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So where is the 9mm hitting? What size is the 8-ring? Also, speed of presentation is important. Can you rattle off six rounds into the CM of a standard-sized silhouette in say 2 seconds with both calibers? From what you are saying about the .40 and the .45 I would stick to the .40 simply because reduced recoil generally means one can get more rounds on target easier and quicker.

Forget bullseye shooting. It's good for comparison and a small part of practice, but for defensive use, it generally comes down to quick, multiple rounds into one's attacker, no matter where it is on the body. Yes, center mass or head shots (especially head shots) are more reliable at stopping a threat, but any and every hit has a psychological impact.
If felt recoil is your concern, .40 has always felt quite a bit more snappy than .45 to me. Neither are really an issue.