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Thread: Color of weapon

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    Variety, I have AR's in Gray, Black, and Patriot Brown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldIthink View Post
    OT- This is how brainwashing/desensitizing works concerning everything. See it, hear it said, read it; sooner or later it impacts the ability to think for yourself (no offense).
    I don't know about that...camo on guns has been around some very exotic circles for a very long time.

    Color of weapon-marine_scout_sniper-56a9b3013df78cf772a9ba05.jpg

    One other note. In my years of dealing with witnesses describing guns, what I heard most was black or shiny. Staring into the business end, I suspect most people simply see black - especially if it is a .45!

    On the other hand never forget "concealed means concealed." If people are noting the color of your gun, you're missing something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsteve113 View Post
    I like blued, black, stainless and FDE, or any combination of them. But unless it's some bright, gaudy color, it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.

    Although I must admit, that my LGS owner gifted me a SCCY CPX2 that's black and bright orange. I really dig it though because it's the Harley Davidson colors !!!
    To each his own, but that looks like a water squirt gun to me. Sure wouldn't want to get shot with it though.

    When it comes to those super bright colors, I don't even like the orange follows in my Shield EZ magazines! Not willing to pay to exchange them for black though even if they might be available in black. That's something that really no one sees except the owner. Doesn't mean I have to like them though.
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    It is a Taurus. It ought to be the color of poo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenboyles72 View Post
    I have the G2C and it's a solid pistol. I have abused the hell out it and have around 800 rnds through it without any issues. Yes, I would trust my life to this pistol. The only issue I had, was the finish, as it did wear pretty good. Put a Gunskin wrap on it and problem solved. BTW, the G2C is made in Miami,FL and another plant is being built in Georgia
    To be sure I wasn't posting wrong info, I just confirmed with Taurus USA in Miami that the only Taurus pistols being made here in the U.S. are the Spectrum and the Tx22, and that like all G2 pistols, the G2c/G2s/G2xyz models are made in Brazil. He said they're consolidating the Miami operation into the new GA location. Forja Taurus of Brazil owns and controls Taurus USA.
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    If it's concealed you'll be the only one that knows the color. If that is the gun you want I'd think more about the $50 savings than the color...but I might draw the line at pink.
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