When to Carry a .40 S&W over a 9mm?

When to Carry a .40 S&W over a 9mm?

This is a discussion on When to Carry a .40 S&W over a 9mm? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently picked-up a H&K VP9 & VP9sk. My local shop had a used like new VP40 with N/S, so I decided to buy one ...

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Thread: When to Carry a .40 S&W over a 9mm?

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    When to Carry a .40 S&W over a 9mm?

    I recently picked-up a H&K VP9 & VP9sk. My local shop had a used like new VP40 with N/S, so I decided to buy one of those too (might as well have one of each). I haven't shot the .40 yet, so I don't know how it will compare to the 9mm's.

    I have a few guns in .40 S&W, and have 20+ years of shooting and carrying the caliber. I don't mind the snappier recoil of the .40 at all. And still carry my G23 on occasion, as it has the smoothest action/trigger of all my Glocks (and the most rounds).

    But it got me thinking about the VP9 vs. VP40. In what scenario would I carry the .40 over a 9mm? Maybe as a trail gun with 180 or 200 gr. HC?

    Your thoughts?

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    With quality SD ammo in either caliber, I’d say carry the one you shoot the best IMHO.....nothing else really matters.....YMMV...

    Trail gun.....I’d likely go with the 40.....SD, 9mm all the way “for me”....again...YMMV.....
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    I would never carry a .40 over a 9.

    Because, I don't own a .40.
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    The only reason I would choose a 9mm over anything else is for cost of ammo, or economy of size vs caliber.

    If I could own only one, it sure as heck would not be a 9mm. I like the 40 and 45.
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    Carry whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
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    I'd stockpile a couple hundred rounds of 40 in case there is ever a shortage on 9mm as there was a few years ago. That way you always got something can shoot/carry/practice with.
    Me: "..and that brings us back to the age old question, how much ammo should you carry or how much is enough, doesn't it? Lol "
    AzQkr: "
    The age old questions answer is carry more, not less. For if more isn't enough, less surely won't be. lol"

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    Choose the 40 cal in cooler weather when people are wearing heavier or layered clothing.

    I have the VP40 and the G23, and also have them both chambered for 357 Sig. It has fast become my favorite round.
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    Either one to me. Shot placement will still be key over calibre. I have 9mm and 45 handguns. The only reason I never bought a 40 (almost did) was I just didn't need another calibre. I think both shoot well. As others have said, the 9mm is cheaper to shoot these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-man* View Post
    The only reason I would choose a 9mm over anything else is for cost of ammo, or economy of size vs caliber.

    If I could own only one, it sure as heck would not be a 9mm. I like the 40 and 45.
    I haven't carried one of my several nines in quite awhile. The .45s get all the holster time now.

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    When to carry 40 rather than 9mm?
    Whenever you would prefer making slightly bigger holes in the threat.
    I'm not inclined to disarm for a concert, game, (entertainment) and I ain't going on a plane or cruise.
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    For me? All de time...

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    I don't own a 9mm, I own several 40's. As much as I have tried, the 9mm does nothing for me. It is inexpensive to shoot, other than that......
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    .40 is MUCH better when shooting through barriers come into play! Just my .02 worth!
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    If one feels the .40 S&W cartridge has attributes that make it especially worthwhile for trail gun use then those attributes would translate to general purpose daily carry.

    I like the .40 S&W.
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