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What Do You Forsee Or Imagine?

This is a discussion on What Do You Forsee Or Imagine? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I foresee death in my eventual future, the how and where not being my choice. Until then, I carry, and do what I can, where ...

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Thread: What Do You Forsee Or Imagine?

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    I foresee death in my eventual future, the how and where not being my choice.

    Until then, I carry, and do what I can, where I can.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight.”
    -Jeff Cooper

    “ Looking around doesn’t cost you anything; and it’s a healthy habit”
    -Joe Foss

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    I try to envision a number of scenarios.

    I do envision bad actors trying to burglarize our home---its already been tried once. We live in a very rural ountain community, but within an hour of our state's largest city--which has plenty of bad actors. Around the house, I usually carry my P365 and a 15 round backup mag.

    When we go to our "big city" for medical stuff I carry my P320 in .357 Sig with 1 back-up mag. I envision being accosted on the street in the "big city" by some idiot high on meth or something and/or being in a Burger King or similar place when robbers come in....it has happened, just not when I'm there. A couple of years ago, I lost an elderly friend to a homeless drifter who stabbed him to death....this elderly friend was a retired Cop, and did not carry. Had he carried, he might still be with his family.

    As we get older, we DO become more vulnerable--in the eyes of the wolves...which behooves us to train even more diligently.
    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    - Ronald Reagan

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    Two different scenarios are what I mostly think about...

    1. Transition spaces with my family. IE parking lots at night.
    2. As a pastor I often get called into places that are less than pleasant. IE helping someone in a "rough part of town" or in a "bad situation"

    I've yet to encounter a real threat of any sorts. Been in a few situations that were less than ideal. I'm always working on keeping my head on a swivel and being aware...and ALWAYS carry.

    I've settled on carrying a compact 15+1 gun with a spare because it is what I shoot best...especially under stress. If required I will carry a subcompact version of my usual carry if additional discretion is needed.

    One of my goals this year is to work on carrying a backup. Not because I feel the need to, but because I can. Maybe a snubbie, but probably something on the ankle?

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    Well, most on here responded in one fashion or another about what they carry, how many they carry and what they forsee or imagine happening down the road. For one moment, consider everything you mentioned without the ability to carry publically...... So....... Welcome to New Jersey and our lifestyle.
    Why did the Moron buy a ladder...... he's takin' his case to a higher court.

    Who was it that said, " I wasn't planning on going for a run today.....then the Game Wardens came out of nowhere".

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    Quote Originally Posted by 71yancy View Post

    Does your minds eye see the most threat coming from a home invasion...car jacking...face to face robbery...rabid animal...one on one or with multiple bad guys...in a parking lot...
    inside a Walmart, Church, Pharmacy, convenience store, big box store, Dr. office...road rage...etc.

    For me it's in a parking lot or rabid animal.


    EDIT: That having been said, what size gun and how many rounds all told do you have on your person when outside of the house?

    In today's world, anything can happen just as fast as anything else.

    I don't worry about it at all. If it (any scenario that you mentioned) happens, then I will deal with it to the best of my ability.

    I would like to think that with all of the training that I do, that I would have a decent chance (depending on the scenario) of coming out on top.

    Just to clarify, I train only because I like to, not because I'm worried about any of these types of scenarios. And it's more of a hobby for me than anything else.

    The least amount of fire power you'll ever catch me with is a 5 shot +p 38 special with a speed strip, and about the most would be my CZ75C 14+1 9mm on my side and my 442 in my weakside front pocket.

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    Well, we thought we might be overrun once in VN and I only had 5 20 round mags at the time for the newly issued M16. Before that we had M2 Carbines like the VN. That experience of thinking I would run out of ammo made me strap on a machete. It's funny how I've always liked big knives after that and now have three machetes, all different lengths. Not having enough rounds has never left me.

