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A Good IWB Leather Holster with Clip?

Thread: A Good IWB Leather Holster with Clip?

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    Air,Land&Sea said:

    A Good IWB Leather Holster with Clip?

    I think I'm more of a leather person than a kydex one so is there a favorite leather IWB holster with a clip for a Sig P365?
    Not totally opposed to kydex if that makes more sense for any reason, but I'm thinking maybe leather.
    Open to any thoughts, really, on how to "best" carry a small one IWB.
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    kshj said:
    I have a desantis softuk with j hook on it for the 365. Like it alot, fairly comfortable and good concealment. Only thing I don't like about it is it sweats, what I mean is I sweat through it. I don't wear it if I will be active anymore, too hard on the sig. When active i use a foxx hybrid for this arm, although I'm not sold on it yet. It was just a cheap alternative to see if I liked this type of holster for the 365.
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    msgt/ret said:
    I have carried this holster well over 10 years and have been satisfied with it for a 1911 but they do have holsters for other guns.

    A Good IWB Leather Holster with Clip?-p1010187.jpg

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    GraySkies said:
    Have a Stoner 415 for my XD subcompact. I don't know if they make it for the 365, but I love it! It's super comfortable.

    ETA: Just checked their site, and the do make it for the 365...
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    rlggray said:
    I have a Don Hume for my Colt Cobra. Very good quality and priced right. Also comes in brown. Here's one for the Sig 365 on Amazon.
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    rlggray said:
    Quote Originally Posted by GraySkies View Post
    Have a Stoner 415 for my XD subcompact. I don't know if they make it for the 365, but I love it! It's super comfortable.

    ETA: Just checked their site, and the do make it for the 365...

    I have a couple of Stoners also. One for my 3" Sp101 and one for my XDE 45. They are very nice holsters.
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    bobandmikako said:
    Kuziak makes a good one for the P365. This is their Signature IWB.

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    Nod said:
    I like Barsony leather IWB holsters, firm, comfortable, well made and reasonably priced.
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    1942bull said:
    For me the important aspects of an IWB holster are comfort and thickness as I am pretty slim and printing can be a problem unless I wear oversized shirts. I recently purchased a GypstEDC kydex holster for my PPS M2. I carry it with the 7 round magazine. I have never reviewed a holster until now. I wrote:
    The Bones Holster is an exceptionally well designed, well built, and functional holster. The wrap around Kydex construction increases strength and eliminates the extra width of layered holsters to accommodate rivets. The combat cut above the trigger guard allows an excellent grip on the gun while drawing and presenting. The speed cut provides forward projection of the pistol before the slide fully clears the holster. The reduced width makes it very comfortable to wear IWB. The belt clasp fastens well but is half the width of most belt clasps and holds securely. All in all it is the best IWB Holster I have ever owned.
    I have a few photos in a gallery if you want to take a look. It is at:
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    Air,Land&Sea said:
    Thanks for all of the responses. I ended up educating myself, gravitated towards kydex and just ordered one from .
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    Cokeman said:
    High Noon
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    druryj said:
    Quote Originally Posted by bobandmikako View Post
    Kuziak makes a good one for the P365. This is their Signature IWB.

    I bought a Kusiak for my P365 too, for those times when I need quick on and quick off for carry. But the BEST clip-on holster I ever had, and I have another one on order now that should be here in about 10 days, is the TT Gunleather KX Lightweight ( I bought one for my G43, G43X about two years or so ago and absolutely love it. I know it will be perfect for the P365 too. Use coupon code HALLOWEEN through October for $15 off! It is beautiful, functional, and secure. Also it is easy to clip on and clip off (for a dual clip holster that is). Tim Thurner makes great holsters. I can hardly wait to get it. Here's the one I got for my Glock:
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    BCC73 said:
    So, is the leather more comfortable (less irritating) than kydex ??
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    druryj said:

    A Good IWB Leather Holster with Clip?

    Quote Originally Posted by BCC73 View Post
    So, is the leather more comfortable (less irritating) than kydex ??
    Absolutely so. The KX Lightweight is an offset-molded holster. That means that most of the molding and detailing is on the front of the holster; the back is relatively flat and smooth and is very comfortable against the body. The leather itself is exceptional in quality and it just feels good against your skin. Couple that with the dual belt clips, which helps spread the weight, and the low weight of the P365 itself and you will have a very comfy and comforting holster holding your pistol. Now, I believe the KX Lightweight is ideal for a small-sized gun, like a G43, a Shield, P365, and similar, up to something like a G26. For a larger gun, a Glock 19 and such, I like the TT Gunleather Mikes Special IWB with dual belt loops. It is better suited for carrying a larger, heavier pistol IMO.

    Now, having said all that, I do think Kydex has a place. I use a Kydex holster to store my pistols in and to protect the finish and protect the trigger too, if the gun is loaded. ( All Guns are always loaded). I have a Vedder light tuck for my P365. Tulstet is another fine Kydex holster. I also like and have several from PJ Holsters, the reinforced clip model. There are many Kydex holsters to choose from. Just stick with the known makers and you should be fine.

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    Meryl said:
    Just for your info there is a IWB holster I think is great. No clip, sticks to your undergarments and your pants so less pull down. Look at Sticky Holsters.
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