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S&W revolvers - anyone compared the 642 to the Bodyguard 38?

This is a discussion on S&W revolvers - anyone compared the 642 to the Bodyguard 38? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Probably out of line here, but I'll ask anyway, have you asked your wife what she thinks?...

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Thread: S&W revolvers - anyone compared the 642 to the Bodyguard 38?

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    Probably out of line here, but I'll ask anyway, have you asked your wife what she thinks?
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    I'm a revolver guy and I would never buy one of the "new" Bodyguards.

    Maybe consider a 3" LCR ? Lightweight, nice trigger, easier to shoot than a 2" snubby, more velocity, what's not to like?
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    As others have mentioned, the S&W 4" k-frames are just about ideal for her purpose.

    Easy to shoot accurately, simplest possible manual of arms, dead reliable.

    Stoked with potent +P ammo, the 4" barrel gives it plenty of punch.
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    S&W revolvers - anyone compared the 642 to the Bodyguard 38?

    I own and carry a 642 and a Bodyguard 38 with the Crimson Trace Laser.

    I also have two Model 10 snub nose revolvers, two pre-lock Model 10 revolvers: one 5” and one 4” barrel, and two model 19 snub nose revolvers.

    I only carry the J frames despite my hope/ideas of carrying a K frame snub nose.

    The BG 38 is serviceable. Yes it’s Not as solid feeling as my 642, but the trigger is lighter and it is just as reliable. The laser is handy and is closer to the bore vs the standard grip laser that most use. It is accurate enough. It is light which makes it easy to carry. The stock grips are small and do not interfere with speedloaders like uthe ones on the 642 do.

    The main caveat for the BG38 is that when one is closing the cylinder, one must index the cylinder to make sure the rotating mechanism at the blast shield is engaged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1gunsnowbird View Post
    Thanks DG, but I've been down that road and NO WAY will I ask my wife to pull the trigger on such a load with such a gun. I'll check into the Model 10 some more. It sounds promising and I like the concept quite a bit.
    FWIW, I did a 2-day revolver training course about 3 years ago and a 4" M64 (same as M10 but in stainless) was the tool I used. One of the trainees was a diminutive, senior citizen lady who used a Ruger SP101. That's a lot closer in grip size and weight to a M10 than a J-frame, and she was not complaining after 2 days and 500 rounds. Give the larger gun some serious consideration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    I handled the new "plastic" S&W Bodyguard at a recent gun show. Awful, awful trigger and about the only things in common with the classic steel Bodyguard (like the 638) are caliber and capacity. I have zero interest in that gun.

    I heartily second the notion of a 2-inch Model 10 or its stainless brother, the M64. I have one of each and the slightly larger grip frame really makes shooting the gun easier (and more relaxing) to shoot than the J-frames in defensive calibers.
    I agree with this! I also have Model 10 and 64 snubs, as well as a couple of 4” K frames. Recoil with +P ammo in the M10 or 64 is easily managed, quite easy to shoot. A 2” K frame will never be a target gun, but they can be surprisingly accurate at 7 to 10 yards.
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    DG - Good question, and one that I've asked. She could care less; I think she sees a gun as more of a talisman than a tool. When I try to approach the subject, she just sort of rolls her eyes and calls me names like 'obsessive.' Hard to argue with that, after the amount of buying and selling I've done the last 10 years or so. Status quo may be where we arrive and I'll quit worrying about it. However, I would like to get her to at least dry fire the LCP once in a while so she'll get used to getting her left hand (support hand) under the right hand. I know it's not the perfect grip, but I doubt I could get her to use a grip like mine.

    FWIW, I got into IDPA matches about 15 years ago and probably shoot one match a month during the winter in AZ. Occasionally I'll throw in a BUG match, which gives me a chance to compare the LCP to one of my Glocks (26.5 or 43). I find the LCP to be nothing short of amazing and will often score about as well with the Ruger as I do one of the Glocks, just a few points different, so I have great confidence in the LCP as a pocket pistol and occasional sidearm for walks around the neighborhood … one of those planned communities that is being built around my house as I type. Threat assessment: just about zero. Good police presence.

    If there was crime going down near my house I'd hear about it. Could be a bad day for the perp on my block with the number of retired LEOs and military as neighbors. I know pretty much all my neighbors and even what some of them carry or have at hand. Pretty secure feeling. Which is why I don't spend a LOT of time worried about my wife's choice (or lack of one) for a handgun.

    Your ideas are very helpful. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1gunsnowbird View Post
    I've been thinking about my wife's home defense and occasional carry gun, currently an LCPII that I lent to her. She rarely shoots the gun, so I'm somewhat concerned about her grip interfering with the slide … consequently her hand gets sliced or (worst case), the gun jams due to the impediment of her hand.

    Which leads me to revolvers. At one point a few years back we both had S&W 642s, but I got bored and I liked the idea of easier reloads and picked up a couple of LCPIIs. Now, as little as she hits the range, I'm thinking five rounds of .38 Special trumps 7-8 rounds of .380, especially if it jams.

    Having owned a 642 (and a 442 at one time), I have some confidence in that gun and that manufacturer. I visited the S&W website and saw a new-to-me 5-shot revolver, the Bodyguard 38. It's about $50 less than the 642 and I'm wondering why it's that much cheaper and if it's been out long enough to have a reputation established. Any experiences with either gun would be appreciated.
    My wife started out with the bodyguard...Hated the laser( It was the laser model)...To hard to activate...Hated the tiny rock hard grip and recoil.
    She has a Ruger LCR that she loves now...Much bigger softer and better grip and trigger for her

    Let her decide ...Don't make the same mistake i did.
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    My wife and two girls all carry all shot a tuned up 21oz snubby for a first small carry sized pistol . One daughter did carry a 12oz charter UL 38sp for 4 or 5 years but preferred a skinnier handguns for carry and picked a cw9 kahr I had in the safe as her EDC . Any lady that has no issues with the recoil of 124gr +P underwood ammo or racking that smaller kahr is a tough enough !!.. MY wife and other daughter started with a bersa 380 CC for carry but the younger girl prefers a TCP 380 as her edc and my wife moved up to a m&p9c for some years but now carrys a Kimber ultra 9mm . My input with all 3 ladys was to let them shoot what I had or could borrow and let them pick what they wanted to start with for carry an all have changed some with time . Just figure that any lady that has to deal with US on a daily bases can manage to pick a handgun for carry if you only help with grip or trigger control or for 1911's changing grip panels and trigger reach to find her first handgun for carry .
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