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Favorite single stack/sub compact

This is a discussion on Favorite single stack/sub compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Toss up between my P938 and my XDS 4" 45 ACP. The XDS is just shy of Commander size but is lighter and thinner so ...

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Thread: Favorite single stack/sub compact

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    Toss up between my P938 and my XDS 4" 45 ACP. The XDS is just shy of Commander size but is lighter and thinner so it is an easy carry yet medium size pistol that I can shoot well. I use an over power spring and the recoil is not bad with Underwood +P 185. Easiest way for me to carry 45.

    The 938 is just a very nice shooter in contrast to its little size.

    I do not need any other smaller pistols unless someone makes a polymer single stack 10mm with a 4-4.5" barrel. Basically I want my XDS chambered in 10mm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firearmjunky22 View Post
    Iím wondering what your favorite single stack or sub compact gun is at the moment. Glock 26/27/43, p365, shield, XD-S, etc what do you prefer and why?
    single stack
    Have a couple XDS-s. Had a Kel Tec PF9 for a while. Got tired of shooting it, couldn't see keeping it the rest of my life, and liquidated it.

    Have an LCP, never carry it, keep it for the once in a great while it might be the only thing small enough to work (which is, IMHO, its niche).

    If I had it to do again, I might very well get a Shield or G43.

    sub compact
    Have an XD40 subcompact. Sometimes carry it, but it's heavier loaded than a Glock 19 loaded.

    If I had it to do again, G26, G27, or who knows. Might even get another XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Sarge View Post
    Springfield XDe, much easier to rack, than my Shield, or XDM
    Brother, my wife had the same issue with her Shield 9. Nobody, and I mean not even a 900 pound gorilla, could rack that thing. She was ready to chunk it after the first range fiasco but I told her to hold on. I ordered a stainless steel spring and guide rod combination and the problem instantly disappeared.

    Her guide rod was two pieces that telescoped. When I started fooling with it, I quickly discovered that it jammed before it reached the shortest length. I think Smith has since changed guide rod designs, but it sure would be worth it to check yours.

    Forgot. My favorite single stack is my Shield .45. Right behind it is a Glock 36.
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    The only single stack I own is the XDS 9mm. My son got me interested in the XDS when he let me shoot his 45 cal at the range.
    what do you prefer and why?
    Before I purchased the XDS I did some comparisons to the Shield. I like both guns but I gave the nod to the XDS. Right now it's the only semi auto I own that is not a Glock or a Beretta. It's highly portable, concealable, shootable, and dependable. There's much to like about the XDS.
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    Glock 43 for me...in a Fist high ride OWB...I got used to carrying it everywhere !! Reload with a Taran Tactical +2 goes with it also.
    Glock 19 Gen4
    Glock 43
    CZ P10 S

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    When I do have to carry an auto it is my .380 Bodyguard. Otherwise I carry a j-frame.
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    Ruger LC9s

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    I have and really like my P938. The Walther PPS is my next purchase and based on my rental it might become my favorite.

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    Shield 9mm. Sweet shooter. Easy to conceal.

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    Springfield Armory XDS 9mm. Fits me well, reliable, easy to conceal no matter the circumstances.

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    I like my .45 Shield a lot. I also like the Walther PPS M2 a fair piece.
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    Too close to Saginaw Mi.
    Ruger EC9s and/or LCP.

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    Like my Shield .45 a whole bunch and recently bought a Walther PPS M2. Have not got many rounds through the PPS yet but I can tell I'm gonna like it a lot.

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    LC9S Pro
    Worth a look if it is not on your radar. My wife's carry gun and we both shoot it better than any other pistol we own.
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