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How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?

This is a discussion on How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I first started carrying a long time ago we had no open carry and printing was illegal. I used to take care not to. ...

View Poll Results: How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?

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  • I never am concerned about printing. I open carry.

    1 0.52%
  • I concealed carry and never worry about printing.

    43 22.40%
  • I rarely worry about printing.

    103 53.65%
  • I frequently worry about printing.

    22 11.46%
  • I don't recall the last time I worried about printing.

    12 6.25%
  • Other.

    9 4.69%
  • What's this printing of which you speak?

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Thread: How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?

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    When I first started carrying a long time ago we had no open carry and printing was illegal.
    I used to take care not to.
    Now that we have open carry, I do not give a damn if I print. At times I even open carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post

    So, I ask you, do you ever worry about printing where you live?

    I'm in Texas, which is open carry, but I choose to conceal carry.

    I conceal carry because I don't want to open carry, but I worry zilch about printing. I ain't doing nothing illegal.

    Just because I'm smart enough to carry and their not doesn't make me a bad guy. It's their choice to either carry or not, just like it's my choice. 🙂

    It's like driving a car, as long as you got your license, it's legal to do so. And of course we all know that more people are killed in car wrecks than with guns each and every day.

    If anyone were to ever (but they haven't) ask me what that is sticking out of my side, I honestly don't know if I would tell them to mind their business, a gun, a colostomy bag, or my evil undeveloped siamese twin. 😯

    Guess it would depend on what kind of mood I was in at the time.

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    I didn't know whether to vote "rarely worry" or "frequently worry."
    At my "job" (I guess that's what it is), I do not want to raise notice or concern among the establishment owners, customers, etc. so I make sure I do not print.
    Most everywhere else, I conceal but am not a fanatic about printing. I consider it a public courtesy in this day and age not to be walking around screaming "Man With A Gun!" I have a concealed carry permit. Open carry is legal in my state, but I choose not to do so. I conceal my weapon and do not broadcast it.
    In the woods fishing and camping, I don't care.
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    New York...NOT ...Noo Yawk
    I'm not concerned with printing
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?-img_2631.jpg  

    How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?-img_2630.jpg  

    How often, if ever, are you concerned about printing?-img_2629.jpg  

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    When at the mall, movie theater and casino. I usually just cover with an untucked tee shirt at all three places because I don't know that's where we are going until the wife says take me to the mall, casino or movies.
    When traveling out of state I am more cautious. At funerals I keep my jacket on.
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    I keep everything covered with the loosefitting shirt. You can see bulges but none of it is a gun. Flashlight, multi tool, phone, pepper spray, is all thatís on my belt. A 442 in my pocket and another in the waistband stay out of sight. If people ask about the bulges I just show them they never see the firearms.
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    California,donít ask.
    Why worry most people are looking at there phone they wouldnít even know if you carry.
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    When I sit on the couch the butt of the gun may print into the backrest causing discomfort. So I slide the rig forward before sitting.

    When I get out of a car I make sure my cover is still covering. I donít worry about printing no matter the season. Depending how I need to dress, I will switch guns or holsters to avoid printing.
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    South of Chiraq...
    My setup was thought out to not print--holster & clothing so I don't need to worry. 1 quick check when I get out of my car is about the extent of my worry...too much checking is bringing attention that you ARE carrying !!!
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    Depends on the attire. My general everyday shirts (Columbia fishing shirts or long tail t-shirts) are very forgiving. Dress clothes are another matter and that's when I start letting it bug me. In reality, it's all in my head and 90% of people aren't paying attention anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airslot View Post
    This^^^^Except I don't change guns. My EDC is M&P9c OWB, untucked.
    Fine choice of a carry gun. I have one and it's brother, the M&P40c, too. I have been carrying that 40c for that last 1/2 year.
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    There are only three situations where I give printing a second thought:

    1) At church. The old rule of thumb is, "Don't frighten the horses."

    2) When someone leaves the sauna on down here and I'm not comfortable with clothes on! Yes...I'm talking about the gun!

    3) When I'm carrying an AR pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bob View Post
    "Honey, does this Glock make my butt look big?"
    Nope, it's all those Twinkies

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    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    Like most people new to concealed carry, I was very concerned about printing when I obtained my first permit. Living in Southern California, however, made it a continuing concern due to the anti-gun sentiment that inflicts most of the population there. If your pistol is exposed there you can be charged with brandishing, even if it stays in the holster. You certainly don't want to be charged with being the "man with a gun" in that environment.
    Goes to show how ridiculous, unreasonable, and illogical our gun laws and anti-gun people/organizations are. Anyway, we have open carry here so I don't worry too much about it even though I prefer people not to notice.
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    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms." - Thomas Jefferson

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    I may have carried in contravention to local law, but not the Constitution's law, in days gone by. I assiduously engineered my self-defense tool and my clothing to prevent printing because I didn't want Johnny Blue asking me, "Whatcha got there?" In the intervening decades, my dress habits-gun, belt, holster, clothing, are merely routine and I don't give it much of a thought about printing. Last year, I bought two cheap suits and had the in-house "tailor" person add panels inside the jackets to prevent printing and excessive wear from my 1911. I ordered the panels like I order a Jimmy John's #10 sandwich and ask for light mayo--without a thought. Having the government's express permission to carry a firearm concealed, however UnConstitutional I think that process may be, allows me to feel more free from worry about printing. This of course may be a temporary condition since Colorado has seceded from the Union and evil reigns.
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