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Which revolver?

This is a discussion on Which revolver? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My primary carry gun is a 642 but, the only reason its not a 442 is because they did not have a 442 no lock ...

View Poll Results: Which revolver would you choose for pocket carry

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  • S&W 442

    24 21.43%
  • S&W 642

    26 23.21%
  • Ruger LCR

    30 26.79%
  • Other

    32 28.57%
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Thread: Which revolver?

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    My primary carry gun is a 642 but, the only reason its not a 442 is because they did not have a 442 no lock in stock. If your somewhere where moisture is an issue the 642 may do a bit better but, I would prefer the black for pocket carry if I pocket carried much because its harder to spot in more shallow pockets.
    Having shot both the LCR and of course the 642 I much prefer the S&W stock from the box trigger. I would never dream of making it lighter. The LCR trigger has a false and mushy reset to me and I tend to short stroke it when going fast. A 12 pound trigger is not an issue if your a revolver shooter but, if your a semi guy with soft hands and weak fingers you will probably hate the S&W trigger.

    I like Ruger revolvers just not that plastic thing with the clothes grabbing grip and the weird trigger. The Smith is easier to pocket because its smaller. Over time the Smith trigger gets even better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bob View Post
    Trigger job....
    The trigger work, stone work, spring work on a j frame is really quite easy. Itís satisfying. Itís educational. You just about canít screw it up with a bit of care and research. No-lock models are plentiful. Holsters abound. Itís smaller, better, faster, more.

    Other than that, itís not compelling.
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    My companion all day working the gun show. Lifting boxes, moving, working. Convenient and there. Maybe not the most "tacticool" guy in the room, but always with me.

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    I have a S&W 442, 642, and 638. All pocket carry easily, all have good triggers which got better with shooting, all seem to wear about the same in a pocket holster. I tried out an LCR, and while it did have a lighter trigger it felt much larger in the pocket to me so I went back to the J-frames. I did put an Apex spring kit in my 442 which almost made the trigger a touch light for pocket carry IMO, but very smooth.
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    I voted "other".

    Find a DAO SP101. Not a lightweight by any means but, will soak up recoil from my stoutest reloads. And yes, I do pocket carry it on occasion.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Which revolver?-sp101.jpg  

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    I am currently Jframeless. But I have had two 642s and a 649. I could shoot mid power 357s comfortably, but the 642s were just too light for me. My son wanted the 649, so itís his now and the 642s are gone.

    The LCR are fine, but I prefer the short, percise stroke of a J frame. The next one will be an older steel, 50s or 60s vintage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I'm probably the only one who will suggest this, but banish the thought of lightweight revolvers, get a steel-framed snub and be happier. You're gonna have to live with this thing and it's much easier to regularly tote a steel-framed gun than it is to want to practice extensively with some flea-weight alloy-framed gun.
    I spent May of the past year through about December, carrying my steel Taurus 605. (On a whim. "I haven't carried this in a while.") The weight and the grips I have on it make it comfortable to shoot. If I remember right, it's 24oz loaded. I had no problem pocket carrying that. Probably wouldn't want to carry anything much heavier. And the trigger is actually nicer than that of my S&W 642. (<gasp!>)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    Hah Snub!

    And you would know.

    Snub44's the former owner of the very Model 649 that lives here.

    Nah, Packy's are ugly, sticky, smelly things that have have no place such a fine revolver as this one.

    I only ventured to try the Bodyguard style J-Frame when I acquired this one. Renewed my faith in J-Frames, it did. Proved to be a surprisingly useful addition to the menagerie here.
    Got to agree with you on the Packys, and I love the grip adapter! Both how they look and function. Iíve got a BK T-grip adapter on a M10 snub, and it feels great to me, and really contributes to control with whatever +P load I shoot.
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    I am going to suggest you look at a Kimber K6s before you make up your mind. It replaced my Smith 640 pro as my primary,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzQkr View Post
    One of the few guns I should have kept. Carried it in my back pocket as an always on me gun.
    An AW-OMG, they call it.
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    Iíve got 642 and an LCR. I had the action on the 642 tuned up a bit, and the LCRís action feels good to me from the get go. Iíve pocket carried both, and they are a pocket full, but itís doable with a good pocket holster. I shoot the LCR better, so I voted LCR. The LCR grip does sometimes want to grab a shirt tail. After thinking further on it, if I went back to a 5 shot revolver, I think I would get a steel J frame with wood panel grips and a T-grip adapter, thanks to seeing bmcgilvrayís post. That reminded me how much I like the grip adapters. And the weight wouldnít be any more than the Ruger LC9s Iím now carrying.
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    I pocket carry a 442 often, either strong side as primary or weak side as back up. This week I have carried one weak side as I was carrying my Shield .45 IWB strong side.

