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Faster velocities with copper projectiles vs. Old School lead and copper

This is a discussion on Faster velocities with copper projectiles vs. Old School lead and copper within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Eggo I would not have believed that being that we are strong enough to move the heavy cue stick as well as ...

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Thread: Faster velocities with copper projectiles vs. Old School lead and copper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggo View Post
    I would not have believed that being that we are strong enough to move the heavy cue stick as well as the light cue stick. I'd think that a heavy stick would impact the ball harder.
    If you could swing the heavier stick as fast then yeah it would break harder. They found that you can't swing it as fast though most of the time. Some people can break better with a heavier cue but for most a lighter is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cippee View Post
    Apparently everyone here seems to be right to some degree. I found this article that talks about bullet power vs velocity. It says a bullet that moves too fast can have more power but if it tranfers the power to the target to fast it won't penetrate as far. I guess it depends on caliber and velocity.
    This article largely discusses rifle ballistics. Things change above the 2,100fps (at the target) neighborhood. Yaw, fragmentation, and yes, hydro-static shock begin to become relevant wound factors. These solid copper handgun rounds just don't get fast enough.
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    bad juju
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    Quote Originally Posted by TactiCarl View Post
    At least I can articulate my points in English and not resort to personal attacks.

    I cite numbers from the internet and suddenly I'm an Internet Ninja...(and coming from a guy w/ 2800 posts on a gun bulletin board, thats rich)I say something you don't agree with even though I cite my internet numbers and then you say well that's not the target or hunting or real life. (BTW, not talking about hunting talking about defensive gun use) I apologize that I don't have my own personal test facility with chronos, cadavers and realistic targets for you to accept my points but I think I'll be able to live with that. Anyway, I'm not here to change minds. I'm here to learn. When is the last time you learned something new?

    Sadly, most people on this thread don't have the capacity to absorb that.
    read the first line, then the last line. Laugh at the irony. Then everyone knock it off. Also, going back after starting an argument and editing out your posts is very bad forum ju ju. Just saying.

    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Simple solid lead 32 and 38 were dropping bad guys and stopping aggression for decades and decades and decades until the internet and an eager consumer arose to demand "new and better", resulting in "experts" eager to cast aspersions on those that would dare to stray from the new rules of engagement. When there is a void, it will be filled. And the internet has facilitated a willing and eager market that demands discussion on the most microscopic minutia of anything about anything that can possibly be dissected and discussed.

    Put a 32, a 38, a 380, a 9mm, a 40, a 45 on a vital and bad things happen. Miss a vital with any of them and you get examples like the guy shot by cop 5 times with .357 and shoot cop back with 22....guy walks away with relatively minor injuries, cops dies because .22 hit vital (Note to internet: I'm not making claims on the .22 caliber). We have a preoccupation, almost a compulsion, with minutia because the vehicle is here to discuses the complexities of things that really are not that complex to start with.

    A lot of guys are dead, and even more aggression stopped, from what the internetery would now claim to be woefully insufficient and borderline irresponsible for use in self defense. Go faster and lighter if you want, or slower and heavier. Whichever suits your fancy. There is a large data set on both suggesting either will likely suit the intended purpose.
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