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Defensive Long Gun: How are the DC members setting them up?

This is a discussion on Defensive Long Gun: How are the DC members setting them up? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My three home & property solutions based upon the KISS principles are these fine friends: Nothing fancy but they all do exactly what I expect ...

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Thread: Defensive Long Gun: How are the DC members setting them up?

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    My three home & property solutions based upon the KISS principles are these fine friends:

    Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-p1090496-web-.jpg

    Nothing fancy but they all do exactly what I expect them to do any time I ask them to do it.

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    I live in rural AZ.
    Not the same restrictions as in the city.
    Mossberg 500 with 00/slug in the house, immediate outside.
    SKS for inside the fence (2 acres).
    RPR in 6.5 creedmore for outside the fence from inside the fence.
    Our "defense" is mostly coyotes after our livestock

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    Over the years I transitioned to an M-1 carbine stoked with 110 grain Hornady Defender. Its a quick handling and easy to manipulate HD weapon with a Surefire flashlight held in my off-hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holmes375 View Post
    My three home & property solutions based upon the KISS principles are these fine friends:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1090496 web .jpg 
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    Nothing fancy but they all do exactly what I expect them to do any time I ask them to do it.
    Smart man.
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    Mine is also my deer rifle, well one of two anyway.
    Basics PSA AR, 16 hammer forged barrel in 6.8mm with green furniture whatever the popular brand is. It is the perfect do all rifle for me. So nice and handy in the deer stand. Hanging around my neck, always ready.

    Things would have to get pretty bad before I reach for that one. Way too many houses around me to let fly with 90gr Gold Dots.
    The 20 and 12ga are both ready to go and would be the first long guns I reach for.
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    My only defensive long gun is a short range thing: short barrel side by side 12ga. Slug in one side, 00 buck in the other, with a five round sleeve on the stock.

    It resides at our little cabin in the boonies.
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    Gulf Coast of Alabama
    My go-to defensive long gun is identical to the the one I carried on duty at the PD. It is an early model Bushmaster (made in Windham, ME) with carry handle sight 14.5" bbl w/ pinned "Izzy" muzzle brake that was purchased on Department letterhead. I like the KISS principle! I also have a factory Stag Arms AR-9 w/ Diamond head sights that would work just as well although it is a bit heavier and longer.
    Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-img_1006.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-img_1007.jpg  

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    I gots nothin' but a Mossberg 500 pump loaded with 00 buck. I'm short on long guns.

    My two rifles are antique collector's items from my Grandfather.
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    For Home Defense I prefer a pistol. However I do have an AR15 for SHTF/Bug-out or around the home during other emergencies like hurricanes with prolonged power outages. That AR is a flat top Ruger AR556 with free float handguard. Its equipped with a Vortex UH-1 Holo sight and a VMX-3t magnifier with Magpul furniture. It goes to the range at least once a month. It's nothing fancy but would get the job done if needed.
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    The two long guns I would be most likely to be shooting around my house are a Marlin lever gun in 45 colt. or a 12 ga pump shotgun. I have neighbors but they are all but one, over a berm from my house. I couldn't clearly see more than 100 yards, and both of these guns can control that area . DR
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    Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-e726cd63-3bb5-457b-ab20-7f8f60e2dc37.jpeg

    This is how I like my general purpose fighting rifle set up. Mid length barrel, mine is a 14.5 BCM rifle. Aimpoint with lower 1/3rd Mount, fixed Daniel Defense iron sights, Surefire X300 light in front of the front sight, and a quick adjust sling, I use a Vickers sling. Keeping everything as lightweight as possible.

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    Smith and Wesson M&P .556 set up stock with an Eotech XPS holographic red dot and co witnessed with iron sights at 50 yard range.
    DPMS LR-10 set up with a Nikon M308 scope zeroed in at 100 yards with a BDC for longer range shooting.
    Henry Big Boy .44 magnum set up with buckhorn iron sights set up for however my old eyes can focus in on.
    Won't include my hunting rifles as they are not primarily used for defense, but could in a pinch.

