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No Glock 43 for me!

This is a discussion on No Glock 43 for me! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by G-man* She knows a good thing when she sees it. I mean, she picked me, right? .....on second thought, donít answer that. ...

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Thread: No Glock 43 for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-man* View Post
    She knows a good thing when she sees it.

    I mean, she picked me, right?

    .....on second thought, donít answer that.
    I will answer that!

    No one is right all the time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I will answer that!

    No one is right all the time...
    uggh; I guess Iíll drink with you on that one.
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    I carried my same old G27 Gen 2.5 for 20 years at work, switched to a G26 Gen 4 about a year ago. Both have served me admirably. Both shot extremely well, both extremely reliable, but that G26 is a lil faster for me. I feel very well protected with my new G26. In fact it outshot my G23 by 1 point and my G19 by 2 points in our last qualification.

    But, I tried out my son's G43 a few months ago, and much to my chagrin, I sucked with it compared to any other GLOCK I ever shot. Dunno, maybe it was just that particular G43, but I couldn't hold a good group with it. I think it's just the tiny grip flops in my big mitts, but either way it soured me on the G43. If I want a single stack 9mm I'm gonna go with my tried and true ole Smith Shield anyway.

    BTW, my son got rid of it. Ironically, we both carry G26's on duty. He's a Narcotics Detective and I'm in Admin.
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    My wifeís G43 is the only Glock Iíve sold. She hated the recoil. For me, it was too big for pocket carry, and on the belt it was inferior to the G26.

    Donít miss it, and have no interest in the currently fashionable micro 9 pistols. The commonality between our G19 (home defense), G26 (carry) and Ruger PC carbine is more important to me than a few millimeters in size or ounces of weight.
    Carry a sidearm always. Be able to put shots into the torso and then head, if needed. The rest is much less important.

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    My wife has G43. She likes it and shoots it well.
    I love the way it feels in my hand. It just feels like I will be able to shoot it well. I don't. At least not without considerable effort. Not for me.
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    Its interesting how seemingly very small changes in designs and dimensions can make such a huge difference in shooting and carrying a particular gun for each of us. Part of the reason its near impossible to recommend a gun to someone else or bash a choice another shooter makes because it doesn't work for us. Same for holsters and carry positions.
    I have owned a G43, a Ruger LC9s, a Sig P290rs, a S&W 3914 and shot the 9mm Shield,Taurus 709, Kahr CW9 and Kel-Tec PF9 quite a few times.
    The single stack 9mm that blows all of those off the map for me is the used Walther PPS I recently bought. I guess its the first version or the "classic" as some call it. I could analyze it to death but, in the end it doesn't matter. I shoot it much better than the others and I draw it better,change mags faster and never have to adjust my grip while shooting. I don't use anything except the 8 round mags as that is the grip that works best and after learning to conceal a 1911 the extra height makes zero difference.
    I am almost as accurate with it as my 1911 which is saying something because that dang 1911 is a ragged hole gun.

    I was telling G-man the other day that my son who has always been a full size polymer striker 9mm carrier shot my 642 this last summer for the first time and was busting hanging clays at 10 yards like he had been shooting one for 20 years. Amazed me and I told him so and now he owns his own 442 and loves it.
    Just goes to show you never know what will fit someone the best. Unfortunately my experimenting has cost me a lot of money but, its been pretty fun too and I learned a lot and I am still learning thanks to many of you here.

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    Walther PPS maybe? I'm more of a Shield M2.0 guy but lots of woman can't stand the grip texture (which I love).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tightwad View Post
    Walther PPS maybe? I'm more of a Shield M2.0 guy but lots of woman can't stand the grip texture (which I love).
    Hear Hear! My Walther PPS M2 is a very nice shooting pistol. It carries well, shoots like a full size gun, and always goes bang. If the G43, Shield, Sig P365, etc are just too small, or are otherwise giving you fits, the PPS M2 is a good candidate for a carry gun.

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