Need holster, carry woppy~jawed @ 10

Need holster, carry woppy~jawed @ 10

This is a discussion on Need holster, carry woppy~jawed @ 10 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Need a new holster for my new edc, the night defender .45 I cross carry and want an IWB, I carry at aprox 10:00 ( ...

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Thread: Need holster, carry woppy~jawed @ 10

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    Need holster, carry woppy~jawed @ 10

    Need a new holster for my new edc, the night defender .45

    I cross carry and want an IWB, I carry at aprox 10:00 ( to 10:30 sometimes) and like the barrel also aimed woppy~jawed to my left as Iím right handed. I donít want the gun aimed at my leg, I know they donít go off by themselves but I just donít want it aimed at my leg anyway period!

    Comfort is important as is a snap/clasp or something on top to snap across the gun to hold it in if Iím moving around a lot (ie: gardening, bending)

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    Maybe give James Nelson a call?
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    Whoppy-jawed might work over in the Carolinas, but here in Texas it's "whopper-jawed."

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    Check w/ the For Sale area on 1911Forum. There are LOTS of IWBs for sale there, but not so many OWBs. This tells me something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    Whoppy-jawed might work over in the Carolinas, but here in Texas it's "whopper-jawed."

    She caint hep it, she be from downeast Carolina.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Maybe give James Nelson a call?
    Been swapping emails with him this evening, we're going to see what we can come up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    Whoppy-jawed might work over in the Carolinas, but here in Texas it's "whopper-jawed."
    Had to google "whopper-jawed"! Attended a couple of years of grade school in TX, and graduated from a TX high school, but this is the first time I've ever heard/read "whopper-jawed"!

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    sister I guessing whoppy-jawed might be cross draw ?? A clasp or snap really should not be needed for a IWB rig unless its junk . A good iwb with your belt snugged up should hold your handgun tight enough you can get on a incline table and do the ole twist and rotate stretch thang and your handgun well stay in place . Not sure why a cross draw set up is wanted as concealment is very limited but if you had a holster that let you cant both forward or to the rear you could change locations over time to find what works best for you . My wife has the safariland 27 and wears her EDC , a Kimber ultra at 3:00 canted forward a daughter likes her foxx little hybrid in a 1911 holsters from a 4" kahr , same less with smaller levers ! I think she trade most of the carry positions possible before also settling on 3:00 . Both carry high on your side and both have belt under hook clips . My daughter helps her husband do electrical and plumbing work and that handgun in 7 years has never fell out ! I've iwb for 33 years as a carpenter and had a couple interesting falls to along the way but the handguns stay's where it belongs . If you don't own a quality dual layer belt buy one .

    For a small 1911 check out Foxx Little Hybrid and Safariland 27 and I will say for most holsters with short slide/barrel lengths will keep the grip area pressed in tighter to the body with a longer holster like a commander sized rig and will not bother you while carry'n . Foxx little hybrid offers both a 3" and 4" model with the Kimber branded 1911 but its still just a 1911 like your colt .

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