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Sell one of two P365s, or my Glock 19???

This is a discussion on Sell one of two P365s, or my Glock 19??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wait till a democrat is president and sell them both when everyone goes into a gun buying panicked frenzy....

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Thread: Sell one of two P365s, or my Glock 19???

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    Wait till a democrat is president and sell them both when everyone goes into a gun buying panicked frenzy.

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    I see no point in keeping the Glock if you have two HKs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornhusker95 View Post
    Wait till a democrat is president and sell them both when everyone goes into a gun buying panicked frenzy.
    With the candidates they have, he'll be waiting a long time...
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    Well, since ya ask, I would sell them all and keep two, of any one kind, like 2 HK’s, or 2 Sigs, or 2 Glocks.

    Id take all that money from the sale, buy a case or two of ammo, set up both pistols in an identical manner, and take the chunk of money left over and buy that amp.
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    I've come across plenty of posts where someone down the road regrets selling a pistol and wishes they hadn't. You won't have that problem if you sell a 365 because you have two now. Sell the one you don't like, eat and forget the cash loss, stay away from the gun cases for awhile and don't sell the Glock.

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    Sell your Glock-19?
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    I'll trade a Christmas card straight up for any of them.
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    Sell them all!!!!

    I kid - kinda :)

    I have recently divested myself of all plastic guns. It didn't hurt a bit to sell them either.

    (I do still have a Taurus G2 9mm - it runs great - but since I put in a stainless guide rod - got 2X 18 round mags + mag sleeves for it - and since they sell new for $200 - I couldn't get my money back out of its more valuable as a functioning firearm - to me at least...for now at least)

    So other than the wayward Taurus, my handguns are 1911s and revolvers = meat and potatoes.

    I look at it like this - none of the guns you listed are irreplaceable...they are all still in production and can be bought new / used with ease down the road if you change your mind.

    Keep your primary carry and your favorite "other" as a backup - sell the rest to fund the amp or a new "cant live without it" gun / guitar or whatever.

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    I would keep the Glock and sell one of the 365s. If this is something you really want an answer to.
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    Keep the G19. Dump one of the P365’s. The P365 might be easy to carry, but the G19 can handle just about any combat pistol task. Of all my pistols, my G19 and 1911 would be the last to go.
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    If you only had 1 HK you would not need a glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenring1911 View Post
    If you only had 1 HK you would not need a glock.
    Right now, the Glock is under the bed in a biometric safe ready to go. My original plan was to use it for home defense and use the HKs as range guns. However, the whole train with what you will use in a real situation kicks in and I wonder if it makes sense to shoot HKs and then rely on my safety with a Glock. Just for familiarity reasons alone.

    I know I won’t be carrying the non safety P365. i did think about putting it downstairs as a ready gun for the downstairs, but my carry gun is almost always down with me until I go to bed anyways.
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    If the G19 doesn't hold any interest for you, that would be the one I'd sell. Plenty of Glock fans out there would buy it. Having a spare 365 is a good idea. And, if you find another 365 with a safety, you would have a trade offer ready to go. Most 365s I see on sale are safety models being sold to fund non-safety model purchases.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gitaryzt1985 View Post
    So I bought a P365 when they first came out. I had some initial issues and Sig fixed them and I have not had any issues since. I bought a second P365 with safety when they were released and that’s all I’ve been carrying since.

    I’ve purchased two HKs, a VP9 and a P30 and love them. I also have a Glock 19 that is good but I much prefer the HKs.

    Would it be better to sell the first P365, or the Glock 19 since I would have two other bigger sized 9mms in the HKs?
    Sooooo, you picked up some HK's and love them? And, you want to know if you should sell the first P365 or the G19? Ummm, what do you "think" I would say?
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    I just can't justify having two of the same model pistols. If one of the ones I have wears out, I'll buy another one if I really like the model.
    It's like having two of the exact same cars -- sure, it would be great to have one for spare parts, but sheesh. I ain't starting a junkyard.
    If the OP needs a Marshall amp, he's gonna have to raise about $700. That's selling maybe two guns, not one....
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