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Gunshow- No spouses allowed: Quirky gun needs or justifications?

This is a discussion on Gunshow- No spouses allowed: Quirky gun needs or justifications? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Rock and Glock I have two or three of some gun. Exact duplicates. My DW always ask's "Shouldn't we have two?" and ...

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Thread: Gunshow- No spouses allowed: Quirky gun needs or justifications?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I have two or three of some gun. Exact duplicates.

    My DW always ask's "Shouldn't we have two?" and "Don't I need one too?"
    Same here usually, except reversed. When I get a new gun or another case of ammo, ShooterGramps more often than not NEEDS another one of at least something similar since we shoot different calibers! The most interesting "goof" (read that as waste of good money) was when I got the LCR .22lr and he absolutely had to have the same thing in .22WMR. Both of them got traded off for pennies on the dollar within a short length of time. Nasty little things they were - but cute!

    At this point in our lives we seem to be stable as far as new gun wants/needs. Key words: Seem To Be.
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    My EX Wife once asked if I thought I should have discussed the purchase of a $700 pistol with her before I bought it. I reflected on the question briefly and told her I couldn't think of a single reason why I should have. Notice I said EX Wife. You do the math!
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    My husband doesn't need my approval for something like a gun purchase and he doesn't care what I buy either. Obviously this excludes things like cars and houses, but the small stuff...nope.

    We're both fiscally conservative though, so it's never gotten out of hand.
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    Buy Glocks, they all look the same.
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    "Buy Glocks, they all look the same."

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    A friend off mine has several Ruger No.1’s because......they all look alike. Really. He has eight or nine...
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    My 5 1911s are all different, as are my 5 10-22s!
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    Wifee used to ask me, why do you need so many guns. I just turned and ask her why do you need so many shoes and purses, that was the end of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    My wife has her Oregon Concealed Handgun License. She carries and is a shooter. When she sees gun grabbers on television, she turns to me and says, "Go buy more guns and ammo." She is currently upset that I haven't bought the James Arness - Gunsmoke commemorative six-shooter at the LGS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RETSUPT99 View Post
    Buy Glocks, they all look the same.
    Not always, I've owned 30+ Glock 19s and not all of them have looked the same
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    My wife is a shooter and CC licensed. We have about the same number of handguns. We almost always have a purpose/reason for buying a new one. More accuracy, more capacity, better grip fit, etc. That's the only thing we really need to justify, and that is mostly to ourselves. Once either of us feels they need a new gun, the other is supportive of it. They are tools to us, not collectables, and get shot a lot. At this point, we generally trade/sell something when we get something new. There is always one or two that were great at first, but are now mostly gathering dust in our respective gun safes.

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    We buy firearms because we want to. Do not justify it for any reason or to anyone. be it hand gun of rifle. Don't play games be honest with your self and others.
    Why did you buy that ? Because I wanted to. then the conversation mores on to more important thing.
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    The OP's opening remark No Women Allowed makes me think of another old remark - A male chauvinist pig . HA

    My wife ask a bout a pistol she could use in a local ladys match that had an optic and she ask about the m&p core . We read up on the model and she said she was not sure and that was that for a couple weeks but she liked it and she did handle a couple full size m&P's at our general store . Then one day come home from work one day to find my wife sitting at the firearm bench cleaning a disassembled M&P CORE and a RM02 optic sitting next to it . I ordered a apex FSS trigger kit for it right away . I have done the same kind of thing but the budget there for the occasional toys but nether of us will act like a fool when shopping or use a " No Spouse Allowed " remark but then my wife and I have been together for 44 years married for 40 years . She bought her first firearm , a DW 15-2 357mag 2 weeks after our first date and shooting my old 15-2 .
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    I've got more guns to cover everything I need a gun for. I could never justify buying another at the expense of something we need. I still buy guns, but not because I need them, I just want it and I don't try to justify it beyond that. If I need to replace a dishwasher, and find a good deal on a pistol I think is cool I can generally do both. If time are lean I will wait to buy the toy.
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gunshow- No spouses allowed: Quirky gun needs or justifications?-dottie-shoots-686.jpg  

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