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This is a discussion on Minimalist carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The closest I come to minimalist carry these days is when doing yard work around the house. S&W 638 in a Nemesis pocket holster and ...

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Thread: Minimalist carry

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    The closest I come to minimalist carry these days is when doing yard work around the house. S&W 638 in a Nemesis pocket holster and a small Old Timer folding knife and I call it good.
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    About every 6 months, I go from carrying more stuff to less stuff, or visa-versa. Currently,

    • P365, 11 rounds, no extra magazine. Vedder Light Tuck holster.
    • Smartphone. In front pocket.
    • No longer carry a flashlight, I use the flashlight function on my phone
    • Wallet. Very small wallet from Flowfold. In front pocket.
    • Keys. House & car keys only. Plus Swiss Army Classic knife.
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    One thing that I always carry but don't see mentioned is pepper spray or something similar. I want to have an alternative, non-lethal weapon at hand in case I have to defend myself but might have difficulty justifying the use of deadly force. That was taught by Massad Ayoob in his Lethal Force Institute class.

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    Minimalist carry

    I never minimalist carry. If I am in my home town I carry enough to defend myself and family against an attack of three people (this has happened and I prevailed). If I am out of town I carry enough to defend against an armed invasion, at night, by space aliens.
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    Mar 2013
    Northwest Oregon
    My minimalist carry today is a Colt Delta Elite 10mm with a spare magazine on my belt and a Sig P938 9mm with a spare magazine in my pocket.
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    To me, minimalist is pocket carry. I refuse to carry anything more diminutive than a 9mm. That’s my Sig P365 with a 12+1 mag and a 15 rd mag as a the minimum! LOL The P365 allowed me to sell my Sig MK25 to my best friend and put the P320 with Green Laser integrated frame into the safe. If I need more than that, I’ll strap on an OWB holster and carry a 1911 45 auto. Or a 10mm in a similar rig. The next step up is the “truck gun.”
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    When I leave the house I stuff a S&W 380 bodyguard in a holster into my front pocket. In the other front pocket I carry a small pocket knife with a bottle opener, a blade, and a cork puller. That's it. I've used the bottle opener and cork puller far more often than I've used the 380. And that's a good thing.
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    My minimalist carry is a Kahr PM9 carried AIWB with a spare mag in a pocket.
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    Minimal is NAA 32 ACP, sub minimal is NAA 22mag. Always Case knife.

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    Oct 2018
    My idea is carrying my Sar K2P with one extra mag and a knife that is my minimum carry otherwise I carry a kimber CDP with two spare mags and a good knife and a light .
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    These days, my Glock 26 spends most of it's time in my nightstand (with a G19 mag/X-Grip), and I'm usually carrying one of my 3 .380s, a SIG P290RS with 2 spare mags, Ruger LCP II with 2 spare mags, or SCCY CPX-3 with one spare mag.
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    I am only a minimalist carrier. I never go out armed like I am going out to battle in Afghanistan. My carry gun consists of a pocket carry .380 or my Taurus 709 slim 9mm. The odds of me ever needing it are slim so what I carry is very minimal.

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    My minimal carry is Shield 9 AIWB with ulticlips, no belt. 7 rnd mag with magguts so 9 total.
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    For much of this week it’s been a j frame M442 in the pocket with a speed strip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nralifer4570 View Post
    With this, I say close the thread.
    I carry.
    What I want.
    When I want.
    I rotate because I can and am confident in what I carry.
    From practice.
    Not posts.
    I agree. Here is the way I look at it: Carry as much gun (and other stuff) as you can get away with; and a hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a .45.

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