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    NE, KS
    Colt LE6920 (Primary), remains in a V-Line long gun vault, condition 1, loaded with Speer 62grn GDs:
    Trijicon TriPower in Larue Cantilever mount
    Troy BUIS
    SureFire X300U on a Mossie Midnight FSB mount I prefer a 12 o'clock light mount as it's barrier neutral and truly ambi
    Geissele SSA-E Trigger
    Magpul furniture
    BFG 2Pt sling:

    Home built Pistol; Aero Precision upper and lower Pistol with Faxon 9.5" Barrel BRT Covert Linear comp:

    Trijicon MRO "green dot" Scalarworks absolute co-witness mount
    Scalarworks fixed front and rear irons
    SLR handguard
    SureFire X300U
    Larue Tatical MBT 2-stage trigger
    Magpul MS4 Sling:

    Still have it, don't keep it loaded for HD, Benelli M1S90 with Insight M3X light:

    Forgot the training/Competition aspect:

    Spent 23 years off and on (also issued M60, 1911 and M9) with the M16 and later M4 while in the Army. Have taken multiple defensive carbine classes and use one in 3Gun matches. My 3Gun rig:

    homo homini lupus est

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    The gun Im taking as a back up is a DDM4 16 MLOC, Steiner 1-4x on a Noveske QD, B5 SOPMOD 2, Streamlight HXL on Arisaka mount, Cloud Defensive Shoe for the switch.
    Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-8b8aa0f0-69d7-47e6-85af-466ee367569d.jpeg
    Appalachian Concealment

    I don't train to fight some street urchin, I train to fight the evil version of myself, and that person scares me, because I know the time I put into my training on how to beat him.

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    Central Illinois
    I never felt the need for a battle rifle, though back in the 80's I was sorely tempted by a H&K SL-7 .308. Problem was I didn't think I could manage a $500. lay away on it along with a high interest mortgage back in the Jimmy Carter days.

    Then the shooting at San Bernadino happened along with that picture of the two AR-15s they used laying on the ground. That tripped the trigger in me and I decided to buy one myself. I walked into a lgs and the only one left for sale was a Colt Competition Rifle CCR-CRE-18. I liked the heft and pointability of the heavy chrome 18" barrel for the same reason I like the heft and weight of a Winchester Canadian Centennial commemorative 30-30 I have with a heavy 26" octagonal barrel which I've put a Williams receiver sight on.
    Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-6237090_02_winchester_model_94_canadian_c_640.jpg
    The rifle was not really a Colt but was made by a firm that paid for the right to use the name, still it had a very good reputation among those who competed in 3 gun with them. I had no intention of competing any more, never mind 3 gun, but I liked how it felt. We had a sniper shooting at us once, or actually just lobing rounds towards us and I remember wishing I had my scoped Sako .243 (that came from the factory with a peep sight) with me that was sitting at home. So, I guess in my mind, I always liked an accurate rifle that could reach out there with accuracy. This AR though had it's chamber cut with a dull reamer and it showed up on the fired brass. They sent me a prepaid box and it came back to me with a new barrel and their better competition model muzzle break along with an upgraded stock that didn't rattle which I'd complained about.Defensive Long Gun:  How are the DC members setting them up?-colt-crp-18-01.jpg
    The problem is, it is too heavy for the women in the house to use. They send a target with each rifle, guaranteeing 1" at 100 yards. This ones target shows .383" with the new barrel. Nice rifle for the farm with a scope, but a bit much for in town where I live. The ladies would all rather use the Marlin lever in .357

    Maybe one day I'll finish setting the AR up. I've put a military sling on, iron (plastic or whatever) sights and I have an older Simmons 2.8x10 Aetec made in the Phillipines waiting to be sent in for repairs. I'd prefer a 1x6 but not sure if I'll spend the money for one anymore. One day I may just trade it in on a lighter model.

    Like others here who live in populated areas, there are multiple shotguns better suited to the job around the house. Then there is also Dad's Tradewinds Husky 30-06 built on a Husqvarna action in the 1950's. What a shame Illinois doesn't allow rifles during hunting season. Coyotes is about it here.
    MACV Advisory Team 75, HQ in My Tho at the Seminary. 1967-1969

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