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My dream pocket gun. Springfield, are you listening?

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Thread: My dream pocket gun. Springfield, are you listening?

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    To be fair, its almost like people have been carrying another short barrel 5-shot sidearm in their pocket for around 70 years.

    And for Springfield to come out with a gun, someone else has to come out with it first. So if this is what you want, ask another company to come out with it. Then wait a few years until it is completely irrelevant, and Springfield will surely come out with a lower quality version of the original.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Struckat View Post
    I carry an LCPII when I donít have a gun on me.
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    I agree with many on here, you are getting diminishing returns staying with that caliber and going that small. Physics are physics, unfortunately.

    That being said, I am one of those guys who prefers pocket carry, at least these days. I live in a nice quiet suburb and have a job that requires professional dress. I simply cannot stand dealing with sticking guns IWB anymore, let alone tucking them. I'm just over the hassle for my simple day-to-day routine.

    Therefore, I pocket carry a revolver almost always these days. A S&W 642 J frame. You can't beat the speed to draw and reliability with a revolver in THAT METHOD of carry. Pocket carry comes with tradeoffs for the convenience. One of them is grip. You may not always get the right grip on the pocket gun when you need to get it out in a hurry. Revolvers are far more forgiving that pocket autos. And under most cases, they will be 5 shots for sure. Also, with a 5-shot snubbie, printing is not an issue. If by some sort of magic, the rounded profile of a revolver prints less in a pocket than an auto. The cylinder is not that big of a deal.
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    The thing I always like about pocket carry is I can stand there with my hands in my pockets if I'm in a situation where something could develop, and already have my hand on the gun. Drawing is as natural as taking my hands out of my pocket.

    I use one of these on my Kahr and like it just fine .... it works well.

    EDIT: actually now that I relook at that site I need to check to see where I got the one I use - that site does not sell one for a Kahr PM9 and the one I bought was made for that pistol. But that device on that site is similar if not the same as the one I use.
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    To each his own. I doubt SA will be receptive.
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    My thoughts:

    1. An XDS in .45 is pretty snappy already. I agree that your tiny-er version would be quite a handful.

    2. An XDS .45 is almost exactly the same size as a Shield/G43/Keltec PF9, and folks pocket carry those every day. I used to think it was crazy pocket carrying such "large" guns until I started buying purpose built pants and shorts. I recommend you check out 5.11 or even better Duluth Trading Co Fire Hose pants and shorts. They have ample pockets, and the Fire Hose material is heavy enough to help conceal a pocket carried gun better than the light material in the 5.11s. I've had a PF9 and two mags in my front pockets all day. It could have been my XDS .45 but I haven't really ops checked it yet, and I want another spare mag.

    3. I have been short of cash lately so I don't own one yet, but folks on this forum have been saying a kydex pocket holster like the Alabama Pocket Holster or Vedder Pocket Locker is as slim as a pocket holster can get. A kydex pocket holster will help that XDS .45 seem even slimmer.
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    ^^^ This is a good post. I'm not carrying a .45 in my pocket, but the Duluth Fire Hose cargo pants pocket conceal the best of any I've tried. The Vedder Pocket locker is also the bomb.
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