Gun Manufacturer's Customer Service - Good, Bad and Ugly

Gun Manufacturer's Customer Service - Good, Bad and Ugly

This is a discussion on Gun Manufacturer's Customer Service - Good, Bad and Ugly within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I thought it might be worthwhile to have a compendium of user experience with gun manufacturer's customer service. Let's be real here; every manufacturer, whether ...

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Thread: Gun Manufacturer's Customer Service - Good, Bad and Ugly

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    Gun Manufacturer's Customer Service - Good, Bad and Ugly

    I thought it might be worthwhile to have a compendium of user experience with gun manufacturer's customer service.

    Let's be real here; every manufacturer, whether gun, car, appliances, cell phones, etc. all can have problems and crank out a lemon. It happens to everyone and is a pure fact of life. However how it is handled and if it's a regular occurrence is what should be used to judge the company.

    This thread is meant to be a chronicle of user's experiences, good or bad.

    I feel for the sake of fair reporting, please do not use this as a platform to bash a manufacturer. Please be honest with your experience, but we're not here to dog pile, we're here to compile.

    If this isn't the right forum, or if this thread might be frowned upon, please move/delete and I apologize in advance.

    I'll begin with my one and only experience so far.


    Year of warranty claim: 2012

    Manufacturer: Walther Arms

    Issue: I purchased my second PPQ, an M1 variant (paddle mag release). I had an M2 (button mag release) that was tried and true for several thousand rounds so wanted to give the paddles a shot.
    At the range, around 500-600 rounds in, it suddenly stopped ejecting. The slide wouldn't slide back after firing a round. I could rack, chamber and fire but nothing after that.

    Outcome: I phoned Walther HQ in Arkansas and was immediately emailed a paid for return shipping label. I dropped my PPQ off to be shipped out that afternoon and had my pistol back in my possession in 10 days time total. The paperwork said they replaced the entire trigger assembly. The PPQ has since fired over 2000 trouble free rounds without hiccup.

    Overall Customer Service Experience: A
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    RIA, I had one of their Micro-Compact 1911s, after 200-300 rounds the recoil spring assembly came apart. It was repaired and returned about two weeks.
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    SigLite sight went bad on the front of a P290, they shipped me out a new one right away.
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    SCCY was good about shipping parts to me at no cost upon request...

    Even let me do the smithing!

    That was a few years back when the CPX-2 first came out; trigger bar issue and front sight went AWOL.

    More recently, Springfield was very quick to replace my upper and BCG on my Saint because my feed ramps were ever so slightly off-center...

    No issues feeding or ejecting at all, just an OCD thing on my part.
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    Smith Wesson...ok
    Glock... never had to send one back
    KeL-Tec...I donít want to get band so I wonít say in words
    Thatís my experiences
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    I'd be pretty upset right away if I had a new gun actually need repair or replacement of a component. But it does happen, obviously.

    Never happened to me, beyond the bad match of ammo to gun and resultant ftf or stove pipe.
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    Walther PPS had a reputation of shooting low when they first came out. I called Walther USA CS and they shipped a lower front sight. No proof of purchase, no charge.
    They also sent the gen 1 slide stop "fix" no questions asked (except, "what is the mailing address? ")
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    My Walther PPS M2 had a glow in the dark dot fall out of the rear sight. I opened a ticket and they shipped me a new rear sight at no charge and quick, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glocking26 View Post
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    Ruger: Great.

    Sent my SP101 in and got it back within a couple weeks (shortly after the holidays, so they were a bit backed up). Hammer pivot pin was a tad bit too big and I couldn't reasonably remove it, thus I couldn't full disassemble the gun. It shot and operated without a problem.

