Carry rotation, again...

Carry rotation, again...

This is a discussion on Carry rotation, again... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We have had numerous posts on this forum about "carry rotation." We've heard all sorts of opinions as to why, or when, people do this. ...

View Poll Results: Do you have a carry "rotation"?

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  • I always carry exactly the same pistol year round.

    32 22.07%
  • I switch pistols according to season, environment, activity, etc.

    58 40.00%
  • I switch pistols that I am carrying whenever the mood strikes me to do so.

    44 30.34%
  • Other?

    11 7.59%
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Thread: Carry rotation, again...

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    Carry rotation, again...

    We have had numerous posts on this forum about "carry rotation." We've heard all sorts of opinions as to why, or when, people do this. I am curious as to how common this practice is, and hence the poll above.

    Personally, I carry the same pistol 90% of the time, i.e., a Sig P229. I rarely switch and only do so under one or two conditions. First, if my dress is more formal and I cannot wear an untucked shirt, I will pocket carry my Sig P938. Secondly, if I am hunting and think the conditions might be muddy or wet, I will carry my Glock 19. I don't change pistols just because today I woke up and wanted to carry something different. I'm not saying there is any right or wrong as to anyone's personal carry decision.

    How about you? If you change pistols from time to time, what is your rationale?
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    It depends on where I'm going. Most of the time, it's a Shield .45.
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    At home, it is always a pocket carried Kahr P380. When I go out, it depends on where I'm going. But typically I'm carrying a Sig P365 IWB. But I never vary between these two guns. I couldn't care less what the season is. My mood doesn't change with the season or on a whim. I voted "other", but now I've talked myself through it, I probably should have voted as switching by activity.
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    Was as Sig 229 or 220 variant, but my 45 Shield is getting most of the carry time now.
    But it mostly comes down to what ever I feel like at the moment.
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    I do not rotate.
    Train and carry the same weapon.
    That way if I need to, my muscle memory will kick in and give me an edge.
    Just think it is counter productive to keep switching out weapons all he time
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    My rotation Two at a time. Usually the 442s or 37 and 442.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Carry rotation, again...-f8539836-cc78-4e69-929e-7010e288737a.jpeg  

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    I carry my G30 pretty much always. It’s very rare that I can’t carry it, and only then will I carry a different gun.
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    I chose option 3; I switch whenever the mood strikes me.

    Oh, and my rationale is I just like certain guns. I’m way more of a gun guy for the enjoyment of owning and shooting than I am doing so for the idea of self defense.
    But if that remote occurs, I have a gun.
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    One of three .45ACP 1911 models depending on temperature and clothing; Government, Commander, or LW CCO.
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    Similar to many fine folks hereabouts, I have a primary piece and a secondary when I don't want the bulk and weight of the primary.
    Usually, I've got my trusty Ruger SR40C, and when I need smaller or to pocket carry, then it's my Sig P365.

    I pocket carried for several weeks recently, my grand kiddos visited and they are huggers. Easier (and more secure) to have a bulky pocket than a curious young person wondering about the gun-like object at my waist.

    As an aside, the grandkiddos were a big reason for me to trade in my P365 for a P365 w a manual safety. (There is no chance of them handling the firearm however I am that good of a worrier.)

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    My carrying options change with temperature, clothing and destination.
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    Depends totally on where I'm going. Comfort and short trips around my town (actually a village, pop. 1200), slip my LCPII in the front pocket.
    Going to the nearest bigger town or further away, my Shield 9.
    If I think I'm heading to a really sketchy area, both OR Beretta M9A3 and the LCPII.
    Backcountry -- .357 magnum S&W carried OWB, .380 in pocket, 9mm in fishing vest.
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    I have a bunch of revolvers that I like equally and see no reason why not to carry each of them from time to time. Every gun I buy is bought as a carry gun, and each one of them will get carried several times a year, albeit some a whole lot more than others.

    I like to go fishing, and have several 6'6" medium heavy action bait casting rod and reel combinations, but I don't only fish with just one while the others sit around and collect dust. I paid a pretty penny for each of them, so I want to enjoy using them , just like my carry guns.

    My carry gun (whichever one I happen to be carrying at the time) gets shot at least once a week at the range, which chances are good that's the only time they'll ever get shot.
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    What I carry on any given day is usually dictated by how I and others are dressed. Season, weather and activity will be factors on what dress will be worn. While most people are oblivious to their surroundings, including those in the surroundings, mode of dress can cause people's attention to be drawn to you. This will then mean there is a greater chance of them spotting that you are carrying. I don't think most people would be running to the store in a snow storm dressed in shorts and a t-shirt anymore than they would run to the store dressed in jeans, hiking boots, flannel long-sleeved shirt and heavy jacket in July in the Mississippi delta. However, reversing the dress for the scenarios and the person wearing that clothing wouldn't stand out in the least. At that point, I think a reasonable person could make a pretty good decision on what size firearm they could carry and still expect it to remain concealed until needed. For me and my location, the summer months are very hot, so the mode of dress is usually light clothing like the shorts and t-shirt. Even though I get my t-shirts usually two sizes larger than needed, and in a dark color, I'm not probably going to try to hide a full-size firearm like a 1911 in that kind of dress. Instead, I'll pocket carry a snubnose .38 or strap on something like a P365. In the winter, while wearing a heavy jacket I don't expect to take off, the carry will probably be a larger firearm with a corresponding larger hole in the end. In the end, it's what you feel most comfortable carrying for your situation.
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    I carry the same thing. Been these, every day I leave the house. Only change was switching to the Redhawk, from my Security Six, this past year. If I change, "I'll let you know"! Weather, time of year, pretty much any other reason don't go into my decisions as to what I carry.

    Carry rotation, again...-100_0759.jpg
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