Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model

Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model

This is a discussion on Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not really a conclusive test by any means. I just wanted to get your attention because I need the sharp eyes of the membership, lol. ...

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Thread: Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model

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    Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model

    Not really a conclusive test by any means.

    I just wanted to get your attention because I need the sharp eyes of the membership, lol.

    I put together my old tried and true field load, which is a 225 lead TC over enough Unique to keepíem buzzing down range at 820-850 fps, depending on barrel length.

    I fired the LW Commander and the new Springer with 4 rounds each from a distance of 25 yards off hand. The goal was to check for proper feeding and also accuracy.

    First the LW Commander;
    Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model-1305496c-d76a-481e-9df9-ede9bb590fdf.jpeg
    I can certainly live with that, especially from a LW with shorter sight radius.

    Now the new Springer;
    Colt LW Commander vs Springfield Defender Gov Model-d7d56b87-a006-4d84-9992-4f7a507a0674.jpeg

    Now, hereís where I need help. I fired 4 shots. Does the hole on the left look like it may have two bullets thru it?
    I mean, I certainly could have missed, but itís hard to imagine a miss the way I was shooting today, but itís possible.

    Either way, if I missed, it was certainly my fault and not my loads or the gun.

    What does the membership think?
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    It does look slightly oval so I would say two bullets went through it.
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    Looks like two in one hole to me.

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    2 rounds through the left hole.

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    Proof you donít need a thousand dollar 1911 to get an accurate gun. If I werenít a lefty (need ambi safety) Iíd be all over that Springer. Have seen them for $450.
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    I'd go with others in that it looks like 2 rounds thru the far left hole. But hey, load the Springer again and let her rip!
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    Shooting through the same hole time and time again only causes the kind of uncertainty and stress that you are experiencing now. I try to avoid this problem by scattering my shots across the target.
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    Yup, that's a double! That kind of shooting off hand at 25 yards sure makes me envious. I don't think I could have done that several many years ago when my eyes were a lot better and my hands a lot more steady!
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    Iím with them folks...hole looks slightly ovaled.

    Not too shabby.
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    Alvin York? Is that you????
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    Did you seriously just ask this bunch of enabling children of unmarried parents that question?

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    Double...and the Saturday Night Special shoots with the prancing horse.
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