New EDC - Glock 26 or 19

New EDC - Glock 26 or 19

This is a discussion on New EDC - Glock 26 or 19 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new EDC gun. I currently carry a Kahr CM9 AIWB about 80% of the time and a Glock 17 ...

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Thread: New EDC - Glock 26 or 19

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    New EDC - Glock 26 or 19

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new EDC gun. I currently carry a Kahr CM9 AIWB about 80% of the time and a Glock 17 Gen 3 RTF2 at 3:00 the other 20% when I have a cover garment on. I've been carrying for about a year and a half but I've been shooting for about 20 years. I've found appendix carry to be the best for my body type (5' 9", 180 lbs, 34" waist).

    So I'm looking for opinions / advice as far as appendix carry goes for a carry option between the sizes of a G17 and a CM9. Is a G19 going to be enough smaller for an EDC than the 17 or should I go with the 26 which would be closer to the CM9? I know everybody will have a different opinion. Thanks in advance.
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    Personally I'd go with the G26 and you can slap in some G19 mags if you feel like a G19 kind of day.
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    G26 is a good little pretty versatile . 10 rd mags, 12 rd mags, 15 rd mags, 17 rd mags....whatever you feel the need ! G19 not really gonna save you much real estate over the G17. Shoot them both if you can..
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    You really can't go wrong with either one. I'd get the G19.
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    If I had to carry a Glock, and for reference I used to carry a G26 or a G19 but no longer do so, I would opt for the 19. But I suggest you check out something vastly more ergonomic that a 2x4 and look at the VP9 or VP9sk.
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    I have a G19 I carry AIWB from time to time in an inexpensive but brilliant Blackhawk ARC holster. I hate the Glock trigger, so it very rarely gets carried. My favorite thing about the G19 is the holster. I wish Blackhawk would expand the line to include more guns.

    I owned a G26 that was the least reliable gun I have ever owned, but that's not why I sold it after I fixed its gremlins.

    I sold it because it actually printed worse than the G19 when carried AIWB. I am mid-40s, 5'8", 175 lbs, 34" waist and have a bit of a beer gut. When I carry a short barrel gun, my gut pushes the grip out, and the barrel is too short to keep it flat. A longer barrel will press against your lower abdomen and stay flat instead of being pushed out by your belly. So a short barreled gun prints like crazy under my shirt, but a full size handgun like the 4" S&W M29 44 magnum I carry every day conceals much more easily than a G26. It's strange but true. I have recently carried my FN Hi Power, H&K USP full size, and most often my aforementioned S&W M29, but it would be hard for me to effectively conceal a G26 or a J frame if I carried it AIWB.

    BTW, my favorite 9mm carry gun by a long stretch is my FN Hi Power. It does everything a G19 does, but is slimmer and has an infinitely better trigger and ergos. My second fav is my Tristar C100, which is a well-made Turkish copy of the CZ-75 Compact. After some Cajun Gun Works springs, it has one of the best DA/SA triggers I have felt, though a real CZ is a few hairs better.

    I'll add that I just got a Beretta APX full size, which is a hair smaller than your G17, and while I haven't shot it I'm very impressed. It feels like a very high quality gun and the trigger is much better than most striker-fired guns. You might want to check out a Beretta APX or APX Compact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Militant View Post
    You really can't go wrong with either one. I'd get the G19.
    To paraphrase Brother Mil, You really can't go wrong with either one. I'd get the G1911.
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    I carried a 26 for a while with back up 17 round mags. If you gotta reload go for the gusto. The pistol fits and carries well, but I went back to my Kimber. I just shoot better with the 1911.
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    I prefer the 19 in my experience everyone who carrys a 26 ends up adding a pinky extension at that point might as well have the extra 5 rounds.
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    I carried a G19 AIWB for years. Then I went to the G26. Even with the pinky extension mags I can tell it conceals better than the G19.
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    people say sig 365 fits in cm9 holsters, havent tried it yet.

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    10 round limit = Glock 26
    No mag limit = Glock 19
    Carrying less than a 15 round mag in a Glock 19 = nauseating, sick, like gun control whipping boy.
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    A Glock 26 can do everything a Glock 19 can with a magazine change...but a Glock 19 can't do eveything a Glock 26 can! FWIW worth I shoot my G-26 better than my G-19
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    Why not look into a G43X or a G48....the slimness makes it more comfortable depending on the way you holster/carry it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    If I had to carry a Glock, and for reference I used to carry a G26 or a G19 but no longer do so, I would opt for the 19. But I suggest you check out something vastly more ergonomic that a 2x4 and look at the VP9 or VP9sk.
    What he said.

    I too have found my way out of the Austrian darkness and into the light, but the G19 sized gun allows for better overall control and manipulation than the shorter subcompact G26 does. I have seen people bring subcompacts to combat handgun courses, very few of them still carry subcompact handguns after completing it. Then again not everyone anticipates a firefight or sustained gun battle, some just expect a draw and fire situation. The old 6 rounds at 6' scenario. So you have to decide what you want to prepare and train for and then select your firearm accordingly. There are people out there that feel properly armed with a 2 shot Heizer Defense.
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