Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry?

Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry?

This is a discussion on Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I just purchased my first iwb kydex holster for my glock 17 and it states that the holster has anti print hardware. However, when ...

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Thread: Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry?

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    Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry?

    So I just purchased my first iwb kydex holster for my glock 17 and it states that the holster has anti print hardware. However, when I put it in my pants, it seems to create a buldge in my pants because of the width of the kydex holster especially with appendix carry. It doesnt make the 17 easier to carry since the grip still prints. Even if I had a 26, the actual holster still sorta shows. It seems iwb kydex holsters stand out more than nylon holsters because kydex holsters dont fold in when the gun is removed. I was thinking of buying the aliengear shape****, but im not sure that would make a difference since its a kydex holster. Do you use a kydex iwb holster? And if so, do you understand what Im saying. If you dont use a kydex iwb holster, what holster do you use?
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    For a larger pistol like that it will create a bit of a bulge. But it should be covered by your shirt or jacket. I use a JM Custom Kydex and yes there is a slight bulge if my untucked shirt is blown by the wind up against my stomach. With a plaid, Hawaiian or other dark shirt nobody seems to notice.
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    Yes, in response to whether I use a Kydex IWB holster.

    I carry at 4 oclock, and this works the best for me.

    Carrying since 2012, I've never had a situation (that I know of) in which my piece was excessively printing or seen.

    Not all kydex IWBs are the same. Some are now relegated to be permanent residents of my holster drawer. I find that (among many very fine manufacturers) the alien gear holsters work best for me; and my points of interest are 1. comfort, 2. reliable retention yet ease of withdrawal, 3. concealment, and 4. secure attachment to moi.

    Lots of good holsters, as many among our fine forum will attest. Oh, and you probably already know this, but the best holster is nothing without an excellent tactical belt.

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    The design of the holster, not the material of which it is constructed is what mitigates the printing of the gun.
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    So, let me get this straight. You are shoving a full size gun in your pants and it makes a bulge? Huh, that's odd.

    Seriously though, the idea that nothing will show or that you will not notice you are carrying a gun is a bit overblown. You are shoving an extra 1.5" worth of hardware and nearly 2 lbs loaded with a holster in your pants. It's going to take some work to make that less noticeable. If you are trying to pull that off wearing what you wore before carrying IWB, it will be even harder to do. You may have to start looking at clothes to dress around your EDC.

    Also, the Glock grip is the hardest to conceal for me. It's square and thick, my shirt material hangs on it more than my CZ 75b with a thinner more round grip.
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    Not all Kydex holsters are created equal. In fact, a lot of them are just lousy, while a few brands are excellent. I have found that nylon padded holsters are WAY thicker than Kydex and print much worse because of that thickness. The only time I ever use a nylon holster is OWB on the outdoor range and that is only if I do not yet have a well made leather or Kydex holster for that particular gun.
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    I use a Kydex holster for IWB. I use a Crossbreed leather/Kydex for OWB (rarely carry that way). As for IWB carry of large frame pistol, I think it is futile unless you have a large body.
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    No to Kydex. No to IWB. I carry a 1911 on my belt @ 3:00 in a leather pancake style holster covered by an untucked garment.
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    So what if it prints. Larger guns will regardless of the holster. A lot depends on what type of loose shirt you are wearing. If you want no print then carry a micro in a large front pocket. My PPQ at 3:00 with a T-shirt prints. I prefer hybrids.
    Do most of you use an iwb kydex holster for carry?-walther5.jpg
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    I rarely carry IWB with a full sized gun these days. When I do I use a hybrid kydex/leather made by Swift Draw Holsters holding a DB9FS. Pretty much the same size s a Glock 17.
    Matter of fact. The actual holster fitment is for a Glock 17/19/23/26/27/32/33. Paid around $50 for it. Worn between 230 and 330-4 o'clock positions depending on clothes.
    Conceals well and have not experienced any noticeable printing.

    Oversize T-shirts,XXL, and jeans are the usual attire. I'm lucky in the fact that I have a 36.5-37" waist so 38" waist jeans provide just enough room for IWB carry.
    Compact and sub compacts, CCP/LC9s/EC9s, have no problems with concealment or printing.

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    I carry a full size 1911 IWB with a kydex holster about 3:00 o'clock. I also carry a full size M&P 9MM in a kydex holster at 3:00 o'clock. I got my holsters from RDR holsters. I were blue jeans or in warm weather cargo shorts. I wear mostly tee shirts either 2x or 3x tall never had a problem with printing. Maybe just slightly looser clothing may do the trick.
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    I carry a Ruger LWT 1911 in a kydex holster aiwb and you would not know it's there unless told you. Post some pics Chevy I bet its not half as bad as you think it is.
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    I carry either a full-size Beretta PX4 or Ruger SP101 2.25" barrel.
    With either I will use either leather or kydex.
    The kydex holsters I use are from
    In particular, I use "the offside" as the belt clip is attached at the trigger guard. This lessens the thickness (moreso with the revolver), the thinnest part of the gun.
    For leather I make my own.
    But "for me" I get the best concealment, comfort, and speed of draw by carrying at 2:30 with more than usual cant. (which is why I make my own)

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    I doubt I'll ever buy another kydex for iwb again. Not because they print, but I consider them uncomfortable. I like a hybrid for iwb or leather.
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    I prefer horsehide for IWB for more comfort. It is thinner, more moisture resistant than cowhide, and molds to the body unlike Kydex. I do not find appendix carry comfortable at all.
    90% of the time when concealing it is OWB at 4:00 in a pancake style holster whether full size or mid sized gun and dress appropriately for whatever environment I go.

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