Need a under 400 tackle box gun?

Need a under 400 tackle box gun?

This is a discussion on Need a under 400 tackle box gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 350$ plus ship I would want to double check if pre lock ..But a decent price for non import 38 gun that should hold ...

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Thread: Need a under 400 tackle box gun?

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    Need a under 400 tackle box gun?

    350$ plus ship

    I would want to double check if pre lock ..But a decent price for non import 38 gun that should hold up well to wear
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    Need a under 400 tackle box gun?-image.jpeg

    I really like a 4 inch barrel 357mag as a knock around gun ( checking fence line bumping around the barn and such) ... But the weight was the only draw back .. I found this older Charter Bulldog Target 1977ish ... Light ,..21oz light ...a bit lively with 357mag ... But easy to carry ... and with rat shot ... Its heck on snakes and one mole that I wacked

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    That is an excellent choice, you can’t go wrong with a classic S&W revolver and a Model 64 predates the lock by many years.
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    Try to find good used not abused S&W in the following models; 64, 65, 66, or 67. The 64 and 67 are .38 Special, the 65, and 66 are 357 Magnum but will safely fire .38 Special. A barrel length of 2.5 inch - 4 inch should be about right. A 3 inch barrel is nearly perfect for a tackle box gun.
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    Tackle box??? Heck little bit of polish and elbow grease and that's an EDC.
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    That revolver on that link you posted would be a great gun for that purpose...and I think the price is very fair, also.
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    Oh heck yes. Buy one. My tackle box gun is a Taurus 605 stainless. Love it for what it is.Need a under 400 tackle box gun?-taurus.jpg
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    Apparently typical contents of a "tackle box" are not entirely what I assumed.
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    To me a 38 with shot load first 2 in FL for snakes

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    My "tackle box" and "truck" gun -- a mid 1990's Interarms Rossi.

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