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I'm not all knowing or a know it all but I've decided

This is a discussion on I'm not all knowing or a know it all but I've decided within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The last few gun mags I thumbed through were more ads than content....

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Thread: I'm not all knowing or a know it all but I've decided

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    The last few gun mags I thumbed through were more ads than content.
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    Me: "..and that brings us back to the age old question, how much ammo should you carry or how much is enough, doesn't it? Lol "
    AzQkr: "
    The age old questions answer is carry more, not less. For if more isn't enough, less surely won't be. lol"

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    I receive the NRA magazine, and Recoil, which are the only "gun" magazines I get. Everything else are hunting magazines, or what my buddy calls "horn porn."
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    I grew up reading Skeeter Skelton, Elmer Keith, Jeff Cooper, and sometimes Grits Grisham. I don't remember getting bored by their columns. They always had something new to say. The current crop of writers don't like wood, steel, and guns with cool names. Everyone knows what a S&W 19 is but when you say Combat Masterpiece all kinds of thoughts run through my mind. Maybe Skeeter going up against 4-5 desperadoes over in Hereford, TX or Bill Jordan down on the border. A 1871 Colt Army is the most iconic pistol ever, but say Peacemaker and my imagination kicks into overdrive. Ok I am done with this rabbit hole.

    Back to magazines. I really like my AR and I carry a polymer pistol daily but when you really get down to the basics they are pretty much the same. New and improved now means black plastic gun A now holds 18 rounds instead of 15. Yes an improvement but not really new. I am on board with the AR platform bringing newer calibers into the mix, but for every gun mag to say this is new and the greatest thing isn't really new or greatest. Same gun different caliber, but a reason to write like it the best thing ever. I love every 1911 style gun I own but to say Ruger's, Para's, or Kimber's copy is new, well subtract 2019 from 1911 and that how new they are.

    Bottom line is I am on DC and a few other sites and really enjoy reading about real people spending real hard earned money on guns and gear then telling about it. Not as slick and not as many pictures, but I like the stuff I read here as much as any magazine. The only thing I still really like in print is the back page of American Rifleman. "I Have this Old Gun". Usually skip right to that every month.
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    It was the same way with hot rod, fast ford and the like. There are only so many articles I can read about "top 10 ways to make a SBC faster" and all that jazz. I just got sick of it and after reading half a dozen magazines on a regular basis from 1975 to 1990 something, I just burned out. Its much the same way with many of the gun mags, I just cant read that stuff any more.
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    Same for me and fly fishing magazines. Been there, done that.
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    I still have lots of gun magazines for both pistols and rifles, but I got rid of all my “clips” because of all the negative chatter about them.....
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