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Which Glock should I buy first? Glock 19 or Glock 26

This is a discussion on Which Glock should I buy first? Glock 19 or Glock 26 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 99 out of 100 Glock owners will tell you to get the 19. The 17 may be the one that started it all, but the ...

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Thread: Which Glock should I buy first? Glock 19 or Glock 26

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    99 out of 100 Glock owners will tell you to get the 19.

    The 17 may be the one that started it all, but the 19 is the most preferred.

    And that is a scientific answer
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    The Glock 19 is the jewel of the whole Glock lineup in my opinion, as well as the opinion of lots of other shooters. Handle and hopefully rent each one to see which feels better and shoots better for you.

    We are all different. For me, the Glock 26 is a little brick which I don't like to either handle or shoot. Others love it so only you can decide on the G26.

    Good luck with your choice.
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    GLOCK 19!!! WOOO BABY!!
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    Or you could buy the G26 with the mag adapter. Get a few G19 mags and now you have a easily concealed pistol that holds 10+1 or almost as easy to conceal that holds 15+1. Very versatile. If money gets tight you have your one pistol that serves both duties of CCW and Home defense. And when money gets better get a G19 if you want. Many say the G26 is more accurate but ymmv with that
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    MY wife and I both preferred the 26 at the range. I am 99% that a 26 will be her first firearm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterguy View Post
    I got a 19 as my first Glock and a 26 came a couple years later. Had I done the opposite I don't think the 19 would've seen much carry time. The 26 conceals so well and I shoot it surprisingly well considering I have big hands.

    I would recommend someone getting the 19 first because it fills so many roles. While the 26 could serve nightstand duty, I wouldn't be 100% comfortable with it. The 19 Is the perfect size for a gun serving nightstand/carry duty imo.
    +1 You can't make the 19 anymore concealable or lighter. If you plan in conceal carrying, get the 26. You can have a smaller more concealable package with the similar rounds if you carry an extra mag G19 mag.

    I strongly dislike Glocks, but if I were to own one for CC, the G26 would be it IMHO.
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    Glock 19

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    If you HAVE to have one....I would do the 19.
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    I love my G23 !! I love my G27 !! I carry both of them a lot, but the G27 much more !! If I could have only one........it would certainly be the G23 !! Using that logic, start with the G19 !
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    You can make the G26 bigger, but you cannot make the G19 smaller without hacking on it. Aside from mounting a light on a rail, the G26 will do everything a G19 can do while being easier to conceal. I have both, but would go G26 if I could only have one. Just more versatile.
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    I'd go with the G19 first cause it's the quintessential all around gun, HD (with rail for light), range and CCW. Then grab the G26 for your primary CCW with a G19 mag as a backup. That will give you 25+1 rounds in two mags.
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    After years of resistance, I finally went down to the LGS with the express purpose of buying a Glock. I spent a good bit of time at the counter trying to decide between the G19 or the G26. After a really detailed comparison, and carefully weighing all the pro's & cons of each model - I came home with an M&P 9.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrymeTyme37 View Post
    I have been buying guns for almost 5 years now and I've had a couple of glocks in my past but sold them when times got bad. I was in college at the time and needed money sometimes. Now I kind of want to get another glock but I'm not too sure which one to get first. I was thinking getting the 26 first and then stock up on a few glock 19 mags so that when I get the 19, I'll already have a lot of mags. I want to get both of them eventually but which one do you guys think I should get first?

    Thanks in advance for you advice!
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    I just sold my last 26 with a lot of internal struggles and a tear in my eye. Why? Because I've shot the 26 side by side in two competitive matches recently and the 19 shoots just was well, even though I'd convinced myself the 26 was inherently more accurate in my hands, and because Massad Ayoob wrote an article on the subject a few years ago.

    However, sad as it is, the 19 is just about as comfortable to carry as a 26 and I can pirate all my 26 holsters for AIWB in a Galco Ultimate Second Amendment, OWB with a kyex paddle holster, IWB at 3:30 with a Little FoxX kydex/leather hybrid, or a belt mounted kydex that will also hold the gun WITH the tactical light.


    There is the final reason for a 19. You can easily attach and remove a Streamlight TLR-1 HL, which can truly temporarily blind intruders and opponents and let you see what's in their hands at the same time. Non lethal defense or offense. The best of all worlds, especially if you have a small, equally powerful (800+ lumens) flashlight attached by lanyard to your weak hand. You can decide in an instant if you have a threat or non threat with the flashlight or go to tac light under the gun and prepare to engage a lethal enemy.

    For daily and discreet concealed carry, I would love to own another Glock 43. Great gun. Reliable. Accurate. Fast follow ups.

    But my thumb riding the slide catch lever made it unreliable to lock back on an empty chamber. Handled the Ruger LC9s Pro and the ole thumb landed about the same place on that little honey.

    So, I've decided I can live with the Kahr CM9 trigger and pick up some more comfortable rides in a variety of holsters. At the same time, I've stepped up from a Ruger LCP II by about three ounces and not much dimensional difference. I have now gone from .380 to the same 9mm ammo I use in the G19: Federal HST 124 standard pressure rounds, which are relatively mild to shoot but also proven performers in gel tests.


    In the end, each and every handgun I've owned in the last 20 years (30+???, mostly Glocks) comes with its own set of pluses and minuses. It's such a personal choice and so potentially lethal. Just remember to always be safe and COMPETE with your guns. I am a strong advocate of IDPA matches for learning how to draw from behind a concealment garment, place your shots, move with your trigger finger outside the guard, change mags and shoot from behind cover, and engage moving targets with hostages always nearby (usually in front of the bad guys). What could be a better way for the serious nature of this thing we pursue with firearms for personal defense?

    Best wishes in your decision and stay safe from injuring yourself ... even as you try to keep your self, your family and other innocents from injuries and/or death at the hands of those who would harm them.
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    Another vote for the G-19 crowd here...
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