    I must admit the experience with my BIL's 1911 was a bit frustrating. It was brand spanking new so he (not a gun guy) had me send it in rather than attempt to fix it. There was some back and forth before their tech(s) realized the magazine release "hole" (I'm sure there is a technical term I can't currently thing of) was just enough out of spec that the factory release had some play and therefore would drop the magazine with minimal pressure to the mag (didn't even have to touch the release). I probably could have just replaced the magazine release with an oversized aftermarket and it would have solved it. Oh well. BIL got a whole new 1911 from Ruger and he is happy with it. This occurred over the course of about a month and a half. Thankfully my BIL bought the gun just for shooting and wasn't relying on it for personal defense.

    I haven't had to send anything to anyone else. Both issues presented themselves within the first month of ownership. I consider myself handy, so if its something I can pinpoint and fix with normal hand tools (and replacement parts aren't stupid expensive) I'd rather do it myself.
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    Taurus, very good.
    I took my new 709 to the range only to find it was set on burst fire, 3 to 5 round in very quick burp with one pull of the trigger. For two or three mags it seemed cool, but then it brought my flinch back. I called them,Miami, and was sent a shipping label.
    Sent it in and got it back in less than ten days, fixed. I traded it at the LGS for more than I paid for it.

    Smith & Wesson, very good.
    M69 broken hand. Called them and they offered to send me a hand or a shipper. I opted for the shipper and then told them to send it to the Performance Center for an action job. Took two months, but they sent me the smoothest revolver I have ever shot.

    Sig, very good.
    Sent them my 1994 229 .357 for their action enhancement package. Three weeks my pistol returned embarrassing clean and super smooth DA and crisp SA.

    I have had no other issues with any firearms.
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    Only recent experience was with Ruger and they turned around my LCP2 in about one week from date of shipment by UPS. Excellent.

    A long time ago, I had an issue with Glock and they turned it around in about two weeks. Very good.

    About three-four years ago I had issues with Diamondback DB9. After a month or so I had to threaten to call the Florida attorney general's office. Got the gun back a week later and sold it.

    Ruger has been excellent in every instance; even replacing the stock trigger with a red aluminum one in less than a week on a Gen 2 LCP.

    Smith & Wesson took care of my 10 mm pistol about 15 years ago in less than two weeks. Very good.
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    Charter Arms. dropped my Bulldog 44 spl .. grip frame broke .. Sent the gun to be repaired ...2 weeks I received the Bulldog back .. new grip frame installed ..+ new grip .. gun cleaned .. trigger smoothed out .. new firing pin .. and a T Shirt .. All no charge ..

    Hipoint .. Brother backed over my well used 9mm carbine ..with his pickup .. stock was broken .. barrel bent .. action dented .. Rear sights broken ..
    Hipoint basically put my carbines serial number pn a new carbine .. at no charge + 3 new magazines and new sling .. all at no charge ..

    Taurus .. I purchased a 605 357 .. blem .. Received it and it would fail to rotate clyinder at times .. Sent it to Taurus on my dime .. Revolver returned new clyinder installed and smoothed up action .. at no charge .. revolver was gone 1 month though ..
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    Bersa/Eagle Imports - Bought a BP9cc. Put about 100 rounds through then click.....nothing. Sent it off. Two weeks later received a note from the gun smith that the locking lug broke and the gun would have to be destroyed. They sent me a new one about 4 weeks later. New gun had some random extraction problems. Took it to a Gander Mountain close by (factory authorized Bersa servicer) and had them send it off. They made some adjustments to the extractor but said they didn't find anything wrong with it. Sold it when I got it back with full disclosure.

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    Ruger: Outstanding!

    Years ago I had a USED 10/22 that I was going to shoot in the Chevy Truck Sportsman Team Challenge. I was using this cheap steel cased gloppy lubed Russian ammo and as you might guess I had feeding issues. As I had just bought the rifle and had no idea how old the magazine was, or if this ammo was a known issue for them, I called Ruger.

    The CS guy was very polite and said he was not familiar with any ammo specific feed issues. Knowing I bought the rifle used ( they did not make a nickel off my purchase ) and knowing I had a time concern, they sent me three factory new magazines by Fed Ex second day at no charge.

    I don't think it gets much better than that.
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