining can be as simple as an iron on patch that wraps around the pocket. I have done this mostly to repair a pocket worn thin from carrying too many keys. But it works well to hide my J frame revolver that I pocket carry. I can pocket carry in "fairly" tight Wrangler jeans without the gun showing through. Good Luck. DR

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    SmartCarry will work well, especially with a small gun. I always pocket carry a P3AT and it's easy to have your hand on your gun and no one knows or even feels threatened.
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    I've carried in the pulpit in church for many years without anyone ever knowing. This is my current list of ones that work best:

    1) ComfortTac Bellyband holster - This one will conceal almost anything, but many times I carry a S&W Bodyguard 380 and 2 spare mags. I've also carried a Glock 30S and 1 spare mag. Draw is a little slow, so this is one of those "surprise I have a gun kind of options."

    2) I found this thing by accident. I was looking for a way to discreetly carry 2 spare mags. Then I discovered that it holds the LCP or BG 380, or even a Ruger LCR and looks like you're carrying a cell phone. Compared to other methods, it is easier to spot but offers a much faster draw.

    3) A small gun in a good shoulder holster under a button down tucked-in dress shirt is a great combination. One of the smaller 9mm's or 380's, will completely disappear.

    4) Ankle holsters are good also, but as with the belly band, can be a bit slow to draw. I've had good luck with this model:

    Sorry they're all from Amazon. Pennies count when you're retired.

    FORGOT - I use pocket carry in the Desantis Nemesis which works with a few dress slacks without attracting Mae West. (You youngsters will have to look that up!) Most dress slacks print pretty bad that "something" is in your pocket. With the right pants, they are excellent as they allow you to actually have the gun in hand in concealment.
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    Dual LCPs in matching wallet holsters in front pockets. Thumb push offs make the draw easier.
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    Kel Tec P32 with a clip draw on the gun in a pocket holster with half a velcro dot sewn in the pocket and the other half glued to the holster keeps the holster in the pocket while the clip draw keeps the gun in the holster until needed.
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    I have successfully carried a Kahr CM9 in a Braid's wallet holster in strong side rear pocket of dress pants as well as the Kahr P380 in a DeSantis Superfly front pocket. The P380 won't look quite as "saggy", but the wallet carry looks like well, a wallet.

    Deep concealment suggestions-3banupl.jpg
    Deep concealment suggestions-7tnci71.jpg
    Deep concealment suggestions-avjdmum.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott View Post
    There are makers out there that make pretty slick shoulder holsters for small guns. We had a guy at our church that used to carry a .380 in a shoulder holster under a tucked in shirt, I could never tell.

    If you bought a pair of really comfortable dressy Cowboy Boots (like the Justin Techno Crepe) you could probably successfully ankle carry in the shaft of the boot and nobody could tell. These boots are classly looking and SUPER comfortable.
    Ropers are great dress shoes and can hide a mouse gun really well.
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    LCP in your pocket.

    If you get made carrying an LCP in your pocket you're concealing very poorly.
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    If you pocket carry much in slacks you'll need to reinforce your pockets.
    Before I retired I would have both front pockets replaced with denim then moved to canvas.
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    The flat sided small pistols are some of the easiest for me to deep conceal. I don't use the belly bands or smart carry holsters, but have used ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and wallet holsters. All will work, it will be your comfortability with them that will make them work for you. I use the front pocket carry the most, followed by rear wallet and lastly ankle. I have Uncle George's Wallet holsters and several makers pocket holsters. I most often use either a DeSantis or El Paso pocket for an LCP II and Kahr CW380 for the most concealability.

    El Paso Horsehide Pocket Holster with Ruger LCP I
    Deep concealment suggestions-ruger-lcp-i-w-leather-pocket-holster.jpg

    Uncle George's Wallet Holster with Ruger LCP I
    Deep concealment suggestions-uncle-georges-wallet-holster.jpg

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    I pocket carry J-Frames. When I have had to wear light or dress pants I have used a belly band. Belly Bands are warm for me so I place mine below the belt and position the J-Frame in approximately the appendix area. I use this method if I have to tuck my shirt in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novarider View Post
    I'm sure I could put a small can in my pocket but I'm not a fan of sprays.
    What about a pepper gel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I do a Glock 42 in a holster inside of a Smart Carry. I cold probably do a 43 or a Shield in the same fashion.

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    gonna second this one. A G42 or G43 in a Smart Carry. I pocket carry an LCP at work but also have a G43 in my jacket vest pocket that is totally concealed.
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    I use a S&W BG in front pocket. I prefer the DA trigger for this carry mode.
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