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15 round oem Sig magazine coming for p365- confirmed

This is a discussion on 15 round oem Sig magazine coming for p365- confirmed within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Linejudgemick My P365 has a reversible magazine release and I doubt with its size an ambi-slide lock is reasonable. I don't feel ...

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Thread: 15 round oem Sig magazine coming for p365- confirmed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linejudgemick View Post
    My P365 has a reversible magazine release and I doubt with its size an ambi-slide lock is reasonable. I don't feel it's necessary anyway and I don't need a magazine larger than 12 rounds either. The 12-round magazine gives me a full grip already and if I want to shoot 15+ rounds - I'll use one of my full-size pistols. This pistol is the same size, or even smaller than my other single-stack pistols and I'm happy with it so far. I do understand not everyone has been as fortunate as I have though.
    I'd settle for a slide lock strictly for lefties, but highly doubt that would ever happen. The 15rd would be nice, but the 12rd would be perfectly fine.

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    My wife bought two new P365's, both made in 2019.

    One ran fine, the other was a completely unreliable turd.

    Twice back to SIG and it was still unreliable. She sold them both.

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    I'm still waiting for the manual safety version myself.
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    Yeah, Iím just too invested in Glock to justify anything else, unless it really offered me something that I didnít feel I already had or needed greatly.

    Iíll probably a g26íer and 1911ír for life.
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    Whatever happened to if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Sure are a lot of Debbie Downers on this thread, likely from those who've never owned one.

    I'm just shy of a thousand rounds on my P365 with a Nov 2018 build date. Thus far I've experienced zero mechanical failures of any sort. And while two online gun stores say the 15 rounders are coming, I find it interesting there hasn't been a peep out of Sig on a 15 round mag. Personally, I have no use for one. I am perfectly happy with the 12 round mags, and going larger seems to defeat the purpose of the P365.
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    Mine works fine and 12 is enough. If I want more I have other options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BackpackHunter View Post
    If they ever get ambi controls I'll pick one up.

    Esse quam videri
    The mag release can be reversed for lefties. It is easy to do and helps knock a small amount of time from my reloads.
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    To me itís making an already versatile weapon more versatile. State just got them as back-ups and a lot of the local guys have picked them up. One of the folks has had his about a year and shoots weekly with no issues would I trust one out of the box without testing it no but neither would I anything else. The ability to have a 15rd mag means itís now a gun the size of a G43 that can have G19 capacity as a spare magazine. I donít own one myself as I prefer to carry a compact (4Ē) type myself. Thus I carry a G19/G23 or a P229. For those that have the P365 congrats you can now have more ammo on tap if needed.

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    My March 2018 built 365 has been fine with just over 1000 rounds now. I'll be first in line to get the 15 round magazine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coltfan1 View Post
    My March 2018 built 365 has been fine with just over 1000 rounds now. I'll be first in line to get the 15 round magazine.
    Sounds like a good backup mag if one is concerned with pistol size. I am on the notification list. Right behind you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joel0019 View Post
    Iím just curious Out of the Glock 43 and sig 365 which do your prefer

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    I love the 43, carried it off and on for about 2 years. I shoot them about the same, both have been equally reliable, and they conceal the same for me. The deciding factor is capacity and 4/5 more rounds is significant to me. The Glock now rests in the safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FiteStopr View Post
    I'm a Glock guy myself, never was a fan of Sig as a brand. Have two 365s manufactured a year apart with over 4000 combined total rounds through them and still not ONE malfunction with I'm guessing about 8-10 different flavors of ammo. Makes me laugh when turds on the internet regurgitate information just to keep the hate rolling but some people just love drama I suppose. I own or have owned Shields, LC9, Kahrs, 43s, XDS, etc and just picked up recently the new MC1 from Mossberg. The Sig is as good or better then most even before you consider capacity, and blows them away once you figure in the extra 4 or more rounds on average. And once again I'm not a Sig fan, I don't even want to like it, they are just that good.
    Like you I've never been a Sig fan. I've owned a German made P228, and U.S. made P229, P220 and P320 and kept none of them. They all ran perfectly including the much maligned 320 which was perfect in 1900+ rounds down range. But for some reason I just never loved any of them.

