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Is the Semi-Automatic Firearm the Do-All and End-All DEFENSIVE handgun for you?

Thread: Is the Semi-Automatic Firearm the Do-All and End-All DEFENSIVE handgun for you?

  1. BBMW's Avatar

    BBMW said:

    Is the Semi-Automatic Firearm the Do-All and End-All DEFENSIVE handgun for you?

    I saw the thread "Is the Semi-Automatic Firearm the Do-All and End-All For You?" go by. I think that's trying to cover too much ground. I wanted to tighten down that discussion to only cover defensive handguns.

    So for the purposes of this poll/discussion, please base your response to purposes of defense against human attackers. If you have a need for self defense against large animals (thinking bears, wolves or other large predators), that would not be included in this discussion, nor would explicitly hunting handguns. There is of an overlap in the defensive use against more urban / suburban four legged potential attackers (aggressive domestic dogs, coyotes). In this case the primary purpose would be defense against humans, but having the capability of taking one of these animal if necessary could be considered.

    Do you see a reason to use any gun other than a semi-auto either as a carry gun or emplaced available defensive gun (think nightstand or other non-carried HD gun)? As a semi-auto would be considered can be anything from a Seecamp to a Desert Eagle, but it must be of a recoil/gas powered self loading design.

    So all that said...
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    Fla_dogman said:
    Pretty much yeah...

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    flh said:
    As I'm responding to this thread I have a S&W-10 sitting a few feet away ...

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    rlggray said:
    I'm still a revolver guy.
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    10thmtn said:
    My wife doesn’t do revolvers well, so yes.

    That said, revolvers have their advantages.
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    Bigsteve113 said:
    I love my semi autos, but there’s some ways and places I can carry a revolver that I can’t do with a semi.
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    SunTsu said:
    If I found myself in some weird scenario where i was fighting with a handgun at 75+ yards, maybe the handgun of choice would be my Dan Wesson 715. For all other scenarios I can dream up, I want a modern semi-auto.
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    OldChap said:
    For me, there isn't one answer. Guns are tools. Having the right tool for the job makes the difference between life and death. Which tool I use is irrelevant. Everyone must answer the question for themselves.
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    Havok said:
    Yes, in particular, select fire.
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    bmcgilvray said:
    I'm primarily a revolver guy. Because I'm a firearms hobbyist I confess to playing the field for defensive carry, just for fun and I enjoy indulging the 1911-gun quite often. Why earlier this year I toted the CZ 75BD on some occasions! That's really branching out for me.

    I do take revolvers seriously though and am confident with them for use in personal defense scenarios I may encounter.
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    LimaCharlie said:
    I have more revolvers than semi-auto pistols. I have been known to carry either or both.
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    DG said:
    With a revolver, if it fails the first time...I can pull the trigger again. See if it works now. Semi-autos involve racking the slide, clearing the jam, what ever. With a revolver you just keep pulling the trigger until it works.
  13. jmf552's Avatar

    jmf552 said:
    I am on the other end of the spectrum. I don't see a need for anything other than a revolver for defensive purposes and the studies of civilian DGUs pretty much back that up. The only exception is I might see the need for revolvers (plural) for defensive purposes. I still own a couple of autos and sometimes carry them, but I don't need to. If I could only have one handgun for defensive purposes, it would be a snubby .38. It is not the most effective defensive handgun, but it is the handiest.
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    Cornhusker95 said:
    Not for me...I can and do use a Semi or Revolver
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    Rob99VMI04 said:
    "If your in a gun fight there is no such thing as enough gun and enough ammo, and your gun fight will only last as long as your ammo"-Clint Smith
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    I know statistically a fight will be low round count one maybe 2 attackers, and the roaches scatter when the first load noise goes off, however, there seems to be an increase in violent home invasions involving multiple parties, In that case a 9mm with a lot of BB's is my preferred bullet launcher.