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Do you EDC with a weapon light?

This is a discussion on Do you EDC with a weapon light? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The only thing I run is my mouth. I sleep in the day so I don't keep a light on my nightstand but I carry ...

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Thread: Do you EDC with a weapon light?

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    The only thing I run is my mouth.

    I sleep in the day so I don't keep a light on my nightstand but I carry a light in my pocket and another on my belt at work every night.

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    I keep a flashlight on the nightstand and one in the truck. I’ve thought about trying a WML on my home offense gun to see if I like it, but probably never will for EDC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrabbyOldGuy View Post
    I do not. That said, my bedside weapon does have a light. And, I do keep lights in accessible places throughout my home and vehicles.
    Great minds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wavygravy View Post
    Nope, not for carry. Flashlight (compact and bright) next to the gun on the nightstand.
    Same here. Flashlight is a Fenix PD35, up to 1000 lumens. I don’t carry the Fenix unless I think the situation calls for it.
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    I took an Advanced Low Light shooting class once that was one of the best classes I ever took. At one point, we were shooting in total darkness. Think that scene at the end of "Silence of the Lambs." The RSO had to be wearing NVGs. Some take aways I had, that are just MHO.
    • A good hand held flashlight is a must for low light shooting. It gives you lighting options held different ways.
    • A WML is useful, but no substitute for a hand held.
    • I like the technique of flashing the light on briefly, then off, moving immediately while it's off and then repeat as necessary.
    • A flashlight can be too bright. In total darkness, the reflected light can be disorienting and ruin your night vision. I'm sure the level is different for everyone and in different situations.
    • Lasers were not nearly as useful as I thought they would be.
    • Night sights were a must for me in the class.
    • Learning point shooting is really useful for low light.
    • In very low light indoors, gunsmoke creates a "fog" in front of your flashlight. It can make a laser look like a Star Wars lightsabre. That was totally unexpected for me. I recommend that people find a way to experience that in a course. It can be worked around if you are ready for it.
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    Do you EDC with a weapon light?
    Does a CT laser count?
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    I do not have a light on my pistoL, but I do have a flashlight fo illumination and added defensive capability. My light is small an fits nicely in one hand. It has a crown with edge cut out into sections to be used as a weapon. Slam someone in the head with that edge and at the very least they will be very distracted. It has a strobe effect on a second push of the off/on button. In darkness that is blinding.

    As a CAR devotee I hold my pistol high and close overlapping my weapon arm over the reaction arm at the wrist. This allows me to strike a blow with the flashlight if needed in CQD (close quarter defense). That ability coupled with the weaponized crown on the light add a dimension to my capability that a mounted light does not.

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    There is a Streamlight on my belt if I am awake and at night I have the 4 D cell mag light. I like the 4 D cell mag light as it makes a decent night stick as well. I don't even own any guns that could take a WML as I hate rails on guns.

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    Well, so far Cypher has the best comment.

    Some good information in general. I carry both. A WML is NOT a utility light. I like continuity in my platforms. I will admit I’m LEO and teach low light training. A WML is not 100% needed but it will 100% improve accuracy while shooting in low light conditions. The MUST for any firearms practitioner is the training aspect. If you choose not to carry a WML then you should be Training with the variety of flashlight holds. If you do carry a WML you should train with that. At my agency we train with the primary light (utility light) and then transitioning to secondary (WML) if/when needed if time permits. Main point....train like you carry!! Stay safe brothers

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    I learned to shoot with a handheld light before handguns had rails and still today I have and carry one old pre rail model or a 1911 commander . My wife and I carry and practice with fenix pd-35 . Should would hate to draw down on some one just out for a walk !! so I want to see what I might need to draw on and shoot .

    I have to admit the Surefire Rail Lock V300A is a older design . It can be carried on your side and used as a regular flash light and clicked on to a weapon guickly but is a 1000 lumen only so might be better with a diffuser bezel for most needs . Noticed one of the Live PD a LT carrys ,, I think the officer is a Lieutenant dark hair thinner guy . Something that could be easily clicked on and off your carry gun at home .

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    My EDC guns don't have WMLs, mostly because I'm generally at home after dark or remain in well lit areas.

    The exception for me is a relatively new woods gun. When I hunt I'm either moving in or out of the woods in the dark, and I navigate by using my knowledge of the terrain and trails and natural light from the moon, stars, and urban light pollution. I have multiple hand and headlamps just in case I need them to navigate but most often never turn them on. I also have a TLR-1on the gun to quickly ID attacking threats like bears or wild dogs. Moving quietly through dark woods I've kicked up a few bears and dogs that fortunately chose to run rather than fight, but a WML may someday be needed if I startle the wrong critter up close.
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    There's a light on my HD pistol and AR.

    But no lights or laser on my EDC or in my pockets. No lights, no tourniquets, no knife etc. Just a gun and one reload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    No lights on any of my weapons other than muzzle flash. I have flashlights in every room of the house and a couple in each vehicle.
    And spare batteries! (Or as a guy I know says, “Flashlights are expensive tubes to carry dead batteries in...”)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MH53J View Post
    Well as of now I am the only “yes” vote. I have a TRL1 on an XD compact tactical.45. I also carry a hand held light. It doesn’t add that much size or weight, but it does provide me with an option.
    Two of us. :)
    My G19 and G29 have lights. Do I use a WML when I drop the remote under the couch and need a light? Umm, no. Do I use a WML when I inspect houses for work and need to light up a wall to show the smudges/dirt/cobwebs for the photos? Nope. "But Jason, why have a WML if you don't use it to light up your daily life?" My WML are back-ups to my belt carried flashlights(yes, more than one).

    We carry tools in case of an emergency. Odds are we may never use the tool. Odds are if we do need it it may be dark. Unless you live in certain areas there is a 100% chance it will get dark. :)
    I have a spare tire in all my vehicles, just in case I have a flat. Could I carry more stuff in the trunk if I didn't have a spare? Sure. WML's take extra room, take bigger holsters, take a little extra training and dry-fire practice.
    I may never use it. I plan to use my Malkoff if I need a light but plans change quickly. I recommend finding a virtual shooting range and see how quickly a shooting occurs. A local range does a low light shoot once or twice a year and one of these days I'll get out there.

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    No, because they do not fit my philosophy of use.
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