What size handgun do you EDC?

What size handgun do you EDC?

This is a discussion on What size handgun do you EDC? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As the title says, what size handgun do you EDC the most ? If you always carry two guns or have a rotation, then post ...

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  • Single stack: 3.1" - 4" barrel; 6-8 capacity; (Shield, etc)

    50 21.28%
  • Subcompact: 10-13 capacity (Glock 26, M&P 9c, etc)

    39 16.60%
  • Compact: 14-15 capacity (Glock 19, M&P 2.0 Compact, etc)

    30 12.77%
  • Full-size: (Gock 17 or > 4" barrel, etc)

    28 11.91%
  • Hybrid: (P365, Hellcat, etc)

    15 6.38%
  • Mouse/Pocket: (LCP, CM9, =< 3" barrel)

    21 8.94%
  • J-Frame and similar

    26 11.06%
  • K - N Frame and similar

    6 2.55%
  • Other

    20 8.51%
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Thread: What size handgun do you EDC?

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    What size handgun do you EDC?

    As the title says, what size handgun do you EDC the most? If you always carry two guns or have a rotation, then post what you would carry all year around if you could only choose one. I've been seeing threads about P365/Hellcats, Single stack LC9s and 40s&w's, tiny Diamondback DB9s and Kahr PM9s, etc. I know some people EDC full sized G17s down to G43s... I figured I do a poll to see what the majority of DC size handguns the majority of DC members are carrying. post

    If you participate in the poll, Feel free to post what make/model.
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    More often than not it's either a G17 or a P30L which are "full size."

    On rare occasion I carry a G42.

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    A Colt LW Commander, , G26, or S&W 442.

    If I had to choose one to carry all the time.....nah, can’t make myself go there.
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    45 Shield these days. It light, shoots soft, and I am as accurate with it as my full size Sig 220.
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    Usually a full-sized M&P or compact Glock 23. Now that spring is coming probably the G23 more often.
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    MY EDC for the last 5 years and 4 months is a sig P320c now wearing the x series compact grip module . I also have a lw commander in 45 that gets some carry time too . Carried at 3:00 in a MTAC high on my side . I can conceal it under only a Carhartt Delmont t shirt well do to that shirt being cut a little fuller around the waist . I carried a tp40 kahr before that and a firestar m40 going back to about '91 and a colt officers model for a few years before that .
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    I'm carrying a Springfield mil-spec and a S&W 642 .

    If the weather ever breaks I'll be switching back to my Glock 23 & 642 carry.
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    Bersa BP9CC

    Also, there's this thread:
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    Commander size 1911. All day, everyday.

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    P-365, Shield 9mm, LCP here.
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    For me personally I gauge concealability by grip height first and thickness second and prefer a pistol that is around 6-7" long with 4-5" grip height. My 2 preferred CCW's are a P365 and Glock G26 with my G19 coming in third (and my SP101 when I just want to tote a wheelgun).

    That's one factor of the Glocks that I think gets overlooked is that they always come in about 1/4" shorter in grip height that pistols with the same capacity. Most pistols that are designed to compete with the G19 (15-rounders) are still in the 5.25" in height range while the G19 is 5.04". I know it's subtle but that's what grabs my shirt when I bend down and hikes it up when I straighten up...so it's my main concealability factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by APX-9M View Post
    As the title says, what size handgun do you EDC. If you always carry two guns or have a rotation, then post what you would carry all year around if you could only choose one.

    I have a snubby of some flavor in my pocket everyday. I have a rotation of snubbies, because I like variety.

    Like I like Baskin Robins, because I get tired of eating vanilla everyday.

    As far as the size of my edc, it ranges from my 442 up to my 2.25" SP101.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What size handgun do you EDC?-20200327_081400_1585314962595.jpg  

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    4" Performance Center Shield most of the time. .45 Shield on rare occasion.
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    If I had voted, it would be other, as I would need to check 3 boxs. Sub-compact, full size, and K-N Frame and other. You should fix poll so some here could multi-pick.
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    Most of the time it's my Glock 27 Gen4 but sometimes I do carry my Glock 23 Gen4.
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