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Selling Glock 17 for Glock 19.

This is a discussion on Selling Glock 17 for Glock 19. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I was into Glocks, I owned two G20 SF 10mm, a G29 SF 10mm, two G21 SF .45 ACP, a G30 SF .45 ACP, ...

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Thread: Selling Glock 17 for Glock 19.

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    When I was into Glocks, I owned two G20 SF 10mm, a G29 SF 10mm, two G21 SF .45 ACP, a G30 SF .45 ACP, two G17 9mm, and a G26 9mm. The mid size Glocks never attracted me. I don't own any Glocks today.
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    I actually prefer a 17 to a 19, but the 19 is more carry friendly for lots of folks. Both, maybe?

    Get the best belt and holster that your budget allows. Always.
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    I would sell the G17 for a G19 in a heartbeat. I also would sell a G26 for a G19 in a heartbeat. The G19 is basically the perfect size for a CCW, and can do everything the G17 can do.

    Although instead of a new G19, I might get a police trade-in G23 if I was shopping right now, and they can be gotten for under $400, and I'm pretty damn impressed with Underwood's 135gr 40 S&W load. It's a screamer.

    BTW, Blackhawk's inexpensive ARC holster kick's butt for AIWB carry. Sadly they only make it for a few brands - Glock, Springfield, S&W - and no 1911s.
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    If I ever bought a Glock, it would be the G19 gen5.

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    I wouldn't get rid of the 17
    If you want a 19 or 26 just get one.
    The longer grip of the 17 is slightly harder to conceal, but loose fit plaid, print, or stripe helps break slight bulges.
    I carry Glocks AIWB about 12:30 the longer slide length of Glock 22 (17) gets past soft tissue whereas 23/19 and 26/27 dig in.
    The 22 is long enough to position the muzzle between my leg and irreplaceable parts.

    I've been carrying for about 25 years and I was real anal about not printing, avoided it like cancer.
    I still avoid printing, but with a loose plaid, stripe, or print shirt I don't worry about a slight bulge like I use to.
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    G26 carries well, I don't like shooting them. Just not enough of them to suit me. G19 is ok and I have a couple, but I also have a couple of full size that (17/34) have the grip cut down to the compact size for CC. Just a thought. Carry a 17 with RMR cut down to 19 length grip in AIWB holster with no issues of the grip printing like it does on a normal 17, but I carry gen 3s too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joel0019 View Post
    I think you should keep the 17 and just buy the 26 nobody wants to lose money but I don’t think you will have a issue concealing a 17 with a good belt and holster but instead of buying a whole new gun would you consider sending the frame in and getting it cut to a 19 ? Would be cheaper than a whole new gun and could get nice stipple done to it

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    Who does the grip chop and how much do they cost?

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    I would not sell or alter my 17. I would save my money and buy a 19. You would be surprised how many difference scenarios come up where having all three sizes of Glock comes in handy. I work contract security part time but I carry all the time at both of my jobs. During the winter I carry my 19 because I can comfortably wear a long flannel shirt under a jacket and conceal it well. During summer I carry a G26 in my pocket. When I'm working or out and about in inclement weather I carry my 17 for extra capacity. I also would say that for the average person who does not work a job that requires a weapon, having a full size handgun with a light mounted on it is essential for home defense especially at night. IT makes it a lot easier and more comfortable than either finding a comfortable holster that holds your weapon and your light or dismounting/mounting the light every time you go to bed and wake up in the morning. Just my opinion.
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    I have a Glock 19, bought around the turn of the century. I love the gun I shoot it very well. The only reason I am not carrying it right now is I don't like the holster I have. I carry a full size M&P 9, I think it is about the same size as the G17. Right holster and they hide just fine. I tend not to sale guns. I save money and buy additional guns. Then I save money and buy additional gun safes. Be patient and you will get the G19.

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    Hey who remembers when the answer to all questions was,
    Glock 19?
    Those are my principles, and if you don't like them.....well, I have others.

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    I have a 17, 19, and 26 in 9mm, and a 30sf in 45ACP. I shoot the 19 the best out of the bunch. If I had it to do over again, I wouldnít even bother with the 26. I have a Sig P365 that is by far a better EDC gun. With a standard mag, I couldnít shoot the 26 worth a hill of beans...a little better with a +2 extension, but still not even close to the 19. Granted, I do shoot the 19 better than I can shoot the 365, but I cannot conceal it nearly as well as the 365. That said, with the 365, I get double taps in the region they are supposed to go, and even rapid firing, I can empty a 12 round mag in just a few seconds and all on the target. Which brings me to the point: are you looking for a very easy to carry and use defensive gun? That would be the 365. The 19 can, of course, be carried. But it is bigger and bulkier, even though it does shoot a bit better. Finally, Iíd add my voice to others who have said to add the 19 (or Sig P365) but keep the 17. The 17 makes a very good home defense weapon even if it is harder to carry concealed. Iíve only sold 2 was my XDs 9mm, and another was a junk gun, canít remember the name even. The reason I sold the XDs was because I was leaving Kommiefornia and could sell it for $1200...which would buy me 2 P365s in my new state, plus 1000 rds of practice ammo and a box or two of hollow points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    When I was into Glocks, I owned two G20 SF 10mm, a G29 SF 10mm, two G21 SF .45 ACP, a G30 SF .45 ACP, two G17 9mm, and a G26 9mm. The mid size Glocks never attracted me. I don't own any Glocks today.
    I still own a Glock 20 and a Glock 19. The 19 is just gathering dust in my safe.

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    Just got rid of my 17 gen 4 and got 19 gen4. With my 9mm Shield, I feel I have adequate coverage for all weather conditions.
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    IMO, get the Glock 26 you will get ALOT more carry use out of it than either the G-17 or G-19. BTW you can still use the G-19 & G-17 mags in the G-26! I have been down that same road several times and keep coming back to the G-26. *Side note I shoot the G-26 better than the G-19! Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy50 View Post
    So im thinking of selling my glock 17 gen 4 for a glock 19. I know im gunna lose money, but im wondering if its worth it. I do eventually plan on buying a glock 26 so im wondering if the 19 would get carried as much. Would you sell a glock 17 to get a glock 19, knowing your gonna lose money on the sale? The main point im thinking of selling it is because I plan on ccwing the 19. My 17 seems sorta hard to conceal, but i dont have a good holster for it so that could be part of the problem.
    between a Glock 23 and a Glock 27, the Glock 23 sees a WHOLE lot more belt time.
    comfort and concealability are nearly the same (to me).
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