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Your Top 5 Most Influential Handguns

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Thread: Your Top 5 Most Influential Handguns

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    Oct 2018
    Beretta 92FS
    Sig P226
    S&W 5906
    S&W 4006

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    Jul 2016
    Colt Single Action Army
    Colt 1911
    S&W Model 39
    S&W Model 29
    Sig P220


    Ruger Super Blackhawk
    Ruger Mk1 .22
    Beretta 92F
    Walther PPK/s
    S&W 36

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    Nov 2016
    1st owned ~ Colt Diamondback Snubby 38 Special
    2nd owned ~ P-09 Luger 1938 Birth Date
    3rd ~ H&K P2000 in 40 S&W
    4th ~ Smith & Wesson Model 29-2
    5th ~ Ruger GP-100 in 357 Magnum
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    My 5 most influential

    I've been a handgun owner for over 50 years, and have owned about 50 of them. My top 5 have been:

    1. Colt 1911 - I have owned maybe 8 or 10 Colt 1911s, and still have most of them. The old Gold Cup model below was my first one, dating back to about 1968. It is a fine shooter and still sits in my safe. I carry a Colt Defender 1911 part of the time.

    2. Glock 19 - I bought the one below about 25 years ago, had it refinished in hard chrome, and have put thousands of rounds through it. It has never failed to fire, and I have carried it on occasion. I admire the rugged reliability of the Glocks, and have several more in other models.

    3. Ruger Blackhawk .357 magnum - This is also one of my first guns, purchased new about 50 years ago. I shoot it at the range every so often, and it always reminds me of the solid construction and good finish on Ruger revolvers, of which I have several.

    4. Smith & Wesson model 19 .357 magnum - I bought this revolver maybe 20 years ago and believe it is the classic example of the fine S&W K frame revolver line. I have since acquired about 10 more S&W revolvers, which I love to shoot.

    5. Sig P series semiautos - I developed a liking for the Sig P series semiautos and have about 6 of them in various models and calibers, like the Sig P239 below. I admire these for their reliability and rugged construction.

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    Puget Sound Area - WA
    S&W M&P 9 Full Size (1st release), Kimber SIS Ultra (limited release), Browning Practical 22 (1st release), S&W 632/.327 Magnum (1st release), Sig Sauer P232. These were my first 5 handgun purchases ever.

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    In order of most influential:

    1. Colt Single Action Army
    2. Colt 1911
    3. Glock 17
    4. Smith & Wesson Model 19
    5. Beretta 92

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrfunk View Post
    Great lists all! Remember, the premise is not the 5 most influential handguns to the world, but the 5 that influenced YOU the most as a shooter.

    Well ... when you put it that way:

    Smith & Wesson Model 10 Heavy Barrel .38 Special
    Colt Model 1911 .45 ACP
    Smith & Wesson Model 17 .22 Long Rifle
    Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum

    Hmm... Lot's of handguns live here, have moved in and out of here, but those four are all I can come up with that truly influenced me.
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    Dec 2017
    Colt 1911
    Glock G23
    Khar P9
    Taurus 85
    Glock G26
    Not in any particular order

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    Nov 2013
    HK P30LS 40 S&W with Streamlight TLR-1 HL (nightstand gun)
    Walther P99 40 S&W
    M&P 45 acp
    Sig P226 Extreme 40 S&W
    Ruger GP 100 (Hunting companion)

    I've carried the Sig more than anything else. But lately, I've been packing the M&P loaded with 230 gr HST+P, the "flying ashtray".
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    Apr 2015
    Ruger single six .22
    Ruger Blackhawk .41 magnum
    Rossi M88 38 special
    Dan Wesson 15-2 357 magnum
    S&W 4506-1 45 acp
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    Dec 2012
    Upper Michigan
    1. Walther P99
    2. CZ 75
    3. Ruger Single Six
    4. 1911 (not A1)
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    My top five..

    #1) ruger mk II. I've been interested in firearms for as long as I can remember. By the time I was in my early teens I had several long guns given to me as gifts for hunting purposes. My dad was never big on hand guns, he had a couple but thought of them as mostly useless. I still wanted a handgun to add to my collection and after much pestering on my 14th Christmas I opened a small heavy package that contained a Ruger mk II. That gun has killed countless soda cans, a few squirrels and one copperhead. This gun taught me that handguns were difficult to master but quite capable if you put time into em. Still have it.

    #2) Ruger p94. When I was about 23 out of college and on my own I decided I needed a center fire semi auto handgun. No concealed carry in MO at the time so size wasn't a consideration. 10 rounds was the limit on new stuff thanks to Bill Clinton, so I decided on a .40 cal over 9mm since 10 rounds was it for both calibers in similar sized guns. It was my introduction to "defensive" handguns and I put lots of rounds through it for a few years. I experimented with concealed carry a few times but it was a no go.

    #3) S&W 642. This is the first gun I bought specifically for concealed carry. As soon as MO passed it's concealed carry law I went about the business of getting a permit and firearm to carry. I knew I wanted to carry a lot, I knew I wanted to carry at work. After a bit of research I decided I needed something I could pocket carry. This was a few years before the wave of micro .380s came on the scene so it looked like a .38 snub was the way to go.
    I've never regretted making that purchase. I carried that thing for 15 or so years as an at work all day everyday. I learned that folks who said snub nosed revolvers were belly guns only were full of it. They are hard to shoot but they can shoot. Though right now Its been replaced by a Beretta pico for a bit less printing at my new place of employment, I still pocket carry it other times. I really like this gun.

    4) Glock 26. I decided one day I needed a Glock in the collection. The obvious choice was a G19. I went to the lgs with the purpose of buying one and they always have an assortment of glocks. Well they had no 19s that day. I was all set for a new gun, and they had plenty of 26s, I figured that would give me a taste of glock and a 19 could always come later. 12 or so years later and I've never bought that 19. I love the 26 I shoot it more than any handgun I own. It's my most carried semi auto. It's a "sub compact" that shoots like a full size gun. I shoot it alot not just because I carry it but because its fun to shoot.

    5) Ruger super redhawk .44 mag. I bought this because I wanted a handgun specifically to deer hunt with. I mostly hunt from a stand so size and weight wasn't a concern. .44 mag was expensive, and I was wanting to get into reloading. .44 mag seemed a great place to start, and the super redhawk being large and heavy seemed a great big bore "starter gun".

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    ^^^ @craze -- Whether or not those are my "top 5," that was an excellent post imo.
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    Mid-West, USA
    Having a better idea of what you are looking for:
    • single shot percussion pistol - My first pistol
    • percussion Remington Revolver - My first repeater
    • M1911-A1 in .45 - My first service pistol
    • 1911 .380 Government Model - Purchased new so that I could use the same basic skills formed with my 1911, I ended up becoming a real fan of the .380 cartridge
    • Scorpion EVO 3 S1- Hey, you guys were right, these little Pistol Caliber SBRs' are fun!

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    Northern Ohio
    Craze, that's a great list with equally good photos. What's the revolver posing with the 642? It looks to be an older M&P. I like that one too!


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