Full size handgun printing

Full size handgun printing

This is a discussion on Full size handgun printing within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Currently running a shield 2.0 it is great with no printing. Wanting something full size for concealed carry and to double as a home defense ...

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Thread: Full size handgun printing

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    Full size handgun printing

    Currently running a shield 2.0 it is great with no printing. Wanting something full size for concealed carry and to double as a home defense gun. I am looking at an xd mod 2 service model with the gear up package. It is $389 for the gun and 5 magazines which seems like a great deal. I am also considering the m&p 2.0 compact ($379) or glock19($500+)I would like the xd as it is the best deal of the 3 and to try something different than an m&p but I am apprehensive about printing, the xd has .5 of an inch more in grip length and I would like to be as concealed as possible. Do you have experience with the service model xd and does it conceal well?

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    Not familiar with those guns but I have never had a problem concealing a 1911 in an IWB with a proper belt and untucked shirt.
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    It depends upon your body size. I will posy a photo below of my gun not printing. I have a 33 inch waist, no extra flesh, and weigh in t 165 ponds on a 5'10" frame. I once bought a used S&W SD9VE with a 16 round mag and 4 inch barrel. The grip was long because to the capacity. No way could I keep it from printing. If I had a 35 or 36 inch waist I probably could have. Printing is usually caused by the length the grip. I carry a PPS M2 with a 3.2 inch barrel. ast the photos show printing is not an issue at my body size and type.
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    Not the service model, but I've carried my original-version XD Subcompact with the full-sized mag on occasion; which is pretty much the same as carrying my full-sized M&P.

    Such a gun can certainly be concealed, but it takes the right holster and clothing, as well as more awareness of what you're doing. If one bends or stretches in the wrong way, they will print, and then it's a matter of hiding the printing from anyone nearby. Comparing the full-sized guns to compacts like a Glock 19, IMHO the compacts are just slightly more forgiving than the full-sized guns, and the 0.5 inch really doesn't make much difference. Holding my G23 next to my M&P, the G23 is certainly smaller; but when I've switched between the two and looked in the mirror, they print about the same. (Some would disagree, and perhaps it makes more difference for someone bigger or smaller than me.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Not familiar with those guns but I have never had a problem concealing a 1911 in an IWB with a proper belt and untucked shirt.
    In my experience (50-plus years) there is no other serious combat pistol that is easier to carry comfortably and well concealed than the 1911-type pistol. Personally, I prefer a strong-side forward cant pancake-style holster carried just behind the point of the strong side hip (about 3:30 position). A loose-fitting outer garment long enough to cover the holstered pistol is all that is required.

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    1911, IWB at 3 o’clock.
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    1911 OWB @ 3:00, spare magazine @ 9:00.
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    I can hide a G 17 with RMR in a Nelson holster. He has it on the Holster threads on this site. It is wonderful.

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    I, too, have at times carried a full-size 1911, OWB, in leather, on a really good belt, under a long-tailed vest or a suit jacket.
    The pistol was carried at about 4:00, and the reload at about 8:30. The holster was set at about 30° cant, to hide the grip area.

    The 1911 is indeed just about the ideal full-size concealment pistol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewwill View Post
    I would like the xd as it is the best deal of the 3 and to try something different than an m&p

    Well being the best deal is certainly a prime consideration when you're looking for a gun to bet your life on.

    I'm big on consistency. If you already have a shield I would go with an M&P. If you're looking for a good price I would seriously consider a full size M&P 1.0. I might even consider the 1.0 9C because it's the same size as the Shield and only a half inch thicker.

    I haven't had any problem concealing any full size handgun I've ever had. Quality holsters and quality gun belts and Common Sense are key.
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    Of those three, I almost bought the 2.0 compact. I really liked the grip texture.
    But my full-size Beretta PX4 is my old friend.

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    XD has small single stacks up to a 5" model so not much to work with . Also no mention of your size shape or preferred carry position . My little 5-2 wife edc is a 5" tall 1911 ultra My daughters that 5-9 edc is a glock 19 . My preferred carry is a 4" class double stack 40sw . Brand does not matter much but also my carry a lw commander and I can CC under nothing more than a Carhartt force delmont t shirt in a very adjustable iwb hybrid at 3:00 . Pick what you think is a best handgun for YOU as they all work well for many people . Its probably more about your holster choice than handgun .

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    Not the pistol you are asking about, but concealing a full size pistol is about clothing type & style.
    The smallest pistol I carry (as a primary) is a Glock 19/23 and that is easily concealed under summer attire.
    I've also carried a full size 1911, which can be easily concealed under summer attire.
    Pics > words. Full size 1911 under polo and under a plaid button up shirt with cargo shorts; I'll not go about in public wearing less.
    Full size handgun printing-pic3.jpg
    Full size handgun printing-pic4.jpg
    Full size handgun printing-pic1.jpg
    Full size handgun printing-pic2.jpg

    Note that my shirts are untucked, loose fit, and have a print, stripe or plaid.

    Side view of Glock 35, easily concealed just imagine appropriate cover shirt.
    Full size handgun printing-g35.jpg

    Sometimes I carry AIWB (appendix inside waistbaind) - Glock 22 is easily concealed.
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    I have a Sig Sp2022 I sometimes carry iwb in a Vedder light tuck w/claw. T-shirt or button up shirt covers it.

    The "secret" if you will, is to have enough cant so that the barrel is pointing behind you, not straight down, this puts the grip up and out of the way. After all, the grip is what your really trying to hide. Imo.
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    Another option is to go with something like the XD subcompact that accepts different size magazines. Use the 13 round mag for carry and the 16 round magazine at home.

    Also, make sure you would be comfortable with the extra weight of a larger carry gun.
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