My wife managed to get my CCL renewal application sent in. She did it over the internet. It took her about a week to get it done. If you fill out an answer on the page and it is not correct it will not let you try again for a while. She made a mistake and put letters in front of the instructors I.D. number and she had to wait until the next day and try again to fill in that space on the form. Same thing happened with other answers.
I thought that I would pass this on because it looks like it totally blocks you if you make a mistake but the problem is with the state part of the program being overloaded and working slow. So don't give up if it won't let you continue. just wait until the next day and try to continue. This was the only solution we could find. If you try calling the State police firearm division numbers all you get is recorded messages. Have patience and keep trying.