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This is a discussion on Cheapo Kydex holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I started out with a low end kydex holster for my XDM 4.5 years ago. Didn't really like it. I switched to a hybrid holster ...

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Thread: Cheapo Kydex holsters

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    I started out with a low end kydex holster for my XDM 4.5 years ago. Didn't really like it. I switched to a hybrid holster from Black Arch Holsters and have been happy with it.

    It's fine to try cheaper and see how it goes, and I did learn that kydex holsters are equal to leather holsters in their own right. Starting out cheaper also teaches you what to avoid, and what to look for when getting a better one.
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    Everybody's different. I got a cheap kydex, then a Black Arch Protos M hybrid, didn't like it (too much trouble getting on and off with two clips, didn't like it overall), then got a Vedder with a claw and really like it. Lots of other holsters in my drawer as well that aren't getting used. The Black Arch kinda bums me out, though -- $90 sitting in my drawer almost brand new and collecting dust.
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    So after a few days of use, I decided to do a close comparison to the kydex holster my wife has for her P238.. Really not that much of a comparison.. hers is a very close, and more precise fit for the gun itself.. If you grab the holster with one hand. and gun with the other, there is very little movement.. nice close fit.. My "bargain brand" is not near as form fitting.. It has a nice firm click into place and does hold the gun firmly in the holster, but if you grab the gun with one hand and holster in the other, there is a substantial amount of play.. It does click nicely in place, and isn't going anywhere, but the fit is a lot more "generic" than hers if that makes any sense.. May be holster "fits" more than 1 weapon, and is formed accordingly.. It works, but I wish I would have seen those jetacticalholsters on ebay.. they look better than what I bought, but you live and learn..

    I have another cheapomatic kydex coming today or monday for my P938 and we'll see what happens.. meantime, I plan on taking a hair dryer, and warming the one I have up in a few spots, and forming it for a bit more snug fit... bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by beebee View Post
    I was not sure i would like a kydex holster.. My wife likes hers and will use nothing else.. I started looking for the cheapest of the cheap, only because it was a complete unknown if I could even tolerate the feel of Kydex.
    I found a Kydex holster for my P32 brand new with a nice wide well made belt clip for $20.. Shipped... It actually fits my Keltec P 32 very well indeed. Nice and secure, and you get that lovely little "click" when you pistol is seated in the holster properly, just like the one on my wife's $75 kydex... It was a nice unit for that low a price.
    I have another one coming for my P938,, That was a bit more at $25 shipped.. I tried to get something in kydex at my LDS, not worrying about price IF I could try it and make sure it would work for me. However they had nothing in stock, didn't seem overly excited about ordering something for me, and didn't even know what an Ulti clip was, ..

    I actually hate the fact that I have to buy online, but more and more its almost as if I am forced to.. I buy very good quality .32 acp ammo online for $10 a box. At stores locally, its closer to $30 a box.. I want to help keep them stay open and all, but jeez.. Lots of the online stuff seems to be made in China, but half the stuff i buy locally is as well. Sad to say.

    I guess the locals can't keep everything in stock, but not everyone wants fancy tooled leather holsters that cost almost as much as the gun that goes inside them.. I will continue to do business with the local shops, and do my best to support them. Matter of fact I bought 2 guns from them this week..
    However these days, I feel almost forced to run home and start clicking to get what I need at a price I can deal with.. I am not sure if its my problem or the local retailers.. bob
    I've had mixed results with cheap kydex. And mixed results with more expensive kydex.

    Latest was a $25 holster off etsy. Doesn't hold the gun (XDS with CT laserguard) as well as I want, and he didn't/hasn't yet respond back to my request for a return RMA. Oh, well. I've got an idea (based on what Raven Concealment did with the Morrigan) on how to fix the retention myself.

    Next previous was a Concealment Express holster. They're one of the companies that advertises cheap holsters extensively on the Book of Faces. Cheap holster for cheap gun. That holster was perfectly serviceable out of the box.

    I actually hate the fact that I have to buy online, but more and more its almost as if I am forced to..
    yep, pretty much name of the game now. The gun market is too diverse for your typical local FFL to carry much, and folks aren't used to paying significant money for good would be different if all there was was 1911s and mid sized police revolvers, but fortunately we don't live in that kind of world.

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    There's a huge difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive."

    "Inexpensive" indicates that it is a good value for the money spent. Last year's model, perfectly adequate and functional, might be "inexpensive."

    But "cheap"... Well, Fobus holsters are "cheap." They don't cost much, and they're worth every penny of what they cost. That is, they're absolute crap. They shouldn't even be given away free.

    We did a test of Fobus's product, and found that the weak point is the rivets with which the holster pouch is attached to the paddle or loop.
    If someone sneaks up behind you and grabs the holster, no matter what you do, that holster is going to be ripped off of your body, with your pistol in it. This even works from the front, if you're not quick enough to stop the grab itself.
    Just grab, pivot upward, and twist, and the holster comes off in your hand.
    That's cheap!
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    So something REAL weird happened.. The holster for the P 938 came today from amazon and it did not fit. AT ALL.. Gun would not even go into the holster, way too small..
    Totally disgusted.. So I started thinking somehow I got mixed up, and the holster I was using for my P32 was actually meant for the P938.. Checked packaging but no such luck.. i had the right holsters for the right guns.. I have NO idea why I tried it, but I took the P 32 holster I got several days ago and put the P938 in it.. PERFECT.. I mean absolutely dead nuts ON... No adjustments, perfect click into place, NO slop.. Exact..

    Thinking it could NOT possibly be my luck, I then put the P32 into the P938 holster that just arrived... Exact fit again... The "click" wasn't really there, but there was no slop at all, and the holster and gun matched up perfectly.. 2 minutes with a hot hair dryer, pushing in on the indentations in the kydex that the trigger guard clicks into, and that nice kydex click was there as well.. just as good as any kydex I have ever seen... These holsters were bought from 2 different dealers, one on ebay, one on amazon, and were each labeled for first the P 32, and today, for the P938.. However, the P938 holster fit the P32 holster much better and vice versa.. Can't say why that is, and I am somewhat bewildered, as well as incredulous , but they are staying right where they are, both guns fit almost perfectly in holsters they are not supposed to fit.
    This tells me that these cheap holsters are generic sized, and not as specific fit as more expensive USA made holsters.... or not.... bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by forester58 View Post
    Clips are terrible because they will come loose if you ever get in a physical confrontation. The wider the clip the easier they come loose because they do not conform to the curve of your waistline. Speaking from experience not opinion. There are some "better" clips that are narrow and close together when over the belt. All others, including Vedder are junk.
    If you really want to make sure your gun will be where you put it when you need it use snap loops.
    If you have a clip holster where the clip is held on with screws you can get a snap loop kit from Concealment Express and convert it. They also sell a snap loop with a strut that bolts right on a Vedder to fix that holster as well.

    Gospel of gun fighting kydex right here. When I was bending kydex I wouldn't offer a clip on for a long time. KennyDale here needed one, so I finally found a clip that I would offer. I doubt it would stand up in a hands on fight.
    I always tried to talk consumers out of a belt clip and into loops with one way snaps, but you have to offer what customers want within reason.

    I've had loops tear and unsnap while rolling around in a ground fighting class, never lost both loops or weapon retention, but I have lost one; that will open your eyes.
    Appalachian Concealment

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    A bit distracted when I read the title, Cheap Kleenex Holster.

    One issue I have come across on Kydex hybrids is the leather backer loosening up. I put a kydex backer on each of mine behind the leather. Never loosens up.
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