    I spent two years there and came home twice on 30 day leaves. I think it was the second one where someone was behind me and a girlfriend on a very twisty road and wanted to pass and couldn't. Finally their patience ran out and they sped past me not realizing a turn was in front of them. He spun and went backwards into the trees right in front of me and glared back at me with eyes that were on fire - like it was my fault. Instinctively I reached between the bucket seats in that moment for my M2 which was now on the other side of the world. So, instead of getting out to help the guy, I simply put it in reverse and left him boiling in his own anger.

    Another time our Sportsman's Club which had the range down on a small river flood plain was sharing stories of wild dogs possibly mixed with coyotes that had recently treed a fisherman. We discussed it at a club meeting so that everyone would be careful and aware of this possible danger. I was shooting alone down there one day shortly afterwards and had my gov't model .45 in an old Rogers comp. holster when out of the corner of my eye I saw a large dog quartering very close to me. That holster which could be worn crossdraw or strong side made it possible for a quick draw and point on the dog who happened to be just a neighbor's friendly G.Shepherd coming over to say hello. I instantly recognized him to be friendly and holstered the .45

    This little episode along with the recent deaths of the two men in the Texas Church reinforce the need for having our handguns where they are readily accessible. A slow draw for any reason may be very costly. Carrying strong side under a garment, especially if you are wearing a coat and thinking simply having a firearm with you and that you will have time to slowly draw it probably doesn't fit most scenarios where you will need one.

    I'm trying to change my habits so that I have a larger handgun on the belt and another smaller in a jacket pocket or pants pocket that can come to hand without any fishing for it. I like my 3" Bulldog, but I'm thinking a 2 1/ 2" would ride better in a pants pocket. The 3" barely disappears in deep pockets and a 2" or less falls to the bottom.

    At Church I usually take my Sig P250sc 9mm and a larger spare magazine. Sometimes, depending on clothes, I have the larger mag with an adapter loaded. I feel more comfortable with dao and more rounds available should they ever be needed. Around the house or on short trips it's usually the Bulldog or a LCP Custom in a pocket or belt holster. I'm now as old as a dear friend I used to shoot with who was mugged and slightly ruffed up at the city Post Office. There is also the memory of an Uncle who was mugged and shot to death in front of his house in NYC many years ago. I hesitated to get my carry permit until the knowing of how vulnerable the wife and I were sunk in. She now uses a wheel chair and loading her in and out of the car in parking lots along with the rise in shootings moved me to apply.
    MACV Advisory Team 75, HQ'd in My Tho at the "Seminary", 1967-1969

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    I think it was Clint Smith from Thunder ranch that said "you can't pick your fight, but you can pick the gun you choose to carry". These words have stuck with me. I try to "war game" as many possibilities as I can. If I am waiting on the wife or kids some where I play the what if game. If you haven't envisioned the unthinkable happening, when it does you will not think it's real. This will cause you to hesitate and not take action as quickly as you could other wise.
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    Foxes scared you that bad? Oh come on.
    We have had foxes living in the forest preserve at the end of our street the 20 years I have lived here. They are the last critters you should worry about and are very good for the neighborhood.
    The coyotes are another story and should be killed with extreme prejudice.

    I worry most about home invasion. I don’t stash guns around the house, but feel that home is the most important place to carry, and carry a real gun.

    Ready for anything, no no. I am ready for a good dinner, but anything no.
    I do think always being armed gives me a better chance for a quick response.
    We read stories about the door getting kicked in and the home owner getting their gun from somewhere. Not me.
    I am as armed as I will ever be, always.

    If I see North Korean paratroopers landing in the backyard, I will take the time to step it up to a long gun.
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    Read our government's plan to destroy the Constitution.

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    I guess some type of road rage incident would be what I would see as the most likely these days.

