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What Pistol....for that One Shot Stop

This is a discussion on What Pistol....for that One Shot Stop within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by OD* An Alternative Look at An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power| Shooting The Bull So what conclusion did the author come ...

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Thread: What Pistol....for that One Shot Stop

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    So what conclusion did the author come to in your understanding? Scratch that, based on the data alone without adding in your personal opinions, what conclusion did you come to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bob View Post
    Hits should be a given, at least when discussing ballistics.

    One of my old buddies on the PD ran the range before he retired. One of the cops was lamenting that they did not have the latest greatest HP. He told them, " When you learn to qualify, I might listen to you".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bob View Post
    I base my opinions on working as a street cop for decades, seeing people shot, stabbed, beaten and run over. The whole " if you can't hit" mantra is irrelevant to the ballistics debate. What we call an assumption in fact; Assuming equal hits. Common sense dictates that only decisive hits count.

    One shot stop is a metric of measurement, not a tactic.

    Why would you not want to carry a powerful handgun? The only reasons I could see would be physical infermery that precludes it, lack of skill, or NPE. Two of the three are difficult to overcome. What do you call it a false reliance? I have seen many, many people shot with magnum revolvers every one hit COM was out of the fight and ALL of them hit more than twice were DRT. False? I think not.
    Very interesting. What load was this? I’m assuming .357 Mag revolvers with a 4” barrel?

    I’m also thinking good marksmanship had something to do with it.

    Just what I need, more impetus to buy another revolver...
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    It's the shooter not the round.

    One shot to the head will generally drop just about any critter, even if it is "just" a .22 LR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Very interesting. What load was this? I’m assuming .357 Mag revolvers with a 4” barrel?

    I’m also thinking good marksmanship had something to do with it.

    Just what I need, more impetus to buy another revolver...
    The load is really not important with the 357 magnum. It's hard to find a bad HP. It was anything from 2 1/2" snubbies to 6 " revolvers, probably mostly 4" revolvers. We mostly used Remington 158 grn sjhp's or WW 145 grn STHP's. The 125 grn never really got popular in north Texas that I remember.
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    It seems that no matter how much I train, with a range of handguns, I remain ahead of everything else with a GP100. I had started handgunning with a 1911, in late 1982 or early 1983, with a 1911, but by late 1983, was attending a police academy, training diligently with a then-mandated DA revolver. (There were several authorized choices; I bought S&W Models 686 and 581.) When I tried a GP100, I found the perfect grip shape for my hands, and bought my first one, in the very early Nineties.

    Notably, I did use a GP100 in a defensive shooting, in 1993. One shot was enough. I was on the clock, at the time, so it was a line-of-duty incident.

    Edited to add: My 1993 defensive incident: Federal Hi-Shok .357 Magnum, 125-grain JHC. Four-inch barrel. JHC = Jacketed Hollow Cavity, so, Federalese for JHP. “Hi-Shok” was not a typo.

    Today, it would be Gold Dots, either 135-grain Short Barrel, or the 125-grain fast stuff, depending upon the weapon, assuming a .357 revolver. There are days I carry 9mm Glocks.
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    the G23 or the Sig P229, i carry either 155 grain gold dots or 165 grain V-crown at the moment in them, I will carry HST, XTP, or FTX rounds in 155 and 165 grains depending on what I find when im stocking but I trust them all and with the Sig or Glock either one I have total confidence I can make it preform .

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    One stop shot? How about this in 300 H’MMR?


    I have no practical use for this. But, I still like it.

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    I respectfully submit that whatever individual choices that have been named in this thread should be the CC piece you should have strapped on right now. For me, it'll be a S&W Shield, Subcompact .45 cal. I think we can all agree that if we do our part, every gun named here will do it's part. Train, train, and train again.
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    If I were to have to rely on any handgun I've ever owned to make a "one-shot stop," it would be the Ruger Blackhawk .41 Magnum I used to own. I shot it more accurately than any other. Of my current guns, either my 6906 or my G30, both of which I shoot about the same.
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    What Pistol....for that One Shot Stop

    One shot guaranteed stop?

    Oughta do it. It’s actually a twofer, the shooter isn’t likely to get back up, either.

    Failing that, there’s always this.

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    Cold shot and one trigger pull to eliminate the threat I’d have to say my walther ppq 5” target model. That gun surprises me sometimes at the range with how effortlessly accurate it is. In my hands it is the most accurate handgun and gives me the most confidence in a one shot scenario. Next would be my cz75b.

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