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Looking to buy a shoulder holster

This is a discussion on Looking to buy a shoulder holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by entertainment72 Well, checking their website, Galco doesn't make any shoulder holster, Miami Classic or Lite for any SCCY gun. 2nd point stands. ...

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Thread: Looking to buy a shoulder holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by entertainment72 View Post
    Well, checking their website, Galco doesn't make any shoulder holster, Miami Classic or Lite for any SCCY gun.

    2nd point stands. SCCY is a modern day Saturday Night Special so any decent holster is going to cost about half the value of the gun, possibly more and at the end of the day no matter what kind of holster you employ, you've still got an SCCY.

    Time and effort spent finding a holster that might fit an SCCY would be better used to buy a better gun that holster makers have spent the time and effort to produce holsters for it.

    Then again you can always go with an Uncle Mikes...
    Well, half the price of the gun is not the same thing as twice the price of the gun - unless we're applying some kind of new math.

    You also said:

    "Time and effort spent finding a holster that might fit an SCCY would be better used to buy a better gun that holster makers have spent the time and effort to produce holsters for it."

    I don't necessarily disagree with your point, and the OP could get one of several different quality firearms, but he's on a different track. Not MY track, not YOUR track. HIS track.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lionround View Post
    Cokeman, what model is it and where did you get it?
    I looked through my records and saw that I got it at Optics Planet in 2016 for $65. It must have been on sale. They are $80 with the 10% off sale right now with free 2 day shipping. It seems that each of their holsters fit a few different guns. Check with Galco and see if there is one that would work with yours.
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    One note about belt tie downs that might save some effort. They work fine (if you need them), but when one needs to perform certain "necessary functions" in the Gentlemen's Room, removing and re-installing the belt tie downs is a real pain! Don't ask me how I know.

    There is a solution and that is to use a spring loaded clip of some kind, but there will be some engineering required to make that work.

    Much better to just adjust the holster and mag carrier to carry as far up under the arm as possible.

    BTW...The Galco Miami Classic Lite will fit several guns other than those listed. Use some calipers and measure the gun and compare it to the dimensions of a Glock 19 (or whatever) and you can determine if it will fit or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by entertainment72 View Post
    Pretty sure Galco doesn't make any shoulder holsters for SCCY guns.

    And not trying to be a jerk, but even if they did, the cost of the holster would be equal or greater to the cost of the gun...
    E72. I too am not trying to be a jerk, but your experience with SCCY and mine are apparently different. With the exception of a 1950 Colt that has been in my family since brand new, my SCCY is the only gun I have left. I sold all the others. Why, you might ask? Because I have 3500 rounds through it without one FTE or one FTF. Not one. Not bad for a Saturday Night Special, huh?

    I am not trying to sell you one, but consider this, 1) They are made in the USA, 2) they come with a lifetime warranty that transfer with the gun, and 3) they cost less than $300 brand new. If I had to buy another gun today due one of the boating accidents mentioned on other forum posts, I would buy a SCCY right now.
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    The thing to remember about shoulder holsters is that you are basically buying a holster and a quality gun belt in one package. When you consider that, the price makes more sense.

    The OP might want to try the Galco Classic Lite. It might work with the SCCY, since it is slightly smaller than a Glock 26. But I would try to get one on discount....so you're not out too much cash if it doesn't work.

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    I presently have this shoulder rig for my HK VP9sk w/2mag carrier. My piece hangs vertically instead of horizontally and the holster tilts forward for easy draw.

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    Home made from a leather jacket, NOT lamb skin, one size too small. Attached is a kydex shell, backed by some medium weight leather glued and sewn to the jacket and a kydex backer inside the shoulder rig, running up and round the front to keep the pistol upright. The muzzle is just a bit lower than the butt. On the other side is a Biachi double magazine holster angled at about a 45 degree angle. Excess leather is removed. Weapon and ammo are up tight and stable. No need for any tiedowns and is on or off quickly. I don't wear it on the job often, occasionally between parts runs where I always wear it. I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. One day I went to put it on for a parts run, but then realized I was already wearing it, twice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I have two Andrews Leather Monarch’s. One traditional I am wearing now with a G26 and two mags offside. No belt loop is needed at all.

    I also have a spring break holster from Sam.

    Both are just gorgeous.



    I am considering adding a new holster and mag carrier to go with the Monarch rigs I already have, or maybe a whole new rig.
    The rig I used with my 6-1/2" .41 Blackhawk was a Springbreak style, and it held that heavy revolver very well. That style would be my preference and suggestion--if one can be found in the suitable size.
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