    I'm an older guy now living out in the country. I don't hang out late at night at stupid places doing stupid things. That said, the times I have felt most at risk lately have been while driving downtown or on the Interstate. The past 2-3 years have just gotten incredibly stupid with population growth in the Raleigh-Durham area. People drive offensively with no respect for other drivers. The attitude seems to be "my time is more important than yours, so get the hell out of my way!" Each time I leave the house I have to remind myself not to let the crazy people get the best of me.
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    I try not to limit my "vision" of what may create a deadly threat scenario. I live in a very low crime though not crime free area but venture into higher crime cities on occasion. Anything and everything could happen, home invasion, confrontation with a nut job, robbery/car jacking attempt, mass shooter at wally world, road rager, you name it.

    I once read that a military commander in battle can be forgiven for being defeated but cannot be forgiven for being surprised. In my years as a street cop I had suspects catch me off guard (doing something I didn't expect) twice. I learned my lessons well and was never surprised again.

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    Depends on what I am doing. Do you mean outside the house doing yard work? Usually my Springfield EMP 40 with 9 rounds of JHP or one of my Super Black Hawks with 6+ rounds of 44 magnum. Do you mean outside the house going out and about? EMP and 2 reloads, 357 mag revolver and 3 reloads, Glock31C and 2 reloads. I am not one to fantasize about any fights, I have been in enough.
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    A man has got to know his limitations.

    In a world of snowflakes, be a torch.

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    I don't prepare for any certain scenario or response. I think that might tend to make me ignore other possibilities. I also don't carry for any big gunfight, although I would carry my 1911, plus my EDC as a backup if I thought I was going in harm's say. Otherwise, it is a .38 snubby or a mini .380. I do have some principles I try to abide by:
    • I always have a gun, pepper spray and a knife and I have had a fair amount of H2H training. Some people put down pepper spray, but if it could keep me from having to shoot someone or some animal, it could be useful. It is for "dogs and drunks."
    • I'm always on the lookout for things that are out of place. It might be my experience as a combat aviator, but I "keep my head on a swivel" and my visual focus out way ahead. I tend to notice things other people don't and/or notice things sooner than they do. Riding a motorcycle keeps this skill up too. It is also a fun thing: Most of the out of place stuff I notice is not threatening, of course, but often it winds up being interesting.
    • If something seems wrong, I assume it is wrong until proven otherwise. I avoid denial.
    • I have no problem being stand-offish or impolite if need be. I won't be rude, but I am not tied to social niceties with strangers and I won't have my personal space violated.

    If I had to make a guess, I think stores, parking lots, answering the front door and being stopped in my car, at a light or in traffic, are probably the places to be most on guard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxHeavy View Post
    Well, most on here responded in one fashion or another about what they carry, how many they carry and what they forsee or imagine happening down the road. For one moment, consider everything you mentioned without the ability to carry publically...... So....... Welcome to New Jersey and our lifestyle.
    Yeah, I understand.. You can't carry, and never will be able to.. NJ is a disgrace.. I know, I was born there, and lived there 37 years.. NJ does NOT under any circumstance issue CC permits except to retired LEO, or the VERY VERY well heeled.. From what i understand there are less than 2500 CC permits in the entire state, most issued under LEOSO.. Horrifying.
    I truly feel for you, but I'm in NY and we are always worried here, about not getting renewed, and we can be like NJ with a simple dictate from our totalitarian governor... bob

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    We live in the country at the end of a dead end road. Nothing approaches our place without warnings from the dogs or watchful neighbors. But I see the very real possibility of a bull turning me to mush, or a feral hog attack while tending my hog traps. I'm armed most of the time, but murphy's law will visit when the gun is in the UTV.
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    A couple of things that I never imagined

    A Tweaker wearing war paint and a bird mask at 2AM in a parking lot.

    2 crackheads trying to rob me right outside my front door at 1130 PM

    Another tweaker trying to take my gun in a Kum & Go at 3AM

    Bobcat sitting on a chicken coop at 1AM

    Two gang bangers deciding to shoot it out in the parking lot of my apartment.

    Crazy Meth Head who was pissed off because I wouldn't give him a dollar and who dared me to shoot him.

    Meth head truck driver who was pissed off because I wasn't authorized to sign for his delivery and took a swing at me.

    I don't know about you but I see a pattern.
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