    I have two of the 442 no-lock models from the Performance Center cut for moon clips. I picked up additional moon clips from TK Custom that will fit my carry ammo cartridge case extractor grooves and also a moon clip loader/unloader from them. If you are going to use the supplied S&W moon clips be aware they will only fit some ammo extractor grooves and if you don't use a loader/unloader you will likely bend them the first time you use them. When I purchased my 442s they were supposed to have stainless cylinders and barrels. I have read conflicting info about this on the S&W forum. One of mine has been carried enough that the black/bluing on the cylinder is wearing thin, but no rust to date. My wife carries a 642 no lock that I did a trigger job on for her. I also have an older M36 that has a fantastic double action trigger pull. I don't pocket carry it as along with the exposed hammer I have added custom walnut combat grips that makes it harder to pocket carry. I have had a couple of hump back 638s, too, and thought they were fine, but passed them along to relatives. I prefer the S&W J Frames over the Ruger LCR, but know there are differences of opinion. I know several persons who have the Ruger LCRs who swear by them.

    I have a Kimber K6s that has a very good trigger pull, six shots, and is nice to shoot .357 from, but it is heavier. I'm not sold on .357 out of a 2" barrel anyway. It can be pocket carried, but I usually carried it OWB if at all. It really doesn't get much use. While I would like to have a Colt Cobra, too, I'm afraid it would be like the Kimber and I would find myself carrying the J frames for most of the time I need a small revolver. I guess I'm just set in my ways.

    @G26Raven you have a lot to pick from looking at the revolvers that can be pocket carried. For my money, a revolver that I want to pocket carry needs to either be hammerless, have it's hammer bobbed, or have a semi-hammerless design like the S&W humpbacks. I don't want anything snagging on the draw. I'm not going to be shooting it single action and if I need to make a more deliberate shot I can stage the double action pull of my S&W revolvers. I can argue both ways on steel frame versus lightweight alloy or polymer framed, but prefer the lightweight alloy. If you are planning on shooting .357 definitely get the steel frame. I also prefer blue or black over the stainless, but again this is a personal thing I have for something I am concealing as I don't think the blue or black is as visible, but it could be subject to faster corrosion if in humid climates if it wasn't stainless underneath the dark finish. For the same reason I usually use black holsters as I think they are less visible if exposed.

    Just opinions from the Old Man you're the one that gets to choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    So, down the road I plan to pick up another revolver, suitable for pocket carry. I know I need to go shoot some, but it will be awhile before I get a chance to do that. Just doing some cursory investigation, it looks like the two contenders would be either the Smith and Wesson 442 or 642, or the LCR. (And no Cornhusker95, it's not going to be a Korth, unless I win the lottery between now and then).

    Of course, the new Colt Cobra 38 Special +P also intrigues me, but I realize it's not a pocket gun. I got to handle one at SHOT and was impressed.

    I am interested in hearing from those of you who have shot both the Smith & Wessons and the LCR. Which do you guys prefer and why? I want a revolver that is not unpleasant to shoot and is reliable. Not sure if those are incompatible terms or not? What do you revolver guys think>
    I bought a 642. I would have been happy with any of the above, but bought the 642 when S&W had a good rebate going on. I would have prefered the black gun over silver but the black would have cost $75 bucks more! Suddenly I liked silver so much more! Other than price and color I would have been happy with either. If this one ever needs to be refinished I may have it done in black. But for now its just fine. DR
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    I have an LCR but I need a 642, one like this?

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    BMI- you have to spring for the $15 caulk gun with the auto pressure release. That DAP brand cartridge is a really light load to be spreading!

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