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Found a new, to me, way to CC

This is a discussion on Found a new, to me, way to CC within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Spark456 I often wonder what holster you could use wearing bib-overalls there really not a lot. Being from the mountains of WV ...

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Thread: Found a new, to me, way to CC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark456 View Post
    I often wonder what holster you could use wearing bib-overalls there really not a lot. Being from the mountains of WV I love wearing bib-overalls and after moving to Ohio kind of got away from them
    Don't let those flat-landers steal any mountaineer from you! I wouldn't trade a square acre in West Virginia for (no offense Mike) a square mile in Ohio.

    (*Dear mods, please don't imagine this a disparaging remark toward Ohioians. I have found (most of) them to have a fine...sense of humor. )
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    I agree, OP. I've used a Vedder Holsters Four-Way Belly Band at work for about the last year, and I love it! I wear loose-fitting button up shirts and khakis, and I've found that I can successfully conceal at about 4:00 a Glock 19, M&P 40 full size, or a 1911 Commander - both lightweight and all-steel. For me, it's the ideal way to carry when I have to be completely concealed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric357 View Post
    Be careful not using the strap. My wife for a long time used the bellyband without a strap on Sundays when her dress would not allow for a holster. She did this for several months with no issue. One Sunday she came to my office as white as a ghost. I asked her what happened. She responded that her gun (Xds) had fallen out of the belly band. Luckily no one was down there to see it except my 19 yo (at the time) daughter. Not sure how it worked its way out as she had carried that way several times.
    I know the white ghost feeling, I was using a Yaqui slide with a 1911 5" and sitting on a wood chair in a restaurant the barrel hit the chair bottom and gun poppet out, luckily it stayed with in my shirt and was able to put it back, after that incident I won't buy a holster with the barrel exposed, I mostly carry, IWB now days anyway.
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    How are they in the heat of summer?
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    Found a new, to me, way to CC

    Quote Originally Posted by camsdaddy View Post
    How are they in the heat of summer?
    I have worn my 3 Speed Holster while taking my grandkids to community pool. I was wearing belt-less drawstring shorts and a dark baggy tee. This way I blended in with the other parents at pool. (Carried my G19 and spare magazine). I live in Gulf Coast Texas where Summer tends to be in mid to high 90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camsdaddy View Post
    How are they in the heat of summer?
    If I place mine above the waist line or higher it has been too warm. If I place it low like a Smart Carry it dosen't feel as warm to me. I don't use mine a lot. I'll use it when I have a Suit on. (very rare) or after a shower under a pajama top. I use it more as a back support.
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    I've carried using a bellyband under a tucked-in shirt at work, and while it works and allows a decent sized gun to be carried, it suffers from a draw stroke that is complicated by first having to rip out your tucked-in shirt. In practice, I've found it to be too prone to a fouled draw. I thus reverted back to carrying smaller pocket guns when I need to tuck my shirt in, as there is no need to remove a cover garment before the draw.

    That said, if it works for you, then go for it.
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