    The P365 is different. I read all about it but never saw one in person until before Christmas. I handled the first one I saw, went home and my wife talked me into going back to buy it so I did. And I absolutely love this little gun. It's been perfect in function, the night sights are great, the trigger is excellent and the capacity/size is amazing. It has over a thousand rounds without one bobble and would have more if I hadn't been very busy this spring. I've let two shooting buddies shoot it and they both loved it as well.

    I'm a super fan of the Glock 43 and have two of them with Truglo sights and Talon rubber grips. No grips at all except for the occasional brass-to-face, which appears to be a built in feature of many newer generation Glocks. I know as I also have two Gen4 Glock 19s that were absolutely, totally, completely BTF machines until I found an Apex fix for them. Never had any problems with all the many previous Glocks I've owned over the past 20+ years. Just the newer ones.

    I shoot the P365 slightly better than my G43s both in slow fire and in rapid fire. Slightly. It's an excellent carry gun and the initial problems with some of them seem to be ironed out. Many people have called it a game changer and after owning and shooting one I can't disagree.

    I have never understood the Haters, who hate on this brand or that brand of gun. Are they all saddled with a 12-year old emotional mentality? I've been buying and shooting handguns for over five decades. Handguns of all brands and types and never found reason to hate on any of them, even the Colt 1911s that I bought in the late 70s and early 89s that would not reliably run with any type ammunition. I just stopped buying them. But some people seem to get their jollies off by Hating on this brand or that brand, especially on the internet. I don't hear this much at all when talking with shooters at the range, in gun shops or in person anywhere else. Guess something about the anonymity of the internet which brings out the hate some people hide deep within themselves when discussing guns with others in person.

    Back to the P365. I have no use for the rumored 15-round magazine. I have a couple of 12-rounders but mostly use the 10-rounder magazines. I didn't pay retail for any of the extra 365 magazines I've bought and no one else should either. I much prefer the P365 type metal magazines, which generally cost more than plastic ones. If Glock designed their handguns for metal magazines instead of plastic ones maybe they could make their grips a bit less 2x4 blocky feeling. For those who whine about the cost of metal magazines for the 365, or VP9 or any other fine handgun....just don't buy the guns that use them. Problem and whine solved.

    I've bought a lot of polymer framed striker fired handguns of various brands, calibers and models over the last decade. I kept some that I really like and sold many others. This little Sig P365 is a keeper and will certainly have a twin join it this summer. Like my G43s, I take this little Sig to the range every time, regardless of what other handguns or rifles I take to shoot. I just love shooting both the 365 and G43, even if just a few magazines full at a time.

    The Sig P365 is simply a great little handgun. At this time I don't think there is any smaller gun out there to beat it for concealed carry, not even my beloved Glock 43s. Personal opinion.
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    I don't own a P365 but, I have 10,13 and 15 round magazines for my HKP30sk. The 10 and 13 get carried depending on cover garment. The 15 goes in the gun at home or the hotel room/RV when on the road so, I understand the added versatility. Good for SIG to offer one up as I prefer factory mags to aftermarket extensions.
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    Thanks to the OP. I see no reason to carry the P365 with a 15 round magazine (it somewhat defeats the purpose of this small gun), but there is nothing wrong with a back-up mag with greater capacity. I'll probably end up with one. I know there are folks that tend to be negative about SIGs in general, but I own several and never had an issue with any of them--including my P365 that is 10 months old and has 2500 rounds through it. According to some, just lucky .
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    They did that already.

    When the P365 first came out, I said wait 6 months to a year before buying one, for them to work out the bugs. They're were bugs out of the gate, it's a year later. From all reports, they've now been fixed.

    Quote Originally Posted by WebleyHunter View Post
    When are they coming out with a P365 model featuring improved durability and reliability?

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