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Taurus Raging Judge opinions, please.

This is a discussion on Taurus Raging Judge opinions, please. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The premise was that a Judge would carry for court self protection The use was similar to criminal hitman (ref. Bullitt the movie) The first ...

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Thread: Taurus Raging Judge opinions, please.

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    The premise was that a Judge would carry for court self protection
    The use was similar to criminal hitman (ref. Bullitt the movie)
    The first 1-2 shots are disabling shotgun blasts, then .45 to the head, with a few backups if missing target
    Courtroom attackers = short distance
    Shotgun + 45 = guaranteed stoppage
    For any other purpose, better makes and tools can be had for same price but suggest ... you get what you pay for when shopping.
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    I got one with a 3" chamber just for the fun of it. It rides in my truck for a backup and a snake gun. I keep it loaded with those combination disc and buckshot loads. Also keep a box of 3" 410 no. 6 shot in the truck.

    All I have shot through it so far is the 3" no. 6 shot. Pretty heavy recoil but manageable. I was surprised how quickly the pattern spread out. At 25 yards it must have been a 5 foot pattern. It would be easy to jelly a snakes heads at normal snake shooting distances.

    I am happy with mine. It will always be in my truck.

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    I don't know how recoil would be with a 60 oz Judge but I do know heavy loads out of the Ruger Alaskan are not much fun. I much prefer the .480 Ruger version.
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    Thanks for the input. This is still on my list to get. Maybe not the raging judge version, but one version or another. I will admit, it is not at the top of my list, there's a few things I want to get first, such as a few 1911s, as well as a couple more long guns. It also depends on deals I run into, I might be able to squeeze it in sooner than later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
    I'll echo a few others here when I say that I don't think I'd buy a Taurus just because, let alone one that will fire the 454. The .45 Colt aspect is okay, but the .410 part is a bit awkward from such a short barrel. I remember seeing the commercials for it, a lady using it to defend against an attacker, them shooting a watermelon and it exploding, all the hype. I think the gun is pointless, but if I were going to buy one, I'd get the S&W Governor instead, it doesn't shoot 454 but it will run .45 ACP, but keep in mind that ballistics are pretty bad with that long cylinder and short barrel. For snakes, use a stick or machete or rock or use those CCI shotshells, I've killed several snakes with the .40 and .45 shotshells.
    Good grief!

    There's no call to be sensible here about the topic at hand.
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    The Raging Judge is a YUGE handgun! I think the 3" version is about the size of a Desert Eagle.

    I do have a customer that uses his for home defense in an apartment. He keeps it loaded with.410 shells for that purpose. His is the 3" barrel version. The thing wouldn't fit in my normal size safe (FAS1-Magnum) for a .357/.44 magnum handgun with a 4" barrel. It wouldn't even come close to fitting the holster.

    He ended up with one of my safes that is designed for full size 6" revolvers (Magnum XL) and I installed a holster that we normally use for guns with a weapon mounted light and RMR. The safe is 15-3/4" long for reference. He sent me this pic below and you can see it wouldn't even properly fit in this holster.

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    I’ve owned several models of Judge in the 410/45Colt. I’ve also owned a S&W Governor with CT Laser Grips. The latter was by far the superior product. One of the more common issues I encountered with all Taurus firearms over the last twenty years is an annoying predilection to accidentally SET the key lock while dry firing or manipulating the cylinder. That could be a fatal problem in an emergency. The Governor was a great product. But I purchased it for my wife to carry because I thought the recoil might be less than her original.45 I bought her when we were first married in 1988. The recoil on all this class of firearm is absolutely BRUTAL. In excess of a .44 magnum IMHO. For a lady in her mid sixties and having suffered through a permanently debilitating Cancer. No way. Not now. When we first MET, our first date was to Church. Second date was to the RANGE and she loved it so much she developed a healthy lust for my original Remington Rand WW2 era 1911. In order to hang onto the only gun I’ve ever named (Betsy), I went out and bought her a Colt Combat Commander in 45acp. But then a few years later came the Cancer and her life was forever altered. Currently I’d have to day her best bet is a .22WMR in terms of ccw. But we go almost everywhere together and I’m always carrying.
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    It's a Taurus. What else do you really need to know?

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