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Have a Glock 19...Do I need a 17???

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Thread: Have a Glock 19...Do I need a 17???

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    Have a Glock 19...Do I need a 17???
    Of course you do. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. Of course the collection won't be complete without adding a Glock 26 as well. I have them all. Don't see how I could manage without them.
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    I thought about buying a 17 and went with a 34 instead. I think having the 19, the 34 is the better option. You don't need it, but you'll like it.
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    If you already own a Glock19 your really set. If you want a Glock 17 then get the Glock 17. Both pistols are serviced sized pistol and are used by many police and militaries around the world.
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    the 19x IMO is the best glock ever made
    and with the 19x you have the round count of a 17 and then some
    and a 19 slide
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jjones45 View Post
    No, just grab some G17 mags or the 33 rounder or some of the new 24 rounders and some mag sleeves. Now you have essentially a G19X which is a 17 frame with a 19 slide. And yes my petite wife and 2 daughters shoot the 19X comfortably.
    I have lots of Glocks, carry a G19 always. One spare G17 magazine also. In a rapid mag change, as in IDPA competition, the G19 mag. pinches my hand, not so the G17 one. But not to forget, most malfunctions with pistols, of the self loading type IE Glock 19, are caused by somthing to do with the magazine, so have a spare.

    And I like the finger grooves on my G19 Gen 4.

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    I have a G34, G17, G19, G26 and the 17 is shot the least and the 19 and 34 shot the most. I came here to post about your light primer strikes. What is your DOB on your 365? It is on the side of the box on the white label. Take out your striker and clean it and the channel. It needs to be bone dry both the entire striker assembly and the channel. You can use contact cleaner or brake cleaner (the non flammable kind) Use Q tips for the channel with cleaner on it
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitaryzt1985 View Post

    I guess I have this notion that a longer barrel equals better shooter under duress for the lesser trained of us.
    A larger capacity magazine will offset the misses for less trained and dim light. Just keep pulling the trigger like Yosemite Sam.

    I have a Glock 26 but also every magazine made for Glock in either doubles or triples except for the 33 round magazine which is the only 33 round I have.

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    Find a range that has a 17 for rent and see if you and the mrs like it....might also consider a pistol caliber carbine (or pistol caliber ar/ak pistol) which will give you a better sight radius then the 17 would

    *edited to clarify ar/ak Pistol
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    Not unless you jusr flat out want it just to have it!!!
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    uhh, i wouldn't waste the money if it's for "home defense". The 19 should suffice for both carry and home defense. i would invest in a long gun of some sort like a 12g shotgun. that should be your primary.
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    Do you need a G17? No!!! If you want it to go with your compact G19, it will be a fine addition indeed. Personally, I prefer the G19 over the G17, if you have the additional disposable income to purchase another gun, I recommend just buying another G19.

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    I have five Glock 19's and three Glock 17 safe queens. Never leave the house without a G19.....never carry the G17's. So, in answer to your question. Buy the G17. Because you can.
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    Iíve got several ďlongĒ barreled Glocks. G34, G17L, G24, a few 17s and a few 19s. I also have a 30 sf, a 26 and a 27.
    I find that at defensive distances( 30í and less), I shoot the baby Glocks as well as any of the others. For competition, out to 75í to 100í, the longer sight radius on the ďbigĒ guns are better. My gen 3 G19 is one of my most accurate pistols.
    I say stay with the 19. But then again, I didnít stay with only one Glock. Iím up to 15 now. Buy the 17 just because. Then, buy some more!
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    My first gun was a G17. I like it. Several guns down the road, I got a G19. I shoot that dawggone sucker even better than I shoot the 17. My bedside gun is usually the 17, in a bedside safe. It isnít in my carry collection, but the 19 is. And the 19 stays bedside sometimes too, on the nightstand, not in the safe. The flip side is that the 19 isnít as comfortable to carry, for me, as Iíd like. Iím looking forward to a manual safety p365. I rented a standard p365 at the range and loved it. I think that it will carry ver well, even with the 12rd mag. Until then, my 238 and 938 are seeing a lot of hip time.

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    Of course you do! Buy buy buy.
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