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Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911.......hmmmmmmm

This is a discussion on Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911.......hmmmmmmm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My local gun shop had a Hi-Point in .45 for $169. I bought one and had a "blast" with it. Run about 200 rounds through ...

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Thread: Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911.......hmmmmmmm

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    My local gun shop had a Hi-Point in .45 for $169. I bought one and had a "blast" with it. Run about 200 rounds through it and retired it under the boat seat for those pesky night time gators when I night fish. Night fishing in the Florida fresh waters is an experience in itself. That Hi-Point is without doubt good enough for under the boat seat and no loss if it gets wet or lost.

    Now I am VERY familiar with the feel and response of a .45 regardless of the gun name. Go get one and have some fun for less than 200 bucks then can always find a use for a "throw-away".

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    Quote Originally Posted by claybreaker0 View Post
    Well I got one!!! I found a Kimber Pro Carry II in 9mm on, I'm actually afraid to say how much I paid for it! But it is exactly what I wanted, except it doesn't have night sights........can I order night sights for the Pro Carry II in 9mm? They have them on the 45 ACP model? Btw I paid $799 shipped to my dealer, so with a $30 FFL transfer fee the total is $832....I'm thinking that's a steal?
    Congrats!!! I don't get the single stack 9mm thing but given how tight the gun is,..........It should be a tac driver.
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    You'd be surprised just how soft shooting the .45 is out of a 1911, the recoil isn't that much more than my P226 in 9mm. But congrats on your purchase, I think you got a good price and will be happy.
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    Go with the .45 especially with a 1911 style pistol. The recoil isn't bad at all.

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    Thank you guys for your congratulations, and I know it's weird that I got a 1911 in 9mm. I have always heard (and agreed with) that no matter what you shoot, no matter what the caliber, shoot it often and be the best you can possibly be with that weapon. But right now I'm still in college, and getting ready for Law School, so I do not really have a lot of income. I can get a 50 round box of 9mm for $9.97, and a 50 round box of 45 ACP for $22-$26. So I can shoot twice as much 9mm for the price of 45, and that means I will practice more often, I think that is good. When I graduate and have a steady income, I will without a doubt get a true 1911 in 45 ACP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
    From what I hear they are from Charles Daly so use that as your reference.
    Charles Daly is out of business. Charles Daly imported firearms from around the world but did not manufacture any. The Desert Eagle was designed in the US by Magnum Research and is manufactured in Israel.
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    I am going to respectfull disagree with Kimber love. I have had and never kept one for over 5 mos. Their service is terrible and the guns do not seem to run well. Sig rules in the 1911 market. Having said that I have 3 DE 1911's and love them all. Additionally I have 18 Sig 1911's and a total of about 28-30 Sigs. For the $$ you can't beat em'. Enjoy your day.

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    9 years ago I still had to work
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    9 years ago was the last post in this thread, till today.
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    Desert Eagle . . . the gun (and thread) that refused to die.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon on the loose.
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    OP is out of law school by now. Probably made partner.

    I hate to come down too hard on a first post, but post #1 may not be the time to admit you don't know why Sig doesn't make a 1911.

    Hi! Welcome to the forum.
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