Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun

Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun

This is a discussion on Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, to be honest, I have the itch for a new gun that is a small and concealable gun. For several months, I have been ...

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Thread: Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun

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    Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun

    OK, to be honest, I have the itch for a new gun that is a small and concealable gun. For several months, I have been looking for a Beretta 85 or SIG 232 in .380 and they are very hard to find. So, I went to my LGS and they had a Springfield EMP in 9mm and it felt real good in my hand. It was about the right size and the manual of arms is 1911. It is priced slightly more then I intended to spend (as if that has ever stopped me before), but I thought maybe some of you guys have had some experience with the EMP and could give me some advice. So, how about it? Anyone have anything to say about a Springfield EMP - either good or bad. I am going to add that my normal concealed carry pistol is a Kimber Tactical Ultra II and I am happy with it. I just have the itch and unfortunately, I also have a few extra bucks right now. So, let me know what you think about the EMP. Thanks.
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    I owned one and it wouldn't run anything reliably. It was one of the first production runs, but even so, it was awful. I'm sure they're better now, but I wouldn't pay the money when there's better options out there.
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    I really like the EMP 4 inch Contour model in 40. But, the price. My problem is the only two 40 cal pistols I want, the EMP and the P229 Stainless Elite are both quite pricey. Normally not a problem as I will save but this is more of a value perception thing. Gun shops often won't even take a .40 on trade, the prices on used models are depressed, new ones usually sell at a discount to their 9mm counterparts and I want the only two expensive ones!
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    I have both EMP 40-one in the 4 inch barrel and one in the 3 inch-they both have been reliable with any ammo I shoot.
    With the 3 inch I took 180gr FMJ and 165gr Hornady Critical Defense with me to the range and had standard expectations of operation.
    It ran through all ammo without a hitch-I then went and purchased a box of Federal 180gr Hydrashocks and shot a box of that-needless to say I carry with the Federal.
    My experience may be different than others-but upon this I would have zero problems purchasing in 9mm.
    Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun-img_2162-2019_07_23-18_12_16-utc-.jpg
    Springfield EMP advice - Terrible itch for a new gun-img_20200218_134738644.jpg

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    My very positive experience from 2017 -

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    I have an EMP 3 & unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones. 2 trips back to Springfield and still not reliable! It took a complete build / rebuild by Jardine to make it run reliably. Now itís a great small carry gun but I donít want to think about how long and how much to get there.

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    I've had an EMP4 9mm for several years, got it not too long after they came out. My kid shoots it in action pistol with me. We've never had a problem with it that could be blamed on the gun, it has run just fine, it's reliable and accurate. If you have small hands but want a 1911 type pistol it's a great choice.
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    I had an EMP 9 and it was a jamo-matic. And after two trips back to Springfield, nothing improved.

    Sold it and moved on.
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    I have a 3" EMP 40. Sweet shooting little pistol. I ran 4 types of ammo thru and it runs fine. Some people just don't run a 1911 well.
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    There is too much bad history with these short barrel 1911's. There was even a professional trainer who would advise students to NOT use a 3" 1911, but would give a full refund to anyone who could get one to finish his class without a malfunction. He didn't even make that guarantee for HiPoints.

    There are so many great, slim 9mm these days. You can buy three S&W Shields for the price of one EMP. Want a steel, hammer fired subcompact with a safety? CZ 2075 Rami. I love the 1911...in the full size, government frame. There are many sub $1K guns that are both accurate and reliable.
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    Goldy49 Your gona have to read reviews and make up your mind ..

    I have a hard time justifying the price and not all that excited about the frame size . I wanted a small 1911 9mm as a small carry option and our local general store is a prefered kimber dealer along with a couple others but Kimber do not come back here so I looked over what they had and picked up a Kimber stainless ultra carry II in 9mm . Its basically in the same class as the standard emp but with a normal 45 sized frame . I paid mid 700 dollars out the door . Added thin grips to it for better concealment and got some 9 round Wilson etm mags and ran 400 boring rounds thru it than asked my wife if she wanted to try it , big mistake . She ended up claiming it as her new EDC . After another 4 or 500 rounds she asked if a I could change the reach to the trigger so I added a ed brown short trigger to it and tuned the trigger pull to 3.5lbs . MY wifes is a little bit 5-2 62 years old when she took my Kimber as hers and she loves that pistol and has a bit over 2000 rounds fired . She shoots my home rolled 124gr coated swc reloads for practice and prefers 147gr hst for carry as its a softer recoil .

    Now you will find the same type of Kimber whiners out there as your reading about EMP whiners so its your choice what to buy and you hope that you get a reliable pistol . Your only concern should be is it the right choice to fill your needs !!

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    I have the 3 inch EMP.

    It is a super nice pistol = night sights, match grade trigger, match grade barrel, polished ramp, super compact and lightweight.

    Like many pistols the first run had issues but SA got the kinks worked out and most recent reviews are positive.

    Mine runs with any type of ammo I put in it including hollow points. I've run mixed mags with every type of ammo I had with me just randomly loaded into the mag and it ran just fine.

    Very accurate and pleasant to shoot despite the small size.
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    My wife LOVES hers. We bought it used but in good condition. Last year had a bit of a problem but a simple trip to the local gunsmith fixed it....but everything needs maintenance now and then.
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    I shot a box of range ammo through a friends EMP 4" and found it accurate and had no malfs. I like the gun but find it difficult to justify the cost of 3 G43s or 2 G48s (Non blue label pricing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obiwan View Post
    I shot a box of range ammo through a friends EMP 4" and found it accurate and had no malfs. I like the gun but find it difficult to justify the cost of 3 G43s or 2 G48s (Non blue label pricing).
    I'll take a 1911, CZ, Beretta, etc over any of the polymer wonders any day of the week. Guess you're paying extra for quality and extra machining.
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