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Appendix carry holster. Which works best for you?

Thread: Appendix carry holster. Which works best for you?

  1. eatfire's Avatar

    eatfire said:

    Appendix carry holster. Which works best for you?

    I'm considering switching to appendix carry. So far I've bought an Alien Gear Shape Shift Appendix holster. After wearing it for only a short time in the house I'm not impressed. Too bulky and doesn't conceal well under tighter fitting shirts, which I thought the was the big draw for appendix carry. I do realize that drawing from this position is supposed to be faster, and after a little practice it does seem a little faster. I'm just not sold yet. And the gun is pointing at my femoral artery. Anyway after too long of a post I'm curious which holster works best for any of you? By the way I will be carrying a Glock 27 in this holster.
  2. ClevelandB's Avatar

    ClevelandB said:
    Vedder light tuck with claw, Or tulster. Depends on which gun your toting.
  3. G26Raven's Avatar

    G26Raven said:
    I own both a Vedder Light Tuck and a JM Custom Kydex. I prefer the JM Custom Kydex. You have more options with how it attaches to your belt. I feel the soft loops on the JM causes it to hang on the belt better, i.e., it does not tilt and it also is more secure.
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  4. CG11's Avatar

    CG11 said:
    Welcome to the forum, eatfire, from California. Glad to have you aboard. I have been experimenting with aiwb carry, and the LightTuck is thus far what works for me with a small to medium sized weapon.
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  5. Sherlockanubis's Avatar

    Sherlockanubis said:
    Tenicor velo

    Raven concealment eidolon

    Phlster classic

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  6. SnoMan97's Avatar

    SnoMan97 said:
    I carry a G26 and after trying a bunch of single clip and minimalist design AIWB holsters, I finally found carry bliss with the T-Rex Arm Sidecar. I use the one for the G19 because I feel the extra length (only a 1/2") helps keep the grip from tilting out away from the body.

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  7. eb2007's Avatar

    eb2007 said:
    For smaller firearms, nothing beats a galco stow and go

    For larger ones, nothing beats a JMCK with a wedge.

    Your mileage may vary.
  8. rodspade's Avatar

    rodspade said:
    I use a Black Dog holster with both my LC9s and M&Pm2 compact.
  9. PEF's Avatar

    PEF said:
    I really like the Black Arch Protos for appendix carry.
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  10. Pete63's Avatar

    Pete63 said:
    I went with this from Craft Holsters for my Redhawk. Very comfortable, even with the Ruger being a large frame revolver. Price was great also.

    Appendix carry holster.  Which works best for you?-100_0084.jpg

    Appendix carry holster.  Which works best for you?-100_0083.jpg
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  11. Any Day Now's Avatar

    Any Day Now said:
    I typically carry OWB for comfort purposes.

    When I do go IWB - I use a Side Guard minimal clip leather holster.
  12. kerberos's Avatar

    kerberos said:
    NSR and Green Force Tactical for me...

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  13. eatfire's Avatar

    eatfire said:
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to send my Alien Gear back, just doesn't work for me. Nice design, I like the construction just doesn't work like I'd like it to. I do like the Hybrid holsters for comfort, although I've yet to try a full kydex holster so I have no idea if it will be comfortable to me. With the price of most of the holsters mentioned it's a relatively big decision.
  14. Walk Soft's Avatar

    Walk Soft said:
    My favorite is the Bladetech Klipt believe it or not. I actually have a JMCK AIWB holster for sale that fits an M&P 2.0 Compact brand new for $70 if anyone is interested.
  15. Militant's Avatar

    Militant said:
    I just got this flexible Tier 1 "AGIS" AIWB holster w/magazine carrier in and I'm digging it so far. Give it a try:

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