Do you buy multiple holsters for multiple carry scenarios?

Do you buy multiple holsters for multiple carry scenarios?

This is a discussion on Do you buy multiple holsters for multiple carry scenarios? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This particular forum hadn't been touched in 2 days and I was curious if anyone else did this. Figure start up a topic. I have ...

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Thread: Do you buy multiple holsters for multiple carry scenarios?

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    Do you buy multiple holsters for multiple carry scenarios?

    This particular forum hadn't been touched in 2 days and I was curious if anyone else did this. Figure start up a topic.

    I have multiple holsters for a carry gun that sees use depending on the scenario. Does anyone else do this?

    Example, for my P365 I have;
    Vedder LightTuck - my standard day to day EDC.

    Vedder Pocket Locker - not my normal mode of carry but I love it as an option when I feel I need deeper concealment.

    Remora Sleeve - what I keep it in when just sitting in my EDC toolbox. I never just leave a trigger exposed on a loaded handgun. I don't know why, just something I've always done. Can tuck it in the waistline real quick if need be.

    Remora Reinforced Top Holster with clip - for when having my pistol equipped around the house but wearing soft bottoms, such as basketball shorts or sweat pants with no belt.

    Anyone else have multiple holsters for different roles?

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    No. According to Mrs OldChap I have multiple holsters because I'm an impulsive lunatic!!!
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    I have multiple holsters for different reasons. Iwb for when I carry to and from work work (can't carry at work) owb when off work. I also have holsters I care less about that I'll wear when doing yard work or working on a vehicle. If I need deeper concealment I'll carry a smaller gun that's easier to conceal.
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    I make my own holsters, one for each of my carry guns.
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    Yes I do. 1911 has an OWB pancake and a IWB leather snap loop holster. 642 has a Kydex AIWB holster, A pocket holster and a OWB holster. Model 10 has both OWB and IWB. Pico only has the pocket holster. GP100 only has the OWB. No holster yet for the Baby Rock 380.
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    I don’t always know why I buy holsters. I just know that I have a lot of them. Many more than I do handguns. All that and I still want more. I just like options.
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    Ankle holster for my G26, OWB waist band holster, and a Kangaroo Carry "shoulder holster" (worn under a normal shirt). I can carry several different pistols in the Kangaroo Carry holster.

    I have an OWB and IWB holster for my G19.

    Strong side and support side AIWB holsters for my P229.
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    I have an OWB for open carry and an AIWB (thanks Matt03) for concealed. Those are both Kydex. And I have a hard leather pocket holster for my pocket gun and a hard leather hip holster for my hip gun. When I get older I want to learn how to make holsters. When I get too old to make holsters I might take up golf.

    i had a nylon holster each for a pocket gun and a Glock ‘til I figured out the hazards of a holster that collapses when you attempt reholstering. Those soft holsters became dandy sheaths for two vintage and oft used tools, my woodsman hatchet and my 4# Plumb straight handle splitting axe.
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    I do but primary I have a iwb and owb for the gun I carry and carry each holster depending on how tight or loose my pants fit and the level of concealment I'm going for. Even use a shoulder holster if I know I will be seated for long periods are of time like driving long distances. I also recommend a dedicated iwb and dedicated owb, gets to combersome trying to have a holster do both jobs and do it correctly.

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    Short answer, yes.
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    I have 4 holsters for my PPS M2.

    A pocket holster for the occasions when I want to carry in a coat pocket.
    An IWB holster for deeper concealment than my OWB concealment holster.
    An OWB concealment holster.
    An OWBopen carry holster for hiking or other active outdoor pursuits.
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    I have left-hand and right-hand holsters for most of my carry guns.
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    I do have multiple holsters.

    I prefer to carry in the same position on my body if at all possible. As we all know, all pants do not have belt loops positioned the same. Varying weather temps afford, or require, different clothing. Some events require more extreme concealment.

    I have two IWB holsters, a Sparks SS2 and an RGrizzle custom tuckable. With a longer jacket or sport coat I can use an Alessi CQCS or, a Kramer MSP paddle holster (to avoid the belt loops). I use the Alessi for range classes as well. Extreme concealment alters my carry position and for that i go with a Kramer undershirt.

    I carry a 1911 Government, Commander or CCO model. Each will work in my holster choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChap View Post
    No. According to Mrs OldChap I have multiple holsters because I'm an impulsive lunatic!!!
    There ya' go...that is where I am!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    I have left-hand and right-hand holsters for most of my carry guns.
    Seeing that you have a lot of 1911s the holster compatibility would be great. Btw will a 10mm 1911 fit in a 45 acp 1911 holster?

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