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This is a discussion on LCP range time within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Armybrat Thread needs a picture. Attachment 302018 Yours looks a lot better tan mine & I got a few hundred rounds through ...

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Thread: LCP range time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armybrat View Post
    Thread needs a picture.

    Attachment 302018
    Yours looks a lot better tan mine & I got a few hundred rounds through mine ; ) PS Mine is about 3 years old
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    Heh - the one in the above picture is brand new & unfired. In fact not even cleaned yet out of the box.
    The one in the picture below is the first LCP I bought 11 years ago and have carried 90% of the time ever since:

    LCP range time-05c9cf05-5703-4853-a8f1-abfa7788438d.jpeg
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    Very nice shootin' OP. I typically carry an LCPII in my right front pocket, either in the soft holster provided with the gun or a Vedder Pocket Locker. Both holster work fine.

    I don't shoot it much one handed, but that will change after seeing your results. I can't compare directly, however, because I shoot at 8" paper plates at the outdoor range (actually a gravel pit on state land with a sign asking shooters to be careful and pick up their brass - hah!).

    What I HAVE done with my LCPII is compete in local BUG matches where one head shot counts for 7 points and each COM hit counts for 4 points. The most points you can get per target is seven, so I've been concentrating on head shots from 3 yards out to 15 or so. Amazingly, I've placed in the top 25% of all shooters, many of them shooting full size guns in the '5 and out' division, meaning they have to change mags after five shots. It takes two COM hits to max out the score, and often requiring one mag change or more.

    Lately I've been thinking about the concept of 'one shot, one kill' with any of my guns all are BUG guns, essentially, from a Sig P365 to a Glock 26 or the LCP. However, the LCP lands in the 'hideaway division' where I often shoot against myself, and often just a few points from my Glocks. Definitely a confidence builder.
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