Adding pocket carry with a baby on the way?

Adding pocket carry with a baby on the way?

This is a discussion on Adding pocket carry with a baby on the way? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all, I am wondering if I should add a pocket carry option with a baby due in July. This may seem random, but I ...

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Thread: Adding pocket carry with a baby on the way?

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    Adding pocket carry with a baby on the way?

    Hello all, I am wondering if I should add a pocket carry option with a baby due in July. This may seem random, but I have been thinking - I will be bending over and picking up baby, lifting him over my head, crawling with him, etc. All motions that could expose my IWB Shield. I am fairly confident in carrying the Shield, but I think with all these new movements that will be part of my life, pocket carry might be something I should look at. What do you all think??
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    I don't see how it could hurt, but can't say I have had problems with carrying on my waist.

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    One other way of looking at it is, if your baby is with you, everyone whose path you cross will be looking at your beautiful child, not you.

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    With babies it likely doesn't matter. When they get a little older, I found that with my grandchildren that pocket carry keeps the firearm away from their natural curiosity and the reaching and grabbing for everything they see.

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    Pistol in your pocket when sitting you will be point the gun at what’s in front of you. IWB not an issue. If you are gonna play with the baby out the gun in a safe location first.

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    I've been IWB carrying around my grandson since he was born with absolutely no issues.
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    The only issue I have had with pocket carry and kids is This one Nephew used to run into adults legs with the top of his head. The one time he did it to me people on the other side of a large room heard his head thump! For some reason he found other people to head butt after that! I did not feel very sorry for him! DR

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    Ain't a thing wrong with pocket carry, I do it most every day, but I usually have another gun iwb to. As easily as a j frame or similar slips into the pocket, I see no reason why not to, unless of course you carry a bunch of different stuff in your pockets.

    As long as you have a good pocket holster,(I personally prefer kydex) I say go for it.
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    It will be fine to carry either way...I have never seen a problem with IWB while caring for a baby or any child.
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    The issue really isn't about pocket carry. It's about having a hand free to draw a weapon if needed. When babies are small with all their gear (diaper bags, bottles, strollers, carriers) it takes two hands to deal with them. Congratulations on the baby by the way! Hope all goes well with the birth!
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    I think you owe it to yourself, if nothing else, to experiment with pocket carry and see if it fills the need that you have.
    Obviously it is a real concern for you, so I think you should give it a try.

    I pocket carry quite a bit, and have almost exclusively for over two years now. My advice is to choose a real purpose designed piece for pocket carry, such as an Ruger LCP or a S&W BG, but there are others in that size/weight range that you could choose from.
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    So you are basically worried about printing etc? If you are already comfortable with iwb dont change it! Belt carry has advantages to pocket carry and now you have a family to protect. Rather than changing the gun, just get comfortable with the movements. It is not hard to keep an iwb from being seen, if owb i could understand ... just my .02

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    Great Grandkids crawl all over me so I leave the gun in the the car when I go in to see them. The LCP doesn't have an external safety and the last thing that I would ever want to happen would be to have a tiny toe get caught on the trigger. I am pretty good at making things disappear when they pick my shirt pockets. I stick things in the back of my shirt collar that they grab and then I show them the amazing empty hand trick. Of course I can leave them with Mom and Dad when I am finished playing with them so that makes life a lot easier for me. I could brag all day about the triplet girls and their little brother.

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    IME what may need to be added with arrival of newborn is caffeine, aspirin, and patience.
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    I would pocket and waist carry no matter what. Just make sure they are in secure holsters protecting the trigger and they can’t fall out.
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