Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster

Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster

This is a discussion on Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am required to wear dress slacks and a dress belt and shoes, etc. so I can not use my preferred carry belt (very wide, ...

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Thread: Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster

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    Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster

    I am required to wear dress slacks and a dress belt and shoes, etc. so I can not use my preferred carry belt (very wide, thick, steel core) and I must have a holster that will hold my gun as tightly on my body as possible. IWB is not an option for me.

    Please recommend a good dress carry belt and the holster that will retain my weapon as tightly against my body as possible.

    My EDC is a Glock 45.
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    I have had success with a Beltman 1.25 inch horsehide belt and Alessi and Rosen belt snap holsters.

    Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster-f88862d2-3ef7-4631-88f2-5d5682294ff7.jpeg

    Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster-27e580ec-7eec-4a79-bddf-461bb0f8117b.jpeg
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    Welcome to the forum. I am not sure what you are calling a "dress belt," but I presume you mean a nicely finished belt that is a bit thinner than a normal gun belt. Most gun belts are 1.5 inches wide compared to "dress belts" that are usually only an inch wide or 1.25 wide. Some holster makers, such as Tucker Gunleather make belts that are thinner in the front than on the sides or rear and when you are wearing a suit jacket will not be as obvious as a gun belt. However, gun belts are usually also quite a bit thicker than dress belts to provide the support needed for a heavier weapon.

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    For a holster that hugs your body, you can't beat a Kramer Leather Pancake holster.

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    When I worked in an office, I wore dress shoes, slacks, and shirt with a tie. I pocket carried a Kel-Tec P3-AT and then a Ruger LCP when they came out. They were not reliable for me due to my large hands not getting a firm grip. When the Sig P238 .380 came out, it worked great for me until the P938 9mm came out. If you wear a suit coat or sports coat all day, then a leather pancake style holster is your best bet for a larger handgun.
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    I have a Bigfoot Slim Steel belt that is intended to be worn with dress slacks. It has a steel core so it will support your Glock 45 well. I don’t carry owb, so don’t have any holster suggestions.
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    Years ago when I had to wear suits I used a dress belt from Alessi. I don’t know if they still make them but it looked like a high end dress belt and held my EDC very well. IIRC Ken Null also made a beautiful dress belt as well as a double thick belt. I have his double thick and love it.
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    The Ratchet Gun Belt (RGB) is 1.5" wide, and is thin enough that it fits my dress pants belt loops while still supporting a double stack without sag. I have the all black version and it complements all my suits just fine. Paired with a pancake holster it's my Sunday and business formal attire standard.
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    I only use dress gun belts, from Beltman.

    Glock Sport/Combat holster. Best non retention Glock OWB holster there is.
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    If you are wanting a belt that evokes no suspicion, look at Galco SB3 Dress Belt. Not as sturdy as a Beltman, but OK for S&W J Frame/Kahr Arms class handguns. Available in brown or black.

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    Another vote for https://gunbelts.com/black-slim-steel-dress-gun-belt what I wear .Slim fits and looks good and is steel core so will take most anything
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    I use my Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt - Stitched 1.5" Wide in all of my suits. This is not a layered belt. It is oneSingle strip of 1/4” thick bull hide and as I said, it fits through the belt loops in all of my suits. Can be found for around $35 on amazon. As others had indicated, a good pancake style holster works best for holding close. I like Krounds holsters.

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    Kore Essentials belt paired with a Galco Combat Master holster is my recommendation.

    The leather belts and their buckles are "dressy" and are good gun belts.

    The Combat Master holster holds gun high and tight.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster-screenshot_20200128-085319_gallery_1580223219712.jpg  

    Dress Pants Carry Belt and Holster-screenshot_20200128-085312_gallery_1580223226850.jpg  

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    Welcome to the DC Forum. I hope that you find answers and suggestions to your questions.

    There are a lot of very good leather belt and holster makers that I have used over the years. For dress belts, I have been pleased with Armour Belts. I also have a Red Nichols Sidewinder belt that can be worn for dress with its 1" front and buckle. Armour Belts has changed some of the nomenclature of of their belts since I last ordered and I don't see a "dress belt" listed on the web page, but it appears that the "casual" belt is the one you would want. It is 1/4" thick and you can get a stiffener insert. The "gun" belt is 5/16" thick and considerably stiffer than the other belt and you might have difficulty getting it through some holster openings. I have both the gun belt and dress/casual belt in various colors in the 1 1/4" wide version. Both will support carry handguns. For OWB holsters take a look at the Nelson Eagle Defender Pancake, the Kramer Belt Scabbard pancake, and the Milt Sparks 55N.

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    Beltman. These are the ready to ship ones.


    I have a black one and will be ordering a brown one soon. If you have time, you can get fancy stuff like gator and elephant skin.

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