I worked on my Generation 2 CAA Gear Micro Roni Stabilizer a while back to mod my enclosure for a suppressor.

When I saw that the Generation 2, CAA Gear MCK came out at SHOT show, I had to try it.

The CAA Gear MCK was a nice upgrade with the bolt handle being integrated into the enclosure. It was more stable than the prior Roni design. Plus it had a nice magazine well.

The Generation 2, CAA Gear MCK includes thumb rests, suppressor capability, a larger opening, and the ability to shoot while the brace is locked open or folded.

To accommodate for a suppressor, you have 4 screws to remove.

It doesnít just slide right out. I needed to use a plastic wrench and a rubber mallet to pop the muzzle device out of place.

When using a suppressor, you install the pistol and then lock it into place. You insert the suppressor through the front.

I included my Glock 19, Gen 5 to show the relative size comparison.

My sights donít come in until tomorrow or Saturday.

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