Looking for a softer shooting 380 subcompact

Looking for a softer shooting 380 subcompact

This is a discussion on Looking for a softer shooting 380 subcompact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My normal EDC is a P365 MS which I typically take to the range about ever other week along with other firearms. However, there are ...

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Thread: Looking for a softer shooting 380 subcompact

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    Looking for a softer shooting 380 subcompact

    My normal EDC is a P365 MS which I typically take to the range about ever other week along with other firearms. However, there are times I have to carry my LCP as circumstances allow pocket carry only.

    I try to shoot the Ruger occasionally and can hit the target as well as needed for close work. But I sure do not enjoy the shooting. The little gun feels like itís been hit with a ball peen hammer. I can stand it and I will continue to carry the reliable little pistol until I can find something with less snap.

    My question is, Is there any 380 pistol about the size of an LCP that is softer shooting?

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    Have you tried the LCP II? To be there isn't that big of a difference but some feel it is softer shooting. The Sig P-238 is by and large one of the most accurate and easy shooting .380's in my book. Good luck!
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    I tried several until I got a Sig P238. The weight soaks up a lot of the recoil and the trigger is great.
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    The original LCP is one of the snappiest recoiling pistol there is, IMHO. The LCP II is better due to the wider grip. I think that the Beretta Pico and Taurus TCP are two of the better ones, in terms of recoil only. Stepping up in size, the Sig 238, Kimber Micro 380, and Glock 42 are soft shooting, comparatively to the Ruger LCP.

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    I had a Glock 42 that was fun to shoot.

    It was going to be my wife's EDC...she ended up really wanting a revolver though. So I sold it - to fund her S&W J frame 637.

    All in all it was accurate and easy to handle. I liked shooting it but honestly, selling it meant I didn't have to stock .380 ammo for 1 gun...(I also prefer a revolver for my EDC).

    A lot of ranges should to have one available to rent - check it out if the size is OK for you.
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    I have a Glock 42 and a Sig 238. They both are fantastic shooters, have real usable sights, and totally absorb recoil so it feels like youíre shooting a 32 instead of a 380.
    The Sig will cost about $125 more than the Glock and feels slightly smaller, but the Glock weighs slightly less. Canít go wrong with either. Both have been 100% reliable through hundreds of rounds.

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    Look for a .380 that fires from a closed breach. Most are blow back action and have a weighted slide to resist the breach opening till the bullet has exited the barrel. That works but that extra weight of the slide makes more felt recoil as it comes to a stop at the end of the slides travel. And then as it slams forward it recoils again but in the other direction. Thats why .380's are concidered "Snappy".
    Kimber, Colt, and sig all make a shrunken version of the 1911, complete with its swinging link action. All three of them lack that "Snappy" feel. Do your self a favor and try them. they are still small pistols but so much better! DR

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    dangerranger hit the nail right on the head.

    Some pretty meaty .380s that are larger, all-steel, with ample grip frames still deliver sharp recoil and it's because of the blow-back design. Even the very lightweight Ruger LCP or the Kel Tec P3AT that I have here are locked-breach designs and are more pleasant to fire than are the blow-back designs of yore and those better quality ones he mentions are better still.
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    I like the S&W Bodyguard 380. It shoots much better than my LCP. It is very accurate and even Mrs OldChap loves it.
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    I'm glad I like my LCP Custom. To me it feels like a soft shooter. That may be because I usually shoot it after my Bulldog .44 Special. Now, that can be snappy.
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    My M&P Bodyguard is a real soft shooter. It's also very accurate out to 25 yards and mine has been extremely reliable.
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    My favorite .380 that I have shot was a Sig P230. It is no longer made but it was very nice and was a soft shooter. I may get one if I ever run across a used on in good shape.

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    If you cannot find a P230, have you tried a Bersa Thunder? They are pretty decent too.
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    I tried several small 380s and settled on the RM380. It's a little wider and a little heavier than most of the polymer offerings. The result is a soft shooting but still easy to conceal pocket gun.
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    As far as 'micro' .380's, I have experience with the P3AT, the LCP, and the Kahr CW380.

    While it's slightly larger than the P3AT or the Ruger, the Kahr is much more comfortable to shoot. It's also the most accurate of the three (in my hands, anyway), and has proven to be 100% reliable with good ammo after the first 100 rounds or so.

    IMHO, it's head & shoulders above any other micro-.380, and is my 'deep concealment' SD pistol of choice. It's a pricier gun, but worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by franco45 View Post
    I tried several small 380s and settled on the RM380. It's a little wider and a little heavier than most of the polymer offerings. The result is a soft shooting but still easy to conceal pocket gun.
    My wife and I both like the RM380. We have one each to keep in our vehicles and carry if needed.
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