HST 147gr 9mm has been my standard load for the past few years. Before that I used HST 124, 124+ and before that Winchester 127+p+ Talons. I ended up switching to 147 gr a few years ago because I shoot it well and modern generations of 147, even the standard pressure loads like HST seem to do fine in penetration testing. Like AzQkr above, I have 30 year old SD rounds going back to Hydroshok +p+ in the late 90's. I have odds and ends of boxes here and there, probably close to 1,000 rounds of odds and ends, so I am not about to run out of SD 9mm any time soon even if my current supply of Federal 147 in the 50 round boxes is no longer available. I like that ammo for two reasons, it was highly rated, doing very well in "Shooting the Bull" tests and otherwise highly rated. Also, always on the lookout for a good value, I settled in on the 50 round boxes, usually purchased 10 at a time from SGA. For practice, I use 147 gr reloads from Freedom Munitions.

So, my question to you folks is: If the 50 round HST 147 is no longer available, what do you see as a substitute that is both high